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Garmin Edge 1000 Bundle
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Garmin Edge 1000 Bundle
Garmin Edge 1000 Bundle
Garmin Edge 1000 Bundle
Garmin Edge 1000 Bundle
Garmin Edge 1000 Bundle
Garmin Edge 1000 Bundle

Edge 1000 Bundle

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Garmin is at it again, building on their previous successes to deliver the Edge 1000.

With an updated and larger screen and a new set of features on top of the Edge 810's, the 1000 will help you take your cycling experience to new heights.

The most noticeable upgrade for the Edge 1000 is its 3.0 inch touch screen. Ruggedly constructed for daily use on the road, it is also optimized for use with gloves and in the rain so the changing of the seasons won't faze it one bit. An ambient light sensor also automatically adjusts the brightness of the screen for current conditions to maximize visibility.

Along with its bigger and better appearance, the Edge 1000 also boasts a number of new programed in features. For the competitor in all of us, the 1000 syncs with Garmin Connect's Segments (similar to Strava), providing real time results, leaderboards, and start/finish alerts right to your head unit. For more laid back rides, the Edge 1000 comes equipped with maps featuring the best cycling routes and points of interest. You can also design routes to best incorporate points of interest, or enter in a desired ride distance and choose from three suggested routes, all right from the device. In this digital world, the Edge 1000 can also display text, email, and call notifications from your cell phone (iPhone 4S or later required).

Truly standing on the shoulders of giants, the Edge 1000 also maintains the functions that made the previous Edge units great such as live tracking, Garmin Connect, GPS location, and metrics like speed, distance, cadence, heart rate, power, accent/descent, and grade (when paired with the appropriate ANT+ compatible sensors).

This Edge 1000 Bundle includes Garmin's speed sensor, cadence sensor, and premium heart rate monitor. A base version with just the computer and basic accessories is also available separately.

In the box:

  • Edge 1000
  • Preloaded maps
  • Mounts (standard and out-front)
  • Speed sensor
  • Cadence sensor
  • Premium heart rate monitor
  • Tether
  • USB cable
  • Manual

Features include:

  • High-sensitivity GPS receiver with HotFix®
  • Color touchscreen and simple user interface: a 3.0" rugged and customizable color touchscreen, quickly find and view the most important data
  • Comprehensive performance monitoring: displays ride data (speed, distance, time, heart rate [strap sold separately], cadence [sensor sold separately], elevation, power [when paired with power meter], location and personal records)
  • Virtual Partner®, Virtual Racer™, interval training, courses, alerts, workouts, personal records
  • Heart rate-based calorie computation
  • Bike friendly routing with points of interest and route suggestions
  • Preloaded maps and the capacity to purchase/add addition maps
  • Garmin Connect Mobile compatible to instantly upload ride data via your smartphone
  • Incoming call/text alerts
  • In-ride challenges using Garmin Segments
  • Barometric altimeter
  • ANT+™ wireless technology – wirelessly connect to heart rate monitor, cadence sensor, or ANT+ enabled power meter
  • Edge remote compatibility
  • Garmin VIRB™ compatibility
  • Shimano Di2 electronic shifting integration
  • Rechargeable lithiun-ion battery with up to 15 hour battery life
  • Water resistant to IPX7 (one meter of water for 30 mins)
  • Unit dimensions: 4.4” x 2.3” x 0.8” (11.2 cm x 5.8 cm x 2.0 cm)
  • Weight: 4.0 oz (114.5 g)
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Lack of bike profiles not an issue
by CenturyRider
Cycling Enthusiast
Ringwood, NJ
6 of 6 customers found this review helpful.

I replaced an edge 705 with the 1000, having waited until the bugs were worked out. If you liked the 705 you will love the 1000 with its large screen, multiple mounting options and many customizable screens. I've only used it for one century so far, it seems it would have enough juice to get through but I used it with supplemental power as I didn't want to risk it. Had it set on auto brightness with 15 second timeout. Even so was able to read the display through sunglasses even with the back light off, similar to the 705. Some have complained about the omission of bike profiles. For what I need I found the activity profiles can be used for this with some ingenuity. Tracking mileage on multiple bikes is the issue. Each activity profile has it own odometer plus there is a device odometer. The problem is there is no way to manually set the odometer on the device. Garmin uses a proprietary fit database file format that is based on MS Access. There are fit editors available (Google it), that can be used to set the odometer values, found in file in the totals directory on the device. Edit this file and place it in the newfiles directory on the device, on next power up the new values will be updated. I now have three bikes of varying mileage on different activities. Also nice is it comes with three mounts, one out front and two stem so I didn't need to buy any extras. Of concern is how long the bands for the stem mount will last. Also works fine with the gsc20 speedcadence sensors I was using with the 705, once paired, it will recognize any of the sensors that is showing activity so no need to associate them with a bike or activity, it will actually tell you to start a ride if you haven't already. I suppose it could get confused if a friend is riding your other bike close to you but this scenario is unlikely.

