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Enzos Cycling Products ButtonHole Chamois Cream

Enzos Cycling ProductsButtonHole Chamois Cream(Return to Product Page)

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User submitted reviews

Review by Steve Duffy

I love this stuff, one of my favorite chamois creams ever!
by Steve Duffy
Competitive Racer
San Francisco, CA
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Does exactly what it says. A little tingle goes a long way!

Reviewed 9/28/2023
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Review by Stewdebiker

So cool it burns
by Stewdebiker
Cycling Enthusiast
Raleigh, NC

The menthol burns a little at first, but I've gotten used to it. It gets me through 70-100 mile rides. It's good enough that I will use it up, but may not buy more. I do prefer tub over the tube. The tub can be reused or recycled where as the tube ends up going straight to the landfill.

Reviewed 5/8/2023
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Review by Adam

Adds 5 horsepower
by Adam
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

Seriously, it makes rides much more comfortable. Lasts for hours and still washes off clean. I put a little extra on for triathlon with no issues.

Reviewed 8/9/2018
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Review by Matt

Distinctive smell, may be a bit overkill
by Matt
Cycling Enthusiast
0 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Comparing it to Chamois Butt'r Original it appears to provide similar performance but adds a bit of tingling and a very noticeable minty smell. - Not so sure if I need this aroma omitting from my bibs during and post ride prior to getting washed.

Reviewed 11/14/2022
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Review by Smiley

Did they change formula
by Smiley
3 of 3 customers found this review helpful.

Typically purchase 4 jars at a time and this past time did the same and there doesn�t seem to be as much �tingle� in it and it�s not as thick and smooth. The jars received have a black lid instead of the old white curved lid. Not sure if this is a supply chain issue but I do prefer the old formula.

Reviewed 9/12/2022
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Review by SHBiker

Minty Fresh
by SHBiker
Cycling Enthusiast
Upstate NY

I like it! Have used it every ride for a couple months now. It's tingly, more so than others I've tried (DZ Nuts, MucOff Luxury, Chamois Butt'r (OG non-Eurostyle - ranked from least to most tingly). I like it for riding - but it's too tingly to use off the bike to treat/prevent sores (I've done this successfully with the other creams). It's also wayyyy too minty smelling to put on when not cycling and being in public - you will smell like a pack of trident - but this was not it's intended use. It does its job on the bike, though. I like that it's 100% vegan and seems healthier l than some other creams (MucOff was a previous fave until I realized that it has petrolatum and I wasn't sure I should be putting that on my undercarriage with such regularity). The cooling has been nice in the summer and I haven't gotten any saddle sores. I've been using it in tandem with Docs Skincare Natural Saddle Ointment if I start to feel any irritation after a long ride and that seems to be working pretty well. It definitely washes off clean too. Longevity seems ok, but maybe a tad less than the other creams I've tried - but longevity's a tricky thing to really judge in the middle of a hard sweaty ride lol. I'd probably buy it again but it's not like, life-changing or anything, so I'd probably also try another cream when this runs out (which won't be for a while at the rate it's lasting now), depending on what's available.

Reviewed 7/14/2022
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Review by Anonymous

Works great for long days in the saddle
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast

no Chaffing!!!!

Reviewed 12/25/2023
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Review by Anonymous

Long time user, First time caller...
by Anonymous
South Florida
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

I have used ButtonHole for years now, works absolutely great. I live in Florida and on those long bike rides, I'm glad I don't have to worry about getting sore.

Reviewed 7/6/2023
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Review by Fred

The only chamois cream I use
by Fred
Cycling Enthusiast
Central Oregon

I have tried most chamois creams on the market and this is the cream that I consistently use. Good staying power and easy to apply. I recommend this product.

Reviewed 11/16/2023
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Review by B''ham Biker

Best chamois cream that I have found
by B''ham Biker
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

I've tried most of the chamois creams out there and always come back to this one. It really works for me, washes out of my bike shorts completely and the tingle is good.

Reviewed 3/13/2023
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Review by EdC

Hello My Friend
by EdC
Antioch Il

So glad to have found Enzos once again. Used this product years ago, then it became hard to find. Consistency is just right and protection qualities are long lasting. This product does have a menthol smell attached. I for one welcome the smell and feel that it helps in providing a cooling effect. Best cream I've ever used.

Reviewed 3/1/2023
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Review by Anonymous

Best for the undercarriage!
by Anonymous
upstate, NY

Good protection against chaffing. I like the menthol �tingle�.

Reviewed 10/12/2023
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Review by Anonymous

High intensity cream
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
SF Bay Area

This is the cream I use for longer rides or when I start out with a bit of soreness from prior riding. This is the strongest cream I have used and it lasts for hours (maybe three hours). One thing to note, is that it has a strong aroma - when stationary, people near you will probably be able to smell it. It doesn't smell bad, but the menthol comes through.

Reviewed 2/6/2023
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Review by Martin smith

Great choice for all day riding
by Martin smith
Casual Cyclist
Beaverton, Oregon

Most semi creams are very similar. However, this is one of my favorite. If you don�t like the menthol smell, I would use a different brand, but for me personally, I find it pleasant..

Reviewed 9/28/2023
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Review by Phil

Excellent product
by Phil

Best chamois cream i have used to date

Reviewed 9/21/2023
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Review by Miles S. Proud

Works for me
by Miles S. Proud

Gets the job done very well for me at a good price point. Prefer Button Hole to Chamois Butt'r (which still works fine). Slightly prefer Assos on hot rides, as Button Hole tends to dilute a bit, but Button Hole is significantly cheaper and works just as well for me for 90% of my rides.

Reviewed 1/11/2023
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Review by Ed

Enzo's Cream
by Ed
antioch il

Nice to have come across this product once again after not being able to locate. Used Enzo's cream for a few years until it was hard to locate. It is a little more fluid than most, however, it works to perfection. It protects and stands up on longer rides.

Reviewed 12/19/2022
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Review by JB

That ohh so tingly feeling.
by JB
Competitive Racer
Tucson Az

So I've been using this stuff for about a month and a half now and really like it. It's pretty thick and a little goes a long way. My last jar of another brand I really liked also but was a little thinner viscosity and I went through it pretty fast. Seems some people either love or hate the peppermintmenthol tingle, I don't mind it but I don't need it either, my last one didn't have it and I was fine without it. A great buy when I got it on sale so I'd definitely recommend it.

Reviewed 8/3/2020
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Review by Jim

Works great!
by Jim

Ive been using Enzos for years because it works. When the weather gets hot or you are on the bike for 5-6 hours, this is a must!

Reviewed 6/19/2020
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Review by MariaS

WOW ... No Tingle Works Great!
by MariaS
Cycling Enthusiast
Raleigh NC

I've been using the No Tingle formula for a few weeks now, in the hot humid temperatures, for 1-4 hours of riding and it works great, for me. I don't detect menthol when applying or riding (that's a good thing). I will definitely buy Enzo's No Tingle again. I've tried several other brands and never been impressed enough to buy a second tube/jar/stick.

Reviewed 7/18/2022
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