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Schwalbe Pro ONE TLE 700c Road Tire (HS493)

SchwalbePro ONE TLE 700c Road Tire (HS493)(Return to Product Page)

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Review by J''ville Richard

Light, fast, and comfortable, pavement and gravel.
by J''ville Richard
Cycling Enthusiast
Jacksonville, OR
17 of 17 customers found this review helpful.

Mounted on 622x22 Astral Wanderlust hooked alloy rims. I weigh 140 lbs. and pump these to 50 psi front, 55 rear about twice per week. Pressures tend to fall off a tad over 3-4 days without any noticeable change in riding feel. Typical ride would be around 30 miles, often with a few miles of graded gravel road.

On initial inflation they were just under 33mm width. After a week of breakin they had stretched to about 34.5mm and they are now stabile at this width.

They mounted easily, but it was a cold overcast day and one of the tires was stubborn when trying to set the beads using my compressor. So I warmed the rim with the tire under hot running water in the laundry sink and then the beads popped right into place. Normally I'd warm my tires in bright sun before mounting.

These replaced a set of Continental GP 5000 TL 32mm, which I purchased last year when the Schwalbe Pro One TLE in 32mm was backordered and the 34mm yet to be released. Those Conti 5000 TL were the hardest tires to mount I have ever encountered (I use devices like the Kool Stop Tire Jack and even better Bikehand tool + the Schwalbe levers which lock into the rim hook), reason enough to avoid the Conti 5000 TL.

Over 9 years I have ridden exclusively on road tubeless covering 40,000 miles, 5 frames, many wheelsets. In 2013 I started with the Bontrager R4 but it was plagued with blistering under the tread from air penetration of the structure, despite latex sealant. Next I wore out many 28mm Hutchinson Sector tires until the Schwalbe One was released in 2014. I've ridden the One, Pro One, and now Pro One TLE in sizes from 25mm to the current 34mm. I've been pleased with all (and with the G-One Speed in various sizes).

In 9 years with tubeless and all the riding, every puncture has sealed with Stan's or Orange Seal. Only 3x have I needed to pump a tire back to riding pressure on the roadside. Tires are now my most reliable component. I've had failures of cables, derailleurs, chains, freewheels, spokes, and a frame, but never a flat. Remember to refresh your sealant regularly and often.

Reviewed 6/13/2022
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Review by Shock G

34s are super comfy!
by Shock G
Cycling Enthusiast
Yay Area

Love how easily these mount and fill for tubeless tires. I own a e- Creo which can accommodate 42s on Roval C38s for gravel. These are super sticky, roll sweet, and have no rolling resistance that I can feel. I can run at lower PSI to eat up the bumps along with my Future Shock. Love'em. PS I hate trying to mount Conti 5000s... these are SO much easier.

Reviewed 8/7/2023
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Review by Andrew

Good to a point �.
by Andrew
Cycling Enthusiast
Portland, OR

I�ve been riding Schwalbe Pro One tubeless for years biking recreationally about 3000 miles per year. Once you get a puncture, you need to think about replacing it. I replace at least two tires per year, which seems a little excessive. But I still ride tubeless, because plugging on the fly when needed is so much easier than changing an inner tube. And I like the ride of a tubeless. Once ya plug, though, its time for a new tire�..

Reviewed 8/7/2023
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Review by Ged

Best all-around tubeless tire.
by Ged
Hanover PA
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

I came from the new Continental GP 5000 S tires. They were much faster and subtle tire, put very thin like a TT tire. After 500 miles was getting many punctures riding on some gravel, and Stan's sealant blowing out after sealing and reinflating.

These are kind of stiff, need to break in. I have the 25 mm at 100 lbs the ride feels hard. Should go with 90 lbs till broken in.

They hold pressure better than any tire I had, very robust and puncture proof.

They are very grippy. I feel more confident with these than Conti's.

Reviewed 4/24/2023
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Review by dgoldberg

Tubeless you won't hate, easy to set up and my go to tire
by dgoldberg
Competitive Racer
Seattle, WA

Easy set-up on my road bike. Handles exceptionally well and goes where you want

Reviewed 8/8/2023
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Review by Anonymous

Good tire
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
Rocklin cA

Rounder profile than Conti GP 5000TR Tubeless, Slightly more stable less twitchy. Rolls nice absorbs rough roads well.

