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Pirelli P Zero Race TLR Road (2023) Tire

PirelliP Zero Race TLR Road (2023) Tire(Return to Product Page)

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Review by dide

One of the best tubeless road tires.
by dide
Cycling Enthusiast

Pirelli hits the mark with this P Zero Race tubeless tire.

They ride nicely, are fast, quite puncture resistant , and last a long time for such a high end race tire.

I don't race anymore, at least I don't enter races ;-) , but I still want to compete against my friends .

I have had most of the high end, high priced road tires and Pirelli's are every bit as good as any of them.

The tires inflate to Pirelli's specs which are on the website and I run them at a bit lower pressure than Pirelli recommends .

Mount easy and inflate with a hand pump on my Campy Bora WTO tubeless wheels.

Reviewed 9/7/2023
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Review by Anonymous

Great tire
by Anonymous

I�ve run these at 26 and 28mm tubeless with orange seal endurance. I can get them on and off my rims workout levers. They feel fast and look good. I�ve only ever got a flat due to glass.

Reviewed 9/4/2023
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Review by dide

Quality tires for long rides and great tubeless set-up.
by dide
Cycling Enthusiast
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I've used these tires in the older version and now the 2023 version.

The new ones are about 30-40 grams heavier on my scale.

Set-up for tubeless was very easy and the tires inspire confidence in wet weather and/or braking.

Very hard to beat for a long term tire. There are a bit faster tires , but those tires don't have the tread/sidewall thickness to wear for as long, or prevent flats .

Highly rated.

ps , On my Campy Bore WTO tubeless rims , which are 19mm internal, these tires in 700x28 measure about 27.8 mm at 70 psi.

Reviewed 6/8/2023
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Review by DuvallDave

Doesn't hold air as long as other tubeless tires I have had
by DuvallDave
Daily Commuter
Duvall, WA
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So far, no issues with grip, tires were easy to mount, etc. While I only have 60 or so miles on them, I have noticed that they lose air a lot quicker than previous tires I have had using the same setup (Goodyear Eagle F1 and a 28C size of the 2022 version of the Pirelli P Zero TLR). Previously, my tires would be about the same PSI a week after inflation, with the 2023 version of the P Zero, I seem to lose 5 - 10 PSI a day and since I am using the 30C with low pressure (55 PSI) it doesn't take long for that amount of air loss to become notable. Not sure if it is something to do with the tire, my setup or using the larger volume with less PSI (in the past, I always ran 28's at 65 PSI). Guess only time will tell, but yeah, a little bit of a bummer that I have to air these up before every ride.

Reviewed 5/19/2023
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Review by R Niell

Excellent tire so far.
by R Niell
Las Vegas
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

These tires seem to perform well. I haven't but a couple hundred miles on them so far. I went from a 700x26 tube type to the Pirelli 700x30 tubeless. The ride is substantially better and rolling resistance seems to be about the same. The only negative about them is they were a bit tough to mount on my carbon rims but overall a great tire so far.

Reviewed 6/19/2023
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Review by B.Cranks

Might be the best road tire there is
by B.Cranks
Competitive Racer
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Yep, these are expensive. But if you are like me, you dig into the data/test from all the 3rd party sites and strive to find the best tire in both rolling resistance and puncture protection. This new version of the P Zero Race TLR takes the crown! I've put about 700 miles on a set already, and they have not disappointed. They hold air well, wear slow, and roll fast!

Reviewed 6/22/2023
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Review by Erik

Meets Expectations
by Erik

No issues with mounting or seating. They hold air well. Pretty tight fit. After I seated, they held air without sealant just fine.

They feel great on the road. Smooth ride for me and they�re just as fast as other race tires I have ridden based on feel and Garmin/Strava tracking.

If they hold up over long term (they are allegedly much more puncture resistant than most race tires), these would be the best road tires I have had

Reviewed 6/24/2023
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Review by JM

Good quality road tire lots of grip
by JM
Alexander Valley

Good handling and road feel. The thread count seems a little low for a high quality tire but maybe that's not as important as it was in the past.

Reviewed 7/24/2023
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Review by Anonymous

Good road feel, and they
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
1 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

I've gone on several rides with these new 2023 version P Zero Race TLR tires, and I like them so far. They have a good road feel, work great for me at low pressure (less than 60 PSI), and they feel pretty fast -- I've set a couple PR's. We'll see how they hold but but so far, so good. I also rode the previous version of these tires and those were great, lasted more than a year so I expect these ones will hold up well too.

Reviewed 5/22/2023
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