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Continental Grand Prix 5000 S TR Road Tire

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Review by Santo

Fast and Grippy
by Santo
Federal Way, WA USA
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

The tires are great. For a point of reference, I ride them on a Canyon Endurace - carbon fiber frame, aluminum wheels and Di2 drivetrain. 700x28. They are fast but, still smooth. A more comfortable ride than Gatorskins. They�re very grippy. I�m taking corners and descending with these like perhaps and old man shouldn�t. I did over time end up with gashes that wouldn�t seal and had tubes in both tires before the wear indicators were all the way down. It�s my third set so, I definitely like them. I weigh 210 lbs (95ish kg) and they last me 1500 to 2000 miles.

Reviewed 11/2/2023
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Review by frizbking

Dependable and grippy
by frizbking
Cycling Enthusiast
Central Oregon

The tubeless journey started with the MTB tires and then I tried the road tires. This new version of the Grand Prix is superb. I have acquired the appropriate tools and I can now change this tire in my garage in 5-10 minutes. Check out the Park Tool wheel block, it makes it much easier to get the needed leverage. I have been using Orange Seal Endurance without incident. The occasional puncture gives off a little spray and then seals. I'm talking 4k miles this year without a ride ending flat. I ride in Central Oregon on chip seal and on local mountain roads with debris and pot holes and snow plow gouges. I continue to lower the pressure on the tires until this year 64 front and 70 rear. I'm 189 pounds and this has significantly softened the ride.

Reviewed 11/2/2023
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Review by daveK Scientist

QC issues
by daveK Scientist
Daily Commuter
Chicago in the City
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

I outfitted my new dream road bike with these pricey tires, and I have nearly 1400 mi on these 28C tires without a single flat, despite frequently being unable to avoid rolling through broken glass on Chicago streets, so I'm impressed with the puncture resistance. Indeed, the tires are remarkably unscarred considering the miles. Similarly, the rear tire is showing minimal wear despite my 215 lbs, so I'm also impressed with tread wear. Together with the sweet ride, these are the best-performing Contis I've ever ridden, and I anticipate that they will serve me well beyond my typical life cycle of 2500mi for road tires except... Unfortunately, the loss of 2 stars in my rating is due to the regular appearance of threads peeling from the sidewalls approximately 5mm from the rim on my Enve SES 3.4s at what appears to be a subtle seam line. The threads of up to several inches in length fray from the sidewall of both front and rear tires, indicating the issue is not unique to a single tire. I trim away the loose ends, rather than pulling them due to concern for somehow compromising the tire. I've ridden mostly Contis for the last 40,000mi, and I've never experienced this issue with Conti road tires or any other tires on any of my bikes. Very disappointing for a pricey tire that's otherwise worth every penny!

Reviewed 10/3/2023
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Review by Hal Taylor

Great tire and mounts easy
by Hal Taylor

Installed by weak hands on Zipp 303 Firecrest wheels. and only needed a little help with front wheel. Rear wheel inflated with hand pump. Front wheel needed the compressor. 32 mm tires inflated to 32mm. Running tubeless with 42 lbs front and 46 rear. I�m 150 lbs. Superior cornering The only negative is they aren�t as compliant as other similar tires I have used.

Reviewed 11/6/2023
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Review by Anonymous

Much Easier to Mount that GP5000
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
Brookings, SD

I did not have the hand strength to mount the GP5000. I am able to mount the GP5000S. They roll easy and have good traction. Overall great tire.

Reviewed 11/13/2023
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Review by Anonymous

Great tire, they're everything they claim to be.....
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast

everything they claim to be.....

Reviewed 11/16/2023
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Review by Luis arroyo

by Luis arroyo
napa , california

Great tires

Great service

Reviewed 11/16/2023
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Review by Rick

Conti TLR Tire
by Rick

Perfect. Easy to mount and ride great.