Reviewed 8/8/2023
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Review by Anonymous

All around winner
by Anonymous
West tx/NM

Happy with the Maxxis but Schwalbe 28 seems to roll better and just popped right on giant slr wheel hardly a drop of stans lost. Couple hundred miles still looks new and comfy coming down steep curves.

Reviewed 2/17/2023
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Review by Marcel

The tubeless Schwalbe Pro One TLE are even better than before.
by Marcel
Cycling Enthusiast
Atlanta, Georgia
2 of 3 customers found this review helpful.

Ever since I switched to tubeless tires, I have been pleased with my overall rides. Riding on a tire which requires less air pressure, I feel I have improved my rides in several aspects. Cornering is a lot better, since I am able to maintain my position on the bicycle and with that keep the weight evenly distributed. Riding on a little less inflated tube, provides me with a better "feel" of the road, in addition to a slightly more comfortable ride. It feels like my tires are better able to absorb whatever the road is giving me.

In short: the padding in my shorts, the flexability of my Brooks Swallow saddle, the ISOspeed on my Trek bicycle and the quality of my Schwalbe tires all contribute greatly to some awesome comfortable rides.


Reviewed 1/30/2023
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Review by Sacramento transplant

Loved 'em, now just like 'em
by Sacramento transplant
Cycling Enthusiast
East TX
1 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

I've rode with plenty of other brands, most often, Conti, but I really wanted to love these Schwalbe's.

And so I did, for a while, as they look great and perform as well as any I've used. Except ... after just 200-300 miles, I've been hit with gnarly .25-inch gashes on different tires -- one of them flatted me miles from the home nest. This doesn't make me hate the tires, but it sure takes them down a few notches from the lofty perch I placed them in a few weeks ago.

Reviewed 1/24/2023
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Review by J Rat

Schwalbe Tubeless
by J Rat
Naperville, IL

I keep coming back to schwalbe after using the continental tubeless. I did not feel the continental tires had the longevity that the schwalbe tires have. Both great tires bit I think the schwalbe are easier to git and last longer.

Reviewed 6/15/2023
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Review by NovatoBiker

Best Tubeless Tire on the Market
by NovatoBiker
Cycling Enthusiast
Northern California
6 of 6 customers found this review helpful.

I have tried almost every tubeless tires made, including many that are no longer available (i.e. Hutchinson Sector) and this is by far the best performing tire ever. I have ridden thousands of miles with little or no problems or flats. While these tires are expensive, they outperform everything else and allow me to run lower pressures for a much more comfortable ride (especially on bad roads). We are fortunate to be able to ride year round (no snow) and even on wet roads these tires perform flawlessly.

Reviewed 12/22/2022
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Review by CervR3

Fast and Supple
by CervR3
SouthEast US
8 of 8 customers found this review helpful.

Coming from a GP5000TL I found the Schwalbe Pro One TLE a much easier tire to mount. My impression through the first few hundred miles is the tire grips well, the ride is a little more supple, and the tire is equivalently fast as the 5000TL. We will see how the Pro One TLE holds up over time. I got approximately 4.000 miles out of the 5000's and only had one flat that didn't seal (low sealant). Hoping the Pro One gets at least 2/3 of that mileage and if that's the case it will be my go too tire.

Reviewed 10/21/2022
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Review by Randyc37

Schwalbe Pro ONE 700c Bike Tire
by Randyc37

I expect to get a lot of miles with these tires. They will look great on your bike and I have always had good performance from Schwalbe bike tires.

Reviewed 7/17/2023
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Review by Family K9 Training

Schwalbe Pro One TLE 700c
by Family K9 Training

This is my second set. I love these tires. Very reliable cornering. I've hit sandy corners doing silly stuff and even gravel spot once.

These arrived intact and already have a few hundred miles on this new set.

Reviewed 10/13/2022
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Review by AlanGrassy

The tires have great tread life, ride smoothly on rough roads, mount easily, and seat well running tubeless. Also, no flats in 3000 m.
by AlanGrassy
Southetn Illinois
7 of 7 customers found this review helpful.

