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WTB Raddler TCS 700c Gravel Tire

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Review by smokelandhaze

The One Tire to Rule Them All! Set it and Forget it.
by smokelandhaze
Cycling Enthusiast
East Bay, CA
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

I