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Ergon SR Allroad Core Pro Saddle

ErgonSR Allroad Core Pro Saddle(Return to Product Page)

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Review by Thom I

phenomenal vibration damping!
by Thom I
Cycling Enthusiast
Bend OR
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I have been using other Ergon saddles but wanted a bit more vibration damping for running skinny tires on our tarred and graveled roads with gaps every 100 feet in the asphalt . Combining the wider width for my apparently wide set sit bones, and the excellent damping properties of the "magic beads", this is an awesome but still lightweight and firm saddle, which results in surprising comfort, but still high efficiency. Highly recommended! I have the lighter titanium rails so the weight is very competitive. And of course thanks to the Ergon design, no trace of numbness down there on long rides.

Reviewed 5/26/2023
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Review by Christopher E.

Supremely comfortable
by Christopher E.
New England

I�ve used many saddles from a wide array of manufacturers over the years. I installed the Ergonomic on my Otso gravel bike, and it is definitely my favorite for trail and light single track riding. I�ll be replacing my road bike saddle with an Ergon in the Spring.

Reviewed 9/7/2023
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Review by Oaklandbiker

Good saddle for endurance and sport cycling
by Oaklandbiker
Cycling Enthusiast
Oakland, CA

I am very picky about my saddle and I decided to give this saddle a try after having problems with an older saddle that was not holding up on long rides. I measured my sit bones and realized I needed a slightly wider saddle but one that offered comfort for 50 to 70 mile rides. I have been riding this for about 6 weeks now and it is working out for me. Offered in two different widths.

Reviewed 7/24/2023
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Review by Anonymous

comfy seat!
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
Interlaken NY
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I bought this for my gravel bike. I initially set it up with the nose too high, which made it a bit uncomfortable. For the second ride, I got it much closer to level, with the nose just a bit higher than the back. They recommend completely level, but I've always ridden with the nose a bit higher. After lowering the nose, it turned out to be much better with no resulting pain.

Reviewed 4/14/2023
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