I ride 700x32mm on my Checkpoint 6 gravel bike. I have 2 sets of wheels for this bike and I use a set with 40 mm gravel tires for the gnarly gravel roads and the 32�s for the chip and seal roads in southern Illinois.

I chose the Schwalbe Pro One TLE for the range of tire widths and quite frankly, for the TLE, TUBELESS EASY! I had previously used Continental GP 5000 TL and they were so difficult to mount that I would almost cry if I had to. And yes, they did mount easily. But would they ride as well , roll as well, and last as long as the GP5000s? Yes they did.

When my high wattage tire snob son needed tires, I recommended the Pro One TLE. He loves them

Reviewed 9/23/2022
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Review by Anonymous

Favorite Tubeless Tire
by Anonymous
3 of 3 customers found this review helpful.

The Schwalbe pro one tires are my go to for tubeless tires. They're easy to seat, last a long time and I've never felt nervous through a corner. I have 4000miles on my current pair and I expect to get another 1000 out of them judging by the wear indicator.

Reviewed 4/10/2023
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Review by WildernessBrad

Have Not Had to Put This to the Test
by WildernessBrad
Cycling Enthusiast
Northern PA
1 of 4 customers found this review helpful.

Purchased these as spare for my road bike. I travel to ride trails so it's not always possible to run into a bike shop when you cut a tire. The original tires are 32MM. These are 34MM. I've not been able to find 32MM in stock in a brand that I like. I am looking for durability and speed. I cut two of the original tires while riding but was able to repair them using super glue. Currently I am running tubes. Thought about going tubeless but I am concerned that the sealant may not seal at 60 to 65 PSI. I've had issues with sealant letting go on my gravel bike at 55psi.

Reviewed 7/25/2022
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Review by Anonymous

Pretty decent but back to Vittoria for me
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
6 of 7 customers found this review helpful.

Mounted tubeless with no drama. One flat that would not seal in 1500 miles so pretty good. A few things that are worth noting though.

One is that this is the only bike tire that I have ever gotten to hydroplane while riding in the rain.

Another is that in some places they pour that black goo into cracks in the asphalt to seal them and stop them from getting worse. These tires are very squirrely on that stuff. Never lost control but I do find it unnerving.

Last one is that as they get up there in mileage, I find them to also be squirrely in hard cornering.

Have never had these issues with Vittoria.

Reviewed 7/16/2022
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Review by dlcorr

by dlcorr
Cycling Enthusiast
New Orleans
4 of 8 customers found this review helpful.

These tires ride quite nicely, smooth and comfortable. However, the black part of the tire is somehow overlayed on top of the tan sidewall in an uneven way. As you look at the front wheel while riding, you can see the centerline of the tire wobbling, as if the wheel is out of true. But it's not the wheel, it's a very inconsistent application of the rubber. It's not often that I'm looking down at my tire, but I do so often enough that this defect creates a disappointingly cheap and imprecise feel to the path of the tire in rotation. For $88, I'd expect more precise construction. Will not purchase again.

Reviewed 5/19/2022
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Review by AZGoat

Nice performing tire in tubeless setup
by AZGoat
Cycling Enthusiast
Black Diamond, WA
7 of 7 customers found this review helpful.

After running tubeless Conti 5000's for my last set of tires, and not having the results I wanted, I thought I'd try these Schwalbe's. My son has been running the PRO Ones for over a year and has been very happy with the grip, ride and the tubeless flat performance. My Conti's seemed to have issues with the sealant actually filling even small holes, so I was hoping these would do better. My Conti rear tire also developed a small bubble in the tread that eventually turned into a tread failure (but it still held air). With my new Schwalbe's, I sized up to 32's from 28's, so now run a bit lower pressure to help alleviate the flat problems I had and improve ride. I do admit that tire size and air pressure have a lot to do with sealant performance, but that's where I'm at. After 4-5 rides now on the new tires, I can say the ride and the grip are really nice. They are very compliant yet fast, and seem to be wearing well. The ride is slightly better, but likely because of the increase of tire size, and probably not due to changing brands. The Conti's ride extremely well, as do these. I have yet to get a flat with these, though I did notice a small pinhole that was sealed without problem. Time will tell if a larger hole will be sealed. I use Stans Race Sealant.

Reviewed 4/18/2022
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