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Michelin Pro4 Service Course Tire

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User submitted reviews

Review by JW

Zero Durability - Not Worth It
by JW
Cycling Enthusiast
Austin, TX
2 of 3 customers found this review helpful.

Bought for road riding in city group rides. They handle ok BUT I had a flat in less than 15 miles. It was a tiny piece of shell fragment that was probably in some light gravel. I was able to break the fragment between my thumb and fingernail,so it obviously wasn't very formidable of a road hazard. These tires don't stand up to much at all. This is the second pair of Michelin tires I've had problems with. I think I'm done with that brand for good. I had a $XX pair of Mavik Aksion on my bike before these and went for 2 years without a flat. The little bit of weight advantage these tires have is NOT WORTH having to buy a whole new set after one ride. Just be warned.

Reviewed 8/13/2016
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Review by Steve

Flats and a blowout.
by Steve
2 of 3 customers found this review helpful.

I had about 300 miles on these tires before I took them on a weeklong 450 mile tour. Neither tire survived the tour. The bead on the front tire separated from the side wall, causing a blowout. The rear suffered two punctures, one from a tiny piece of radial tire wire and another from a small shard of glass. The glass left a gash big enough to render the tire unusable. This is the second time I've bought Michelins and I've yet to have one reach 1,000 miles.

Reviewed 7/30/2016
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Review by Barney Meza

Great Tires
by Barney Meza
Tucson, Az

These tires are fast, durable, lightweight and priced just right!

Reviewed 5/26/2022
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Review by Fiddler

Excellent road feel, surprisingly long life &40for a race tire&41.
by Fiddler
Cycling Enthusiast
Washington, D.C. Metro Area
5 of 5 customers found this review helpful.

I bought these tires for a bike I was riding on weekends for an upgrade in performance. The bike I was commuting with finally bit the dust and I decided to start riding the weekend bike to work. I just put new tires on after deciding that the old ones had worn a little too thin and the shape was rather flat. Honestly, I could probably get away with a few hundred more miles, but don't want to risk it. There were several small cuts from all the riding, but only one reached the cord (it was from a very sharp glass shard I picked up in a parking lot a few months back). I estimate that I got about 3500 miles out of them, and most of those miles were commuting. I rode all through winter and in some poor conditions. They held up beautifully and gave me a much longer life than I ever expected. I did notice that they seemed to wear quickly for the first 200-300 miles, but then they wore slowly for the rest of their life. I have no complaints to make-they're quite fast, corner well, and feel good on the road. Incidentally, I bought the tires with the white accent, despite riding in all kinds of conditions, I didn't have much trouble keeping them pretty clean. I highly recommend these tires!

Reviewed 3/13/2016
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Review by katie

best tires ever!
by katie
Cycling Enthusiast
Bakersfield, CA
3 of 3 customers found this review helpful.

I have been temped by other tires in the past including the tubeless ones, only to be extremely disappointed. I love my Michelin Pro tires -- I started with these at the recommendation of a friend for durable tires that were easy to change a flat with. They are long lasting and 15 years later I am still using them.

Reviewed 10/29/2020
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Review by MA Oldtimer

OK all-rounder that doesn't excel at anything
by MA Oldtimer
Competitive Racer
New England
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

Out of the box they ride nicer than GP4000Ss, since that seems to be the main comparison point. But they're no better in that regard than Bontrager R3s or R4s let alone Vittoria Corsas. My set of Pro4s lasted 3500 miles before I lost confidence and relegated them to the indoor trainer, at which they're doing a fine job. They only flatted a couple times over their lifespan and that was towards the end. I won't be buying another set because they're just not fast enough. Their rolling resistance is high compared to similarly priced tires, both in numerous tests you can find online and what I felt on the roads. Gp4000Ss, GP Supersonics, Vittoria Corsa CX and SL, Veloflex Corsa, and Bontrager R3 and R4 are all noticeably faster tires that don't give up much, or anything, in flat prevention or handling to the Pro4s. If you can get them for a really good price and your intent is to use them as a training or bad weather tire then they could be useful. Otherwise there are better tires out there.

Reviewed 2/21/2016
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Review by CT high mileage

you couldn't pay me to ride these tires
by CT high mileage
Cycling Enthusiast
6 of 16 customers found this review helpful.

Every person I know riding these tires flatted frequently and often last year. Probably 10 times the flat frequency of Schwalbe One, Vittoria Corsa, and Conti Grand Prix on the same roads at the same time.

Reviewed 2/11/2016
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Review by rodolfoguz20

To many flats spoil your ride
by rodolfoguz20
Cycling Enthusiast
Flushear, TX
4 of 8 customers found this review helpful.

I just bought a set and never had so many flats in one day, I had the PR04 Endurance and never had to worry about a flat. they roll fast but punctures spoil your ride, never buy them again. Lasted less that 200 miles

Reviewed 10/29/2015
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Review by futuremurse

great tires but not reliable.
by futuremurse
Competitive Racer
portland, OR
3 of 25 customers found this review helpful.

These tires handles the road very well, good tractions and rides very smooth. not very reliable. i did a century on them with no problem. The next day I wanted to do a short ride, i realized that i had a flat and a huge gash on the side. i only put about 200 miles on them before i retired them. the worse tires i have ever owned

Reviewed 9/1/2015
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Review by Anonymous

Smooth with a downside
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
Dallas, Texas
1 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

Very nice tires as far as rolling resistance but if you are like me and ride 5,000 miles per year, they just don't last very long. So you can buy more durable tires or buy many of these and replace them often.

