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Bell Z20 MIPS Helmet

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User submitted reviews

Review by Denver cyclist

Lightweight, great fit, well-ventilated and reflective
by Denver cyclist
Daily Commuter
Aurora, CO
0 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Bell has always been the helmet I used. I opted for the fluorescent orange with reflective paint since I commute year round, which means winter commutes are in the dark. The fit is great and the ventilation is excellent.

Reviewed 8/5/2019
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Review by 200mphKo

Perfect for my round head
by 200mphKo
Competitive Racer
Washington DC
3 of 4 customers found this review helpful.

After two decades of using several Giro helmets for mt. biking, I decided that it's time to invest in a new helmet as I started to log some miles on my road bike. Following some research, reading loads of reviews, and trying on a few dozen helmets, I decided to go with Bell and found this Z20 on sale. There is a reason why this was one of Bicycling Magazine's top-ten helmets of the year in 2017. First, it's equipped with MIPS. Very light. Vents wonderfully. When my head itches during a ride, for the first time, I was able to scratch my head (a big plus). I have a round head and Bell helmets fits so much more comfortably than Giro helmets. Two thumbs up, well done!!

Reviewed 8/29/2018
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Review by C Buckley

Bell Z20 MIPS
by C Buckley
Cycling Enthusiast
Austin, TX
3 of 3 customers found this review helpful.

I haven't yet and hope never to use this for what it designed (protection in a crash) but the helmet fits me well and seems well ventilated (the second most critical feature in Central Texas during the summer). As an added safety benefit, the design of the back of the helmet allows me to attach a rear light intended for mounting on a seatpost ... this is a real winner from a visibility perspective (just today, someone in a passing pickup truck slowed, rolled down their window, and commented on the visibility of my daylight blinky light mounted up high on the back of the helmet). My only disappointment with the helmet is in the touted ability to store sunglasses in the pair with rubber grippers to help hold the glasses more firmly ... the glasses fit but the sizelocation of vents are such that the glasses I have tried are way to loose and will readily fall out when I look down ... definitely not secure enough to hold glasses while riding.

Reviewed 8/16/2018
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Review by Overlander

Solid, adjustable, came ready to wear, does not hold glasses well
by Overlander
Cycling Enthusiast
Boulder, CO
0 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Got this helmet to replace a Laser with MIPS that had a crack (perhaps from packing, not from falling!). I like the color (red, mix of glossy and matte) and shape (seems like good coverage, but doesn't look like a mtn bike helmet). The chin strap came in the right position, and it looks easy to adjust if necessary. The head circumference dial seems to work well. The rear part of the head strap extends well below the helmet shell, so it worries me that the exposed strap will get broken while packed, as I have had happen on other helmets, but it can be adjusted so it does not extend so far below the shell. The padding inside the helmet is comfortable. There does seem to be an odd tendency for sweat to drip out of the helmet just above my nose, and it ends up on my glasses. One problem -- I have not found a good way to insert my glasses into the helmet -- either they fall out or they are jammed in so far it hurts. Would think helmet designers could figure this out by now. Overall, pleased, but room for improvement.

Reviewed 10/29/2021
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Review by ManyMiles

A good, lightweight helmet with decent sweat control
by ManyMiles
Cycling Enthusiast
Seattle, WA
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

I do a lot of long, hot rides in the mountains in the summer, so prefer a helmet that offers good ventilation and sweat control that keeps sweat out of your sports lenses and eyes. The Bell Z20 MIPS was easy to adjust and feels pretty comfortable. The helmet is designed to channel sweat to a central absorbent pad on the forward edge of the helmet, from which it drips off or you can occasionally press it with your thumb to release the accumulation. It isn't perfect, but nearly always keeps sweat off of my left lens, though some occasionally gets onto my right lens. That's an improvement over most other helmets that I've used over the past 40+ years.

Reviewed 8/12/2021
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Review by Brt

Great Helmet
by Brt
Cycling Enthusiast
1 of 3 customers found this review helpful.