Reviewed 9/20/2015
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Buggy and has a mind of its own
by roprey
Cycling Enthusiast
Hong Kong
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

So not worth the money of you travel outside the US. Maps aren't available, and if they are, they cost you a ton. This machine has about 10 different User Profiles you can set up, for any given ride, which is one of the reasons I bout it. BUT, it default to the 6 widget 1 Screen... so you must add what you want, every time, or just be happy with what you have for setting 1. ..... why bother with the others Garmin?

Second, it doesn't I have to plug it in when I return from a ride to get it to talk to Strava.

The antennae seem excellent, and have never had an issue picking up a satellite. Power is decent...Can get 3 30 mile rides out of a charge.

I'd look at the cheapersmaller models, and only get this if you know someone who can work it well.

Reviewed 8/25/2017
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Great for cycling, incompoetent for automobile use
by Vancouver, WA Cyclist
Cycling Enthusiast
Vancouver, WA
13 of 15 customers found this review helpful.

I have been using this since last August 2014 - 9 months and 1200 cycling miles ago. The 1000 has an incredible array of available data to select. I have used custom screens of 1 to 10 data items. My favorites include % gradient, elevation gained, heart rate, speed & average speed, distance, time of day, elapsed time, cadence, and battery level. A route will record while riding and can be saved on the Edge or uploaded to Garmin Express for future use. Being able create a route using Garmin Express, Map my Ride or just copy any file of the correct format is a major asset. One deficiency for cycling is that the route is displayed in blue which is not good where there is water nearby, also shown in blue. Another deficiency for cycling is that it is an energy hog. I wear sunglasses to ride and have to turn the background light up to be able to see it. The battery then uses power at about the rate of 15% hour.

I tried it in the automobile mode for a 3000 mile round trip from Vancouver to Tucson. These were issues No mapping in part of southern Idaho, when 124 miles south of Las Vegas heading north, it routed me through Los Angeles - hundreds of miles out of the way. It did it again going straight north to Twin Falls Idaho by routing me through Salt Lake City again hundreds of miles out of the way. This was using the shortest time routing mode. When using the shortest distance routing mode, it will send right through the city instead bypassing the city on a highway, Local highway names are substituted for highway numbers. When it says go right to to the Airway Freeway but the road sign has a route number on it, you will miss the turn, When on a divided highway, the alert will tell you to stay left for a left turn, but the off ramp is to the right and you will miss the turn.

Get a map instead for car use, or print out Google directions in advance. Edge 1000 will not help you in the car for very much except finding an address without leaving town. It does that well. I won't use it for a car trip again, but I really like it for cycling.

Note that all of this experience was after reloading the software and the maps which Garmin tech help will advise you to do to solve problems.

Reviewed 4/21/2015
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by Arthur P
sweet home

Needed to step up to a Garmen to do sanctioned rides and download routes. Works great! The 1000 has a big enough screen for my old eyes to see without my bifocals. Used this item in my gravel and road bikes, switching in a snap!

Reviewed 6/7/2017
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Real Men Don't Ask For Directions
by Chilebrown
Cycling Enthusiast
Rodeo, Ca.
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

Real men do not ask for directions, they use the Garmin Edge 1000. I really like all the bells and whistles that come with this product. I can type in an address and Bamm, turn by turn direction. I like the feature of being able to download to Strava. My wife likes the feature of being able to get hold of me by texting. This unit has all the stats I will ever need or want. I have been having a lot of fun. I have been going on rides just to use my Garmin 1000.

Reviewed 3/13/2017
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Works great!! Love it!!
by Emil Baltic
Clearwater Florida

Worka great!

Reviewed 9/26/2017
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