Reviewed 8/31/2015
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Review by LUNAchick

Picks up everything on the road
by LUNAchick
Cycling Enthusiast
Mechanicsville, VA
4 of 5 customers found this review helpful.

I bought these tires 3 weeks ago and have had 3 flats. Everything sticks to them- It's as if they're made of glue. They hug the road and ride like a dream but I've been riding for decades and never had this many flats with a set of tires.

Reviewed 7/26/2015
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Review by Frank

Durable and Grippy
by Frank
Cycling Enthusiast
Pacific Northwest
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

I ride a lot of chip seal as well as come across gravel roads and gravel debris and I've been surprised at how well these tires have held up. I went with the 25s and run 80psi in front and 90 in the back (165lbs). They're grippy, comfortable and so far, I've been able to load up the miles with confidence..

Last season, I was disappointed with the Conti Grand Prix's I purchased (I tore them open in short order) so this year, I went with these along with the $5 Road Hazard. Knock on wood - I'm sticking with this set up.

Reviewed 7/31/2015
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Review by nivvis

Overall great tire. A bit soft and larger than advertised though.
by nivvis
Cycling Enthusiast
Portland, OR
12 of 12 customers found this review helpful.

These tires ride smooth and sticky. I put 2400 miles on them before the rear got so square that it started to show bare threads. I use them pretty hard too lots of long rides on Dirty 30, occasional gravel, and unforgiving commuting.

The only complaints I have are really compromises that Michelin made. These tires have great traction because the compound is pretty soft. While my tires lasted 2k miles, there were LOTS of deep gashes that exposedcut through threads - I probably should have replaced the rear sooner. Likewise the tire rides so smooth because the 25s actually measure 27.5mm 100psi. As long as you know what you're buying they're fantastic.

Reviewed 7/12/2015
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Review by Oldbikeman

Love the Michelin Pro 4
by Oldbikeman
Cycling Enthusiast
Devore Ca
1 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

Fast, durable, great tire for the money

Reviewed 6/4/2015
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Review by Paul

Wow! What a tire.
by Paul
Cycling Enthusiast
Portland, OR
3 of 3 customers found this review helpful.

These tires are amazing, only have about 100 miles on them, but from day one I was shocked. The smoothest tire I have ridden on, the best grip I have experienced! Not sure what the longevity of the tire will be, but at this point I could care less, the ride is sublime and they spin very fast, the same or faster then GP4000's, but much better ride, just a much better tire overall!! Some streets in Portland are pretty messed up, to the point where I was literally being bumped all over the place, loosing grip on the hoods even, now my bike rolls over all of it like I have huge cruiser tires on my race bike, its that much of a difference. The last comparison was against my winter tires (Conti Ultra 2's) This tire is a winner and will be sporting these through winters from now on!

Reviewed 5/19/2015
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Review by David

Really great tire.
by David
Cycling Enthusiast
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

I decided to give these a try after riding Conti 4000s last season. I really like this tire. Durable, light, and rides really nice. I like the Conti's, but I think this is a better value.

Reviewed 5/18/2015
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Review by Cycle2LiveBiker

Great rolling tire
by Cycle2LiveBiker
Cycling Enthusiast
Houston, TX
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

I have used Michelin Pro4 Service Course for 2 years now and love them! Smooth ride and very few flats. Pro 4's handles well in the rain. Very dependable tires.

Reviewed 5/7/2015
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Review by Ironman

Great tire, smooth ride and you cant beat the value.
by Ironman
Competitive Racer
Solvang, Ca
4 of 6 customers found this review helpful.

I use the Tires to train for Triathlon. Their soft, corner great and last.

Reviewed 4/23/2015
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Review by Pitts Pilot

The Best Tire &40for Some People&41
by Pitts Pilot
Cycling Enthusiast
13 of 14 customers found this review helpful.

Anyone who knows much about tires is aware of the fact that one can't have it all. Individual riders have to make choices about what characteristics they most value and which are less important. If, like me, you value traction and ride quality over longevity and puncture resistance, this may well be the tire for you. I definitely get more rear flats with this when compared to the GP4000sii. I'm willing to take that trade, as the ride is far superior to the Conti. I do a lot of VERY steep climbing and VERY fast descending on very smooth, clean roads. For me, this is the best tire for these purposes. I do sometimes run this tire up front and the Endurance version on the rear. It still feels nicer than the Conti and resists flats compared to the Service Course. I ran the GP for many years, switched to this for a couple years, and just recently tried the Schwalbe One and GP4000sii again to remind myself why I left it. I'm back to the Pro4sc in a 25mm (which is 28 on my slightly wide rims.) I also think it's one of the best looking tires out there, as it's very subtle. I hate the tread on the GP4000, which, in my opinion, serves only to collect dirt.

Reviewed 4/14/2015
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Review by S Galloway

Very happy with these tires and thrilled about the price.
by S Galloway
Competitive Racer
Portland, OR
3 of 3 customers found this review helpful.

After years of using Conti GP 4000 S and then the new version GP 4000 S2, I have converted to the Mich Pro4 SC. These are a great value. They are light enough. They feel nice. They come in 25 mm (Why don't more tires come in the new industry standard??) I can afford three sets every season.

Reviewed 4/16/2015
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