It s tough rating helmets because everyone has a different shape head so one person loves the helmet they bought and someone else hates it, I have owned 3 Z20 Bell helmets including this one and have really liked them all, and I have a nasty crash story where the Bell definitely did its job, but before I bought this last Bell I bought a Kask and it is the most uncomfortable Helmet I have ever worn. The difference is the Kask is Italian and Italians must all have round heads so they are not designed for long oval heads so there is a bad pressure point at the forehead and the helmet won't sit down properly on my head so I look a little silly wearing it, then I immediately ordered a new Bell Z20 and what a heavenly difference. I wanted the Kask so bad that I wore it so no return. I am guessing the Bell will fit a rounder head also but the moral to the story is I love Bell Z20 Helmets.. Brt

Reviewed 8/5/2021
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Review by NewEnglandRoadie

For me the most comfortable helmet to date.
by NewEnglandRoadie
Cycling Enthusiast
New England
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

I've been a life long Giro user. But they all put pressure on my forehead even with wearing a cycling cap. With the MIPS System I can get a snug comfortable fit with no pressure points. Like the helmet "floats" on my head.

Maybe not the lightest, but I never notice it in a bad way . Never shifts. The added safety of MIPS and two density foam sold it for me after taking a spill last year. Ventilation good. Only regret is I paid full price and now it's on sale. But I would still get another one.

Reviewed 7/7/2021
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Review by Six-O

Very nice fitment and comfort.
by Six-O
Cycling Enthusiast
SE Texas
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

I liked my first Bell Z20 MIPS helmet so much I purchased a second one a couple years later. In SE Texas, the warm months are very humid. I like its design that channels excess sweat to a point that keeps it from dripping on the inside of one's sunglasses. The air vents keep my noggin as cool as any others I have worn. I crashed wearing my first Z20 helmet and suffered a separated shoulder, but fortunately had no dain bramage [sic]. I am disappointed that Bell no longer includes a spare set of helmet pads like my first Z20 had. I almost took off a star for that. That must be a new trend with helmet manufacturers.

Reviewed 4/12/2021
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Review by lpmcwill

Psychologically comforting and it fits well
by lpmcwill
Cycling Enthusiast
Behind the Redwood Curtain

This is my first Bell helmet after wearing Giros for 24 years. It fits my larger than large head (and I always wear a cap or headcover) and was easy to adjust once I figured out the rear helmet-to-shell connector wasn't in place. It ventilates well so I'm still using windstopper head covers or caps. I haven't tested its MIPS crash protection features and don't intend to anytime soon. It is much larger than my elderly Giro Atmos but doesn't feel heavier.

Reviewed 3/31/2021
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Review by Anonymous

Horrendously hard plastic MIPS frame that is either loose or crushing your head
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
New England
1 of 4 customers found this review helpful.

Reflective layer is great on the exterior but that is where the good part ends. Rest of this helmet is just plain disappointing. In short: it is the least ergonomic and least comfortable helmet I owned in the last two decades and I had several lower priced helmets from the same manufacturer. The MIPS frame, although padded at some places, is not padded just above your temples where it would need it the most and also skull-crushing in the back even after a short ride. After loosening the MIPS interior "webbing" it becomes unstable on the head. Just could not find the sweet spot with this helmet at all. Weight is also unremarkable, the latch is hard to operate under your chin, you need both hands. Overall a poorly implemented product, especially for the price. Bell could have saved money by not including a fancy silk-like helmet bag (who needs that seriously) and put more design thought and money into the ergonomy of the MIPS interior framing.

Reviewed 9/3/2020
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Review by Donald

light, comfortable, a life saver
by Donald
Cycling Enthusiast
Boston, Massachusetts
0 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Saved by the Bell! Bell helmets have saved my life twice. They are light, comfortable, and perform exactly as intended. They have saved me from a rampaging pickup truck and this winter protected me from a violent fall caused by a patch of ice. Why risk your life with any other brand? I will always wear Bell.