Reviewed 11/17/2023
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Review by Anonymous

The best ride tire for me
by Anonymous

I run 30mm 5k S TR at 60/65 pressure and they have loads of grip, roll fast & no punctures in over 2000 miles even though I regularly run over glass, pebbles & road debris.They are tough to mount but i use some sealant on the bead which allows them to slip on & seal up with a standard floor pump. The original GP 5k were great also, 15k & only 2 flats, 1 because I ran out of sealant.

Reviewed 10/30/2023
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Review by Bill M

Continental Grand Prix 5000 S TR Road Tires are great
by Bill M
Cycling Enthusiast
Placerville CA

Continental Grand Prix 5000 S TR Road Tires are fairly easy to setup tubeless. Thay ride well, stable in corners and smooth on rougher pavement.

Reviewed 11/2/2023
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Review by Anonymous

Fast- not durable. Great for race day
by Anonymous
6 of 13 customers found this review helpful.

Really love the feel of these, they�re light and fast. Unlike the schwalbes and the enves they seem to retain their speed after the first hundred miles.

Very susceptible to small punctures- definitely not as durable as the schwalbes. Probably equivalent to the enves.

Reviewed 10/13/2022
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Review by Darecki

Continental great new tire
by Darecki
Cycling Enthusiast
Plainfield IL
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

After 1k miles ridden on this tires I can say Conti 5000 S TR new tire is better than old 5000 one. Feels like is faster, more supple and have better grip probably due to lower pressure. Max tire pressure for 700x30 is listed 70psi but since its made for tubless setup - shall be fine for even for heavier riders. No flats or cuts or other issues so far and based on regular tear and wear seems like I can squeeze more miles from those, compare to the previous Conti 5000`s.

Reviewed 8/24/2023
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Review by Lastostrogoth

Tubeless is the way to go!
by Lastostrogoth
Cycling Enthusiast
Bonney Lake, WA

After a series of flat tires, 5 or six flats over a 6 month period, an extremely unusual experience for me, I chose to tubeless. I rode the same routes where I had repeatedly flatted w/o a problem. I have ridden these tires about 1800 miles since installing them and had only one flat, a week after I installed. Beyond being far less prone to flatting, they were noticeably faster than my tubed GP 5000s. They also corner noticeably better, and, at the same time, have to same wonderful road feel I expect from GP tires. I have been using Continental tires for more than 40 years. These are, by far, the best I have ever used. The wear dimples are still showing after 1800 miles of chip seal rides, so they look like they will last well into the 3000 mile range. Tubeless systems do require rims specifically designed for the purpose, and a pump capable of delivering an initial burst of air sufficient to set the bead of the tire before it can be inflated. It is much easier than I anticipated, and having done it, I will never go back. Continental, as I said, is my go to first choice, and they have never disappointed me.

Reviewed 9/8/2023
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Review by John

Very Happy with These
by John
NYC Area
4 of 4 customers found this review helpful.

I got these in 28mm and mounted them on HED Ardennes LT+ TR rim brake rims (21mm interior width). Replaced a set of tubed GP4000s. Like other commenters note, the 28mm tubeless look like my former 25mm tubed tires, but I haven�t measured them. I didn�t have any trouble mounting these, though I used tire levers to mount them. They�re a pleasure to ride; tubeless is always a little plusher than tubed, but these are a bit silkier than other tubeless I�ve ridden. It may be my imagination but they seem a little faster than my previous GPs. I�ve ridden about 300 miles on them over all kinds of surface, including milled asphalt, crappy NYC streets, and dirt, and I�ve had no flats and no premature wear. Expensive but I expect to get every penny out of them.

Reviewed 9/18/2022
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Review by AtxBikeRider

Don't seem to be very durable
by AtxBikeRider
Cycling Enthusiast
Austin, Texas
3 of 4 customers found this review helpful.

I decided to try out a pair of these tires based upon reviews that I had read.

