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Silca Tattico Bluetooth Mini Pump
Silca Tattico Bluetooth Mini Pump
Silca Tattico Bluetooth Mini Pump
Silca Tattico Bluetooth Mini Pump

Tattico Bluetooth Mini Pump

Mfg PartNum:AM-PU-TAT-ASY-102
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Perfectly sized. PSI Precision.

Change your inflation game with the Tattico Bluetooth Mini Pump. Generally speaking, getting a flat tire while out on a ride makes the rider resort to eye-balling the re-inflation pressure with a hand pump or CO2 inflator. This can be annoying, as tire pressure has a huge impact on speed, handling, and comfort. Many riders spend a lot of time dialing in their pressure for a given bike or trail, and it often goes out the window with a small puncture.

Rest at ease knowing that the Tattico Bluetooth Mini-Pump very accurately measures your pressure and displays it on your Apple or Android phone through the Silca iGuage app. What was once a headache now becomes a way to ensure your tires are right as you want them.

CX Ready

Now you can fine-tune pressures out on the cyclocross course rather than head for the pits during your pre-ride. You can repair punctures with 0.5psi accuracy whether you're in your garage, your hotel room or trailside on the Great Divide. Never again fly with a floor pump, never again have to pinch your tire and guess.

In regards to accuracy, the problem with mini-pump gauges quickly becomes an issue of size. The gauge can't be so big that it feels bulky in a jersey pocket nor can it be too small. Much like a high-end watch, the internal mechanism of an accurate pump gauge consists of a variety of small, precision machined parts with precise movements. Also similar to a watch, the internal components of a floor pump gauge are already very small in size. As they looked at creating a gauge small enough to mount on a mini-pump, Silca found that as the overall size of the gauge decreased, the internal mechanism needed to be simplified and therefore accuracy decreased rapidly. This leaves traditional mini-pump gauges generally being barely more accurate than squeezing the tire with your fingers.

Extremely durable

The other issue to overcome is durability. The TATTICO is designed to be small enough to fit in a jersey pocket but it's also able to be mounted alongside a bottle cage. When mounted, the mini-pump essentially becomes part of the frame so it must be able to withstand high-frequency vibrations, heavy impacts and also moisture and dirt intrusion from riding in adverse conditions. The only technology available today that can handle these conditions is wireless technology. The TATTICO BlueTooth® gauge is isolated in a fully sealed, shock-proof and waterproof environment within the pump body where it can be expected to perform flawlessly for many years.


  • Extremely accurate digital pump
  • Long filler hose with Presta/Schrader compatibility
  • Up to 120psi
  • 9-1/2" in length
  • Includes mount with retaining strap
  • Easily replaced CR2032 battery

Max PSI: 120 psi


Length: 9.5 in

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Checks every box. Quality both in form and function.
by pblair
Cycling Enthusiast
Salem, Oregon

In short, this pump is a treasure.

It attaches cleanly, it delivers a good volume of air with every stroke, it cleans up easily, and it allows you to use your smartphone to precisely tune your pressures. I've switched to using this as my primary pump except when I need to add more than 20 PSI. Each stroke adds .5 PSI to my road tire setup, which has very high volume tires. It is trouble-free to get each tire to exactly 64 psi, where I like them to be.

The pump itself feels like you could use it to lever a boulder off of your leg, or effectively deter a dog from attaching itself to your leg, or to check the pressures on 10,000 bikes.

If you can score this for a two-digit price, it's an absolute no-brainer. And although the app they use is not the finest example of high-touch user interfaces, it does the job quickly and cleanly.

I love this pump.

Reviewed 5/10/2019
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Expensive.... but worth it.
by John in Minnesota
Cycling Enthusiast

I bought one of these kind as sort of an impulse purchase. I needed a good pump for traveling and I needed to be able to accurately inflate tires to pressure after deflating partially for air travel.

I was a bit skeptical since most small pumps have wildly inflated claims about how well they will pump up a tire and how effective they are when most of them are just this side of garbage. This pump, however, flips that narrative on its head.

The pump has a hose to a chuck so you don't damage valve stems which is helpful in general but exceptionally so when you have tubeless rims. And this pump just works - our travel bikes have Schwalbe G-1 speeds on them, a 30mm tire. We pump them up to about 50-65psi for riding and deflate them to about 40psi when traveling. We find that in that pressure range, we get about a 0.5psi increase for each pump stroke. Having the gauge built into the pump and displayed on a smartphone app is nothing short of brilliant. It's easy to see, it keeps the bulk down on the pump in both size and weight, and it works terrifically well.

So this is now our travel pump. It's small so it packs well in our bike cases and it is a pretty straightforward task to pump up our tires when we arrive, if we flat, or to top off for the day's riding.

This pump is not cheap, but considering all of the other similar sized pumps I've bought and discovered they basically are marginal, this is a great addition and I would have been serious money ahead if I'd bought this instead of all of those other pumps (Lezyne - I'm looking at you....).

I have no issues giving this an unqualified recommendation. But this, and buy only this for your emergency and travel pump. You'll be money ahead and your tires will be correctly inflated.

Reviewed 4/11/2019
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Awesome pump
by John

We use this as our travel pump when we fly with our bikes. Each pump stroke is worth about 0.5psi on a 30mm gravel tire (Schwalbe G-1 speeds). The hose and chick protect the tubeless stems, the gauge as an app on your smartphone is nothing short of brilliant. Unlike many small pumps, this one actually works and works well.

Its expensive for sure, but youre getting a really good pump that really works well when most of the competitors actually dont work. Your also getting a digital tire gauge that exceeds the accuracy of actual hand gauges you can buy. Bottom line this pump is expensive but its worth it because it works so well.

Reviewed 4/7/2019
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