Reviewed 5/22/2020
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Review by Spritely

So light and well ventilated you'll forget you're wearing it
by Spritely
Cycling Enthusiast
2 of 3 customers found this review helpful.

I bought this helmet because of its high rating in Virginia Tech's helmet testing. I bought M size and it fits my 59cm oblong head well. I've done just 3 rides with it so far, It's so light and well ventilated that I reach up and touch it occasionally to make sure it's still there. Cosmetically, I like the mix of high-viz color where it shows and matte silver where it doesn't. Still, I tell myself everytime I ride Falling is not an option to remind myself to pay attention and ride safely.

Reviewed 4/3/2020
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Review by Anonymous

Great helmet!
by Anonymous
Competitive Racer
Tigard, Oregon

It has a sweat guard that keeps sweat from getting in your eyes that works well.

Reviewed 8/31/2018
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Review by iBike

One of the most comfortable helmets Ive ever worn
by iBike
Cycling Enthusiast
Richmond, VA
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

I wanted a MIPS helmet, and researched several before choosing the Z20. It was not the cheapest, but I knew Bell to be a quality product. And it came in blue to match the accents on my bike. I was quite happy with the fit of this helmet and the adjustments possible make this the most comfortable helmet Ive ever worn. Ive not worn it through the summer heat, so cant comment on ventilation, but so far Im a big fan. I hope I never have to test its MIPS capabilities, but I feel more confident knowing that is part of the design of this helmet.

Reviewed 12/26/2017
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Review by Stu Carter

Now, this is an outstanding helmet
by Stu Carter
Sierra Vista, AZ

I own 11 helmets, plus this gorgeous Bell Z20 MIPS helmet. Great value, outstanding comfort, MIPS safety platform, awesome good looks too. I recommend it to anyone who wants an outstandingly SAFE helmet. Bottom line, if you have a $5 brain, buy a $5 helmet. If not, then purchase the absolute best helmet you can afford - and look cool at the same time.

Reviewed 10/28/2021
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Review by rwitte

Another terrific helmet from Bell...
by rwitte
Competitive Racer
Shelbyville, IN

Bell is my go-to. I've tried others, always go back to Bell. This one fits like pretty much all the others I've had. those of you with perfectly round heads know exactly what I'm talking about!

Reviewed 8/16/2021
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Review by Keith

Good fit and airflow
by Keith
0 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

I used to have a Giro helmet and this one is quite similar. It's well constructed and fits me well. I prefer a helmet that has good airflow to keep me cool the helmet has that.

Reviewed 7/26/2021
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Review by Rick

Very Nice Helmet
by Rick
Cycling Enthusiast
Vancouver, WA
0 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

I purchased this helmet to replace an older Giro Synthe MIPS. The styling of the helmet seems to be more to my liking than the current Giro helmets in the same price range. I've had this for about two months now and several rides. No complaints. It's comfortable to wear.

Reviewed 5/2/2021
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Review by John

State Of The Art MIPS Road Helmet
by John
Cycling Enthusiast
Northport, NY
0 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

The Bell Z20 MIPS is one of my favorite road helmets.It is well ventilated, light,has good looks and fits my roundish head comfortably.The height adjustment is effective but I wish the rear straps that are fastened to the back of the helmet were adjustable for an even better fit.

I purchased the Ghost Matte/Gloss Hi-Viz Reflective color scheme that is very visible whether riding during the day or at night.

Reviewed 2/3/2021
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Review by Powermatic

Super Happy with this Helment
by Powermatic
Cycling Enthusiast
Santa Rosa, CA
0 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

I have the fluorescent yellow version of this brain bucket. I am very happy with it. Fit is wonderful. But the most important reason I purchased this, is that it really stands out, especially in low light situations. The reflective material is superb--it is unobtrusive in regular light but goes supernova when a headlights hit it during night rides.

Reviewed 1/28/2021
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