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Zipp SL Speed Carbon Seatpost

ZippSL Speed Carbon Seatpost(Return to Product Page)

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Review by Anonymous

Great for a month
by Anonymous
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Beautiful finish and light weight but: the connecting hardware binding the seatpost cannot be tightened enough. After torquing it up to spec the saddle soon began loosening, which is awfully frustrating. Very quickly it requires a new bolt kit because the metal groove wears down from the slippage. This does not seem like a good mechanism. I've assembled and ridden many bikes through the decades and this is my first seatpost problem. Perhaps I (and Zipp) gave in prematurely to the allure of light weight.

Reviewed 10/12/2023
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Review by Daved

Comfortable and easy to adjust
by Daved
Cycling Enthusiast
East Bay, SF
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I was hesitant to get a straight seat post without a setback since tests have shown that a setback provides more comfort from the road vibrations. I really couldn't tell the difference between this post and the setback post I had before. So no regrets

Making seat adjustments is easy since you only have one screw to loosen and tighten.

The two things that I have a problem with is the Torx screw head! Why not keep it Hex so I don't have to carry an extra tool. The other thing is...the seat seams to tilt if the screw isn't really tight. I don't have a torque wrench but I did tighten it pretty hard with the wrench they provided...yet the seat still seems to tilt a little when I hit bumps. I'm afraid to break the screw if I tighten it anymore.

Reviewed 10/7/2021
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