I must say that from a performance perspective the lived up the hype. Grippy and fast. Although the ride seemed to be a bit harsher than what I experienced with the Enve tires I had ridden previously.

What I don't like is that they seem to be more prone to punctures & cuts than my Enves. The surfaces I ride are primarily chip seal, so sharp little rocks are the norm for these types of roads.

After 4 weeks, I've already had to replace one of my tires due to a cut, that couldn't be plugged. I rode my Enves on these same roads with no significant issues.

I'm giving these tires a 2nd chance but will find something else to ride, if they continue to cut & puncture so easily.

Reviewed 7/10/2023
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Review by Rough road rider

My favorite slick tire
by Rough road rider
Cycling Enthusiast
Western WA
5 of 5 customers found this review helpful.

I've seen great performance from these tires in the 30mm width running tubeless on a wide carbon rim. On road they roll fast and feel like a magic carpet. Very grippy. On broken tarmac they soak up the bumps and on gravel they endure way better than they should. So far no punctures after about 1k miles and they still hold pressure for days. I found them no more difficult than other tubeless tires to mount. Technique is key. Study some online videos to make the task easier.

Reviewed 6/19/2023
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Review by Mondingas

Excellent rolling resistance and weight
by Mondingas
Cycling Enthusiast
Los Angeles
7 of 7 customers found this review helpful.

I had previous experience with the 32mm tubeless GP5000 on a gravel bike with 38mm rims. On very unscientific downhill rolling tests, I would consistently gap riders on road bikes -- I chalked up the surprising downhill speed to the higher weight of the gravel bike.

Going to an aero road bike I first used 28mm tubeless Vittoria Corsas. Seemed fine, but when I was ready to replace them and wanted 30mm tires, the GP5000s were the only easily available option.

Again, not a scientific comparison, but there's every indication that the 30mm Contis are faster than the 28mm Vittorias. First ride with the Contis was no big deal, but once scrubbed in they really started to shine. It felt like going from the Vittorias to the Contis was like going from the gravel bike to the aero road bike -- the Contis are that good. Possibly a good mile-an-hour faster or more.

Grip and comfort are excellent (rider+bike=175lbs; front 58 PSI, rear 62 PSI). I don't bother mounting my own TL tires -- it's always a struggle on my Reserve wheels so I let a shop take care of it, especially with their air compressor. That said, I struggled to even get one side of the Contis over the rim; they're extremely tight.

Reviewed 6/8/2023
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Review by jeffs852

best tubeless available
by jeffs852
Cycling Enthusiast
New England
0 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Great ride and fast

Easy to mount

Reasonably durable 1000 miles plus


Reviewed 9/26/2023
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Review by SF biker

Extremely difficult to mount
by SF biker
Cycling Enthusiast
South Bay CA
3 of 7 customers found this review helpful.

I've used Continental tires for over 15 years, starting with Gator Skins for my tubed tires. 7 years ago I went tubeless with Mavic wheels. I was able to mount the older Continental tubeless tires, but with a lot of effort. I now have Mavic Ksyrium Elite Disc UST rims. Today I tried to mount the new version Continental tubeless tires 700X30C. I couldn't event get close to mounting them, even the first side. I'll go to my local bike shop for help tomorrow. FYI, the bike shop has told me that Mavic rims are difficult for mounting, depending on the tire type. I love Continentals as being very durable tires. But if you go tubeless, don't even try to mount them yourself.

Reviewed 3/27/2023
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Review by fairsailing

Beautiful tires with a weakness
by fairsailing

Looks great, rides great, doesn't flat and generally keeps psi. I am a 90kg rider on Shimano C36 wheels and will get one 2,500 mile outdoor season on these, but no more. At 1,800 miles the tire tire wear indicators are almost invisible. For me, one season is good enough, but budget riders will want to look elsewhere. I just keep an eye out for sales, and budget for them annually.

Reviewed 8/30/2023
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