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Sidi Caliper Buckle

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User submitted reviews

Review by Anonymous

Installation easy and restored functionality of shoe closure
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
Brentwood California

The closure mechanism on my shoes was partly broken. This allowed a complete replacement so now good as new. Not difficult to do.

Reviewed 3/28/2024
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Review by DB

Just like the original.
by DB
Cycling Enthusiast
Portland OR

These will extend the like of your SIDI shoes, in 12 years or so of MTB, Road and CX I have broken a couple of these, much better than buying a new pair of shoes for sure.

Reviewed 1/26/2024
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Review by Anonymous

Perfect replacement for when you break one!
by Anonymous

I broke one of these on a really cold morning ride. Absolutely easy repair and it's nice knowing I now have a spare. Bravo Sidi!

Reviewed 1/19/2024
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Review by MTB

SIDI shoes are great!
by MTB
Cycling Enthusiast

1st time I have to replace the buckle as they were damaged from a ride. SIDI are great as they allow you to replace parts.

Reviewed 4/5/2019
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Review by Dalerider

Much better than the old ones
by Dalerider
Cycling Enthusiast

Replaced the buckle and strap on my mid-2000's vintage Sidi Genius's. Good for another 10 years I suspect...

I like the action of this buckle much better than the old one, and the red color adds a nice touch.

Reviewed 10/2/2023
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Review by Anonymous

Easy fix
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
SF Bay Area

These buckles were an easy and cost effective replacement for the original buckles which were unusable due to a broken spring. Having replaced the heel pads previously, my Sidis are good to go.

Reviewed 9/17/2018
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Review by Anonymous

Replacement Sidi Caliper Buckle &40BlackRed&41
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Once I did receive the product it was an exact replacement for my Sidi Genius 5 buckle that I damaged in a crash. Installed quickly and easily and is working perfectly. Four stars only because of delayed delivery due to shipping address being entered wrong twice.

Reviewed 6/26/2014 Comments
Sorry to hear about your shipping error. If you need any further assistance, please don't hesitate to get in contact with us. Thanks -Thomas WBW
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Review by Anonymous

Wish SIDI Parts Were a Bit More Durable
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
Los Angeles

This is 2nd pair of 2 buckle replacements. Seem to easily break through use or if encounter impact. One time lever breaks off. Just cosmetic. Another time spring breaks. Another time another part breaks rendering buckle useless.

Reviewed 3/13/2023
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Review by Ray

Perfect fit.
by Ray
North Georgia

I have a pair of 10 year-old Sidi cycling shoes that I stopped wearing a few years ago due to a busted buckle. They still had a lot of life in them. I was not aware that Sidi made replacement buckles and straps. They fit and work perfectly. I decided to go with Red instead of the standard Black. They match the red in the Sidi logo.

Reviewed 9/3/2020
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Review by John

Bravo Sidi
by John
NYC Area

This buckle is an exact replacement on my Genius 5 Pro Carbons, after one of my old buckle springs broke. I replaced both buckles and straps in less than 5 minutes, and feel like a master cobbler. These replacements are one reason I chose Sidi in the first place.

Reviewed 7/23/2022
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Review by BikinBC

Works great
by BikinBC

I've been using Sidi shoes for over 20 years and never had a failure. I hooked the buckel on a fence post while mtn biking and broke it. Very easy to replace, reasonable price and great ease of adjustment.

Reviewed 7/15/2022
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Review by John

by John

OEM device with new attachment screw was quick to replace and got me back in the saddle.

Reviewed 3/27/2023
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Review by Kent

Great replacement buckle
by Kent
clarkesville, georgia
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

These replaced my original buckles on my Sidi shoes. They fit perfectly and work excellently with the new straps I installed at the same time. The adjustment ability of the buckle is better than the original and I like the release mechanism better. I believe you need to replace the straps with the updated design to work with these buckles. I think I just extended the life of these shoes another 5 years at least. Great price, great service and shipping.

Reviewed 10/12/2018
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Review by Oldergoat

Works like a charm.
by Oldergoat
Cycling Enthusiast
Sacramento, CA

Needed a new buckle for my Sidi's as my old buckled failed.

Reviewed 9/21/2018
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Review by David

Perfect replacement
by David
Berkeley CA

These buckles last for a few years of frequent use, then when they start to fail, they are inexpensively and easily replaced to rejuvenate my expensive Sidi shoes. This is how things should be. Kudos to Sidi.

Reviewed 8/14/2021
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Review by CaptainPico

Identical to original, easy install
by CaptainPico
Cycling Enthusiast
Pico Rivera, CA
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

Sidi shoes are not cheap but they do last since you are able to get replacement parts fairly easily. I replace heels occasionally, but this is the first time I needed to replace my buckle. Exact match to original and easy to install. The little screws that come with it have the BLUE Loctite on them to ensure a secure installation.

Reviewed 6/30/2017
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Review by JessiS

Works perfectly with Sidi Dominators from 2013
by JessiS
Cycling Enthusiast
Eugene, Oregon
1 of 3 customers found this review helpful.

I should have changed them sooner - it makes my shoes feel like butter!

Reviewed 6/14/2017
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Review by cbratina

Sidi Shoes are Repairable
by cbratina
Cycling Enthusiast
Litchfield, CT

My Sidi Dominator buckles were not holding, so I replaced the straps and buckles for a fraction of the cost of replacing the shoes.

Reviewed 12/30/2016
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Review by Dilberto

Vast improvement over Micro Ultra SL buckles...
by Dilberto
Cycling Enthusiast
4 of 4 customers found this review helpful.

My 2009 SIDI Dominator 5s are great trail shoes. My only complaint was the buckle, which easily catches weeds and clogs-up the release mechanism badly. Sometimes so bad I'm stuck inside my shoes! The original buckle was designed poorly and simply not efficient. The plastic release wings always required two fingers to adjust tension and release. With the new Caliper Buckle....everything works with a one-finger touch now.

When upgrading to the Caliper Buckle - there is really no need to buy pricey, matching straps, as the sturdier original Spider strap is fully compatible with the newer buckle...granted you perform one small modification razor-off the two tiny plastic tabs at the strap entry point. Once the tabs are off, the old strap slides straight into the new buckle, as it's the same identical width.

Reviewed 5/23/2016
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Review by Ramon Felix

The Sidi Caliper Buckle are great.
by Ramon Felix
Cycling Enthusiast
Bakersfield, CA

I bought the Sidi Caliper Buckles to replace the broken ones on my shoes. They fit just right and they work great. I would recommend to anybody with old broken buckles. The price of buckles was also great, Bike Tire Direct had the best and cheapest price for the buckles.

Reviewed 12/28/2020
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