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Phil Wood Waterproof Grease

Phil WoodWaterproof Grease(Return to Product Page)

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Review by Anonymous

Phil Grease has been the gold standard for decades. Still unsurpassed.
by Anonymous
Competitive Racer

Phil Wood Grease is always reliable.

Reviewed 6/23/2023
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Review by Skippy

Good Stuff
by Skippy
Central Oregon Coast

This is an excellent product and works well here in the PNW.

Reviewed 6/5/2023
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Review by Spencer

Don't buy any other
by Spencer

Holds up PDX wet and NM dry. Best grease out there

Reviewed 4/2/2020
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Review by Anonymous

It�s the best for contact surfaces.
by Anonymous
Fort Ord

Tape your threads and use Phil�s for contact surfaces!

Reviewed 2/17/2023
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Review by BikerBoy

All good except for one thing
by BikerBoy
Cycling Enthusiast
Novato, CA

A four-star rating only because the picture of this tube of Phil grease has the smaller screw-top, which fits my grease gun. Alas, the product arrived and it has the larger screw-top that doesn't work with my hand-held grease gun. I will still use this tube for other uses, but I wish the product would have been what was advertised.

Reviewed 8/19/2019
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Review by OaktownCyclist

Best grease you can buy
by OaktownCyclist
Cycling Enthusiast
Oakland, CA
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Expensive. But then again, you get what you pay for. As with most things Phil, this is simply The best. Lasts practically forever and is actually waterproof. Can't say that often.

Reviewed 6/19/2014
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Review by flak4af

Lasts for decades
by flak4af
Cycling Enthusiast
5 of 5 customers found this review helpful.

I've rebuilt ball-bearing hubs (Campy) with Phil Waterproof Grease for decades ... and the bearings last for decades. I over-grease the fittings, and let them equalize themselves in the first 50 or so miles. Rain, puddles and the hose don't get into the bearings. Using Phil generously, I have Campy, Suntour and Shimano loose ball bearing hubsets that are 40 years old and roll like new. Now I let the bike shop boys repack bearings ... but I hand them a tube of Phil.

Reviewed 4/22/2014
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Review by John

Old favorite
by John
Viera Fl

Great waterproof bearing grease

Reviewed 9/2/2021
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Review by Jeff

Wonderful Grease
by Jeff
Cycling Enthusiast
Southern California
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

I have been using Phil Wood Waterproof Grease for over 40 years. This grease when installed in any bearing assembly stays soft and in place for at least a decade or more. On disassembly after many years, internal bearings were always coated with this fine lubricant and still moving smoothly.

This grease is fairly light when packed into bearing assemblies, yet stays put resulting in really excellent and smooth rotation of the assemblies. Bearings stay nicely coated with grease. The Phil Wood grease also fills in the gap to outside the bearing assembly preventing ingress of dirt and moisture.

Compare this to the classic Campagnolo white grease, which to me, is much too thick and does not reflow into the rolling bearings after many miles of use, nor does it create a seal to the outside unless very heavily packed into bearings.

Reviewed 2/20/2019
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Review by Shafer

Superior grease
by Shafer

Less messy and goes where you want it compared to white lithium grease.

Reviewed 2/23/2021
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Review by Vb

The best!
by Vb

Top quality product for all your greasy needs. I use it for everything from bottom brackets to seat posts

Reviewed 11/2/2017
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