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Bell Stratus MIPS Helmet

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User submitted reviews

Review by Dzdiver

A Comfortable Helmet for Warm Climate Cycling
by Dzdiver
Cycling Enthusiast
Kailua-Kona, Hi
1 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

My well-used six year old Scott ARX MIPS helmet was due for replacement recently and this Bell Stratus fit the bill nicely. I knew that that the Bell brand would provide good crash protection . I ride in a hot, humid climate and good ventilation in a helmet is required. The Bell Stratus does a good job of directing the air flow to where it’s needed. My only nitpick with this helmet is the small size of the chin strap snap closures, time will tell if the hold up but so far so good! I would definitely purchase this helmet again at a future date

Reviewed 10/16/2021
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Review by CrankyNinja

Affordable MIPS - comfortable enough
by CrankyNinja
Cycling Enthusiast
Minneapolis, MN

Traded up to this as I wanted a MIPS helment for a multi-day road ride. Previous was a Bell Solar (non-MIPS), which I liked, so I stuck with the Bell line. The Stratus is a much larger helmet, which does feel a bit strange at first, but it is comfortable and vents well. Supply was limited, so I compromised on my color preference, and ended up with a white helmet. I am finding it difficult to get both straps through the included holder (will probably require some tools to guide it through), but otherwise no complaints.

Reviewed 8/30/2021
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Review by nhmtnbkr

Light, good helmet. Needs longer straps though.
by nhmtnbkr
Cycling Enthusiast
Nashua, NH
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Overall I'd say that this is a really good helmet, as is usually the case with Bell helmets. It's lightweight, breathes extremely well and has good airflow. Fits my big noggin well, without pinching anywhere, even when I'm wearing a skullcap. Good price point for a MIPS helmet.

The only drawbacks I've run into with it to date in the six or so months I've worn it, factoring 150+ miles of riding per week, is that I'm noticing some minor degradation of the styrofoam in spots, and as others have mentioned, the chin straps are too short for my liking.

This latter aspect I think may be from Bell overcompensating for having too-long straps for many years, but they erred too far in the other direction and need to find a happier middle ground. On the size large and with my height face, I have a mere 1-1.5 inches or so of strap outside the buckle when the strap is fairly snug under my chin/jaw, which isn't very much and too little for my liking. I'm not sure this helmet will work for me in the Winter with a thicker skull cap on as a result of the overly short straps. Hopefully Bell remedies this in their next iteration of the helmet.

Reviewed 8/10/2021
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Review by Deanwalter

Great value but not a race helmet
by Deanwalter
Vancouver Island

I own the Z20 and now the Stratus. The Z20 is a superior helmet but the Stratus is still a good helmet. I purchased the Stratus for foul weather gravel riding. The helmet fits my rounded forehead well. The straps were an ample length. I saw reviews that said the straps were too short. The fit adjustment dial is easy to use. I'm able to comfortably wear a skull cap and a hooded baselayer underneath the helmet. My two biggest issues with the helmet are 1) the vents aren't spaced to hold sunglasses securely and 2) the helmet is somewhat bulbous and not streamlined. Even with these two issues I still like the Stratus a lot. It is reasonably priced mid range helmet.

Reviewed 2/9/2021
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Review by Ripcity Ryan

by Ripcity Ryan

My old Giro Savant was getting orettt worn so it was this or the Giro Cinder. It�s a fine helmet overall but lacks some important details. The straps are only just long enough. Big heads should get long straps. Little heads should should have strap to spare. When I put the arms of my glasses through the vents the glasses don�t snug in. My other helmets have always held my glasses well. Sometimes the fit has some odd pressure spots at times. Weight is fine. I haven�t experienced the ventilation having only had it this fall. Maybe it�d work for you but if I get the $50 for this review I�m thinking I should go back to Giro.

Reviewed 12/10/2020
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Review by PapaG

Good price, light helme
by PapaG
The Villages Florida

Very light, agree with prior reviewers that the chin strap is shorter than most w/o the ability to adjust. Still like the helmet. Was a great price!

Reviewed 6/1/2023
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Review by Bobby G

Excellent Helmet
by Bobby G

As others have mentioned the straps could be higher quality. Hence 4 stars not 5

I love the ventilation on those hot humid SW FLA days. Fairly quiet in the wind.

It's light weight & despite what others have said I have no problems docking my Oakley's in them when need be.

Reviewed 6/17/2022
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Review by OV Dragonman

Super Comfortable, Unsure Of Color Lifespan
by OV Dragonman
Cycling Enthusiast
Tucson, AZ

Very comfortable helmet and I only have two complaints about it. 1) I miss the slight sun visor built into my last helmet. This is something I can live with, though. 2) In 7 months of use, the color is noticeably fading. I bought the Retina Sear version and the back is now much lighter than the front from sun bleaching. No apparent damage to the out plastic shell.

