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Yakima Hangover 4 Hitch Rack

YakimaHangover 4 Hitch Rack(Return to Product Page)

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Review by Anonymous

by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast

My boyfriend and I have full suspension mountain bikes and this is an AMAZING RACK to haul full sus', as they hang from the stem, and are secured in place by rubber grip handles around both sides of the stem as well as a strap to secure the tire. I have only 2 complaints, and they are fairly minor: (1) The rack is LARGE, and even on my Audi Q5 SUV, stood taller than the vehicle. It looked so large that we named it "the storm catcher", lol. (2) We have 2 adult riders and 1 child; when positioning the bikes, POSITION THEM LEFT-TO-RIGHT, as the bike that is furthest right "jumped" off its stem-holder... and thankfully onto the fourth, and last available, bike position. We were driving through Utah for a mountain bike trip, and my bike did this "jump" numerous times until we repositioned the bikes. It very well could have been the gusty wind blowing across the mesa--who knows--just BE CAREFUL. All bikes made it home (to MN) just fine.

Reviewed 1/10/2022
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