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GU Energy Gels (Box of 24)

GUEnergy Gels (Box of 24)(Return to Product Page)

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Review by Anonymous

A different texture and tastes
by Anonymous
Competitive Racer

I like to get a verity of brands and flavors for my gels to keep things interesting. My latest purchase was the GU mint chocolate. This flavor has a thinner texture than the other GU's. It was great! For very long rides it gets hard to put down some of the thicker GU's, but I can always put down mint chocolate. I like the easy removal tab on GU gels, though it can be tedious to properly dispose of it. The Clif gels have the leash for the tab, though it usually creates another opening.

Reviewed 8/26/2023
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Review by nfrancisco0127

by nfrancisco0127
Cycling Enthusiast
Vancouver, WA

These gels are bussin' Work great and taste great!

Reviewed 9/5/2023
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Review by Steven

Anti Bonk Elixer!
by Steven
Cycling Enthusiast

As suggested,15 minutes before a ride & 45 minutes into it. Has proved to be an energy fueled guaranteed,bicycle ride consistently. With proper hydration & one or two packs in my jersey pocket has been a terrific formula. I have a runner friend who also swears by using GU energy gels during her runs. I take them along with a Power Bar & cheese sticks in my jersey pockets.

Reviewed 7/28/2023
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Review by Josh

Effective source of energy
by Josh

I have been using GU gels for forever. It really does pick you up when you need it. I usually fill my gel flask with gu and water, shake well to mix and put it in my jersey pocket. Easier than fumbling with single serving packets. If I anticipate a long ride, I do carry a couple of extra single packets just in case. Vanilla Bean is my go to. As long as it works and they don�t change the formula I will keep using them.

Reviewed 7/3/2023
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Review by Anonymous

My first choice
by Anonymous
Florida West Coast

GU Vanilla Bean is my go to workout booster. I usually pop a gel at the 1 hour mark of a 2+ hour bike ride and it gives me the extra "umph" that i need without that nauseous feeling.

Reviewed 7/6/2023
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Review by Eee Zee

Gets the job done
by Eee Zee

I have to say I am not a big gel fan. This one tastes ok and keeps me going, all in a small package

Reviewed 8/17/2023
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Review by Anonymous

A great gel to have on hand.
by Anonymous
Competitive Racer

Gu isn't necessarily my favorite gel as I tend to prefer the more watery gels, but it's one I always have on hand because the value is decent and flavors are great.

Reviewed 8/10/2023
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Review by Gale

Great product to boost your body�s reserves
by Gale
Cycling Enthusiast

On long rides, GU energy gels help me to maintain energy and prevent after ride cramping

Reviewed 10/27/2022
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Review by Anonymous

Love them
by Anonymous

My go-to gel for ~25 years, though some of the flavors don�t agree with me at all. Most flavors are quite strong, so may want to explore other options if that�s an issue for you.

Reviewed 10/26/2022
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Review by Steven

I've never bonked with these on board!
by Steven
Cycling Enthusiast

I've been using these GU mandarin,energy Gels for many years. I enjoy one while stretching out before a ride. And have always included one at my rest or halfway point. Plus an extra one on board for a hard ride. I used to think maybe GU energy gels were just for taste. But seeing how many runners also use them diligently for their runs. Has kept me believing.

Reviewed 5/10/2023
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Review by Gary

Energy gels are the ticket
by Gary
NE Ohio

I get the desired boost of energy from these GU Gels without ever a hint of stomach distress. Never tried a flavor I didn�t like.

Reviewed 2/9/2023
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Review by David

Great taste
by David

This was my first time with the cola flavored gels was very good. Great product that helped me get through my 63 mile gravel ride. Would definitely purchase again.

Reviewed 5/28/2023
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Review by Anonymous

by Anonymous

Good stuff

Reviewed 5/25/2023
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Review by rubberlegs

My wife loves this flavor
by rubberlegs
Cycling Enthusiast
Everett, WA

My wife things the caramel gels are amazing. I prefer the fruity flavors. They all seem to keep us going on bike rides and long hikes.

Reviewed 12/9/2022
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Review by Anonymous

Gu is the super gel that keeps you going!
by Anonymous
Competitive Racer
Bloomington, IN

WOW! Not only does Gu taste amazing, it also keeps me feeling extremely strong during my races. I always need a good caffeine boost in the middle of races to get me to the end of a hard race, and this gel does the job. I love the variety of flavors that are offered, and this will be an item I continue to use

Reviewed 6/28/2021
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Review by Anonymous

Nice boost
by Anonymous

The GU energy gel packs are a good flavor. So long bike rides (60+ miles) take one before we head out and then one every hour. Keeps my energy level up and no lows.

Just make sure u chase it with water.

Reviewed 7/5/2022
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Review by Steve L

My �go to� gel!!
by Steve L
Tri-Cities, Wa

First tried these at an aid station while riding a century. They've been my favorite gel since then. Why? They digest easily, come in a multitude of tasty flavors, and give amino acids, carbs, and even caffeine if you want or need it. I always start with one prior to riding and use one each hour if riding , when not munching on �real� food.

Tip: use the GU Roctane gel for harder climbs or longer rides. Easy on the stomach, easy to carry, and easy to use while en route. .

Reviewed 8/10/2020
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Review by SixSeven

Engine Revver
by SixSeven

Tasty with a spike of caffeine helps to finish strong on an endurance rides. They're my go to gel.

Reviewed 1/10/2023
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Review by Anonymous

Chocolate mint
by Anonymous

Pretty much what you'd expect, like a gooey peppermint patty. Would buy again!

Reviewed 12/30/2022
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Review by Sasanoa207

Part of my anti-leg cramp routine
by Sasanoa207
Cycling Enthusiast

Antidotal or scientific, you be the judge. Since I've included the GU gel in my riding routine, I have not suffered from leg cramps and my riding energy level has been great. I like the variety of flavors, the ease of opening the packages, and the convenience of stuffing the empty ones in my shirt pocket. Other than occasional sticky fingers should I come in contact with any of the gel, I give GU gels high marks.

Reviewed 9/2/2019
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