Overall, I think this is an excellent choice for a helmet. Mine sees daily use, 160 miles (255 km) week, and once I strap it on, I don't notice I'm wearing it. The air vents provide good air flow, something important here in the desert SW, to keep you cool, even when working hard in the heat. I just wish the color had held up better.

Reviewed 3/7/2019
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Review by R Evans

Great fit, but chin strap is too short
by R Evans
Daily Commuter
Palo Alto CA
3 of 3 customers found this review helpful.

I bought this helmet for the MIPS feature. Previously I wore a Bell Sweep helmet, which I really like.

I find that Bell helmets (more oblong) fit my head shape better than Gyro helmets (more circular). For my wife it is the opposite.

I found that the Stratus helmet fit me as well as my Sweep helmet, except for a too short chin strap. In adjusting the chin strap, I barely had enough strap to pass through the clasp and fold back on itself into the plastic strap retainer. It seems to stay on during my ride, but will often get loose when I release the clasp. I worry that, if I am in an accident, the accident forces might release the strap and I might lose the helmet when I need it most. There should be at least a half inch more strap. This was not a problem on my previous Bell Sweep helmet.

The Bike Tire Direct price was very good!

Reviewed 11/15/2018
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Review by OV Dragonman

Best Choice To Protect Your Head!
by OV Dragonman
Cycling Enthusiast
Tucson, AZ

Been logging a lot of time in this helmet over the last few weeks, since I bought it. I'm only going to dock it half a point and on only one area sweat control. Yes, I do get a nice air flow over my head, but the built-in pads dogged saturated, nonetheless. Not a major deal as I've learned to lean to the side and press the brow of the helmet to drain the excess sweat.

Fit is easily adjustable, comfort level is excellent, and the helmet is light, to the point I do not notice I'm wearing one. An added plus is that bright color give you a real high visibility if you share the road with motor vehicles.

If you value what's inside your head, this is the helmet to protect it!

Reviewed 9/17/2018
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Review by Jim H

Best fitting helmet I've owned
by Jim H
Cycling Enthusiast
Glen Ellyn, IL

I was considering buying a new MIPS helmet because the one I was currently wearing just didn't fit right. On a recent visit my son had a Bell Stratus MIPS helmet and after trying it on, (we have the same size head) I immediately ordered one and am very happy with the comfort, style and weight. For the money this was a perfect fit.

Reviewed 11/25/2021
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Review by Jonno

Quality, Comfortable Helmet for the price
by Jonno
Cycling Enthusiast
Ontario, Canada

Great fit, comfortable, helmet. The only downside for me, is I can't put my glasses in the helmet during ride breaks

Reviewed 1/20/2023
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Review by Anonymous

by Anonymous

This is a quality helmet. Helps keep the head cool on hot days.

Reviewed 8/16/2021
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Review by sk

Great venting and weight...excellent value!
by sk
Cycling Enthusiast

This helmet has great venting and airflow. Its light weight is really close to the higher priced Z-series Bell, but a lot cheaper! Excellent value in a competitive helmet market!

Reviewed 7/15/2021
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Review by Anonymous

Comfortable protection
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
Northern VA

fits true to size, fits my rounder head shape - no hot spots on the forehead or temples. Good ventilation.

only issue (minor) my Oakley flak jacket shades don't mount securely, but not a bid deal.

Reviewed 4/25/2021
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Review by NCCampy

Nice helmet but no sunglass docking station.
by NCCampy
Cycling Enthusiast
hendo, nc

Road biking, cool and light. No place for sunglasses.

Reviewed 7/18/2022
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Review by Joaquin

It's a great helmet
by Joaquin
Cycling Enthusiast

I use it for road riding,I bought it for how it looks and price and it fits great I recommend this helmet

Reviewed 10/3/2020
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Review by Gustav

overall a very good helmet
by Gustav

It's got great safety reviews. it fits comfortably, well ventilated, & despite what the negative reviews say, I have no problem getting my sunglasses into the vents when I need to store them while rolling.

Reviewed 8/13/2020
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Review by Bobby

Great helmet
by Bobby
0 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Great fit but 4 stars because, as others have said, Bell seems to not want to address the strap length. All we're asking for is 1.5 to 2 inches more.

Reviewed 5/26/2022
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Review by mike g

Nice fit and value
by mike g
Cycling Enthusiast

Initial appearance and fit are as expected. I was getting close to needing a new helmet and the sale price persuaded me in the purchase.

Reviewed 2/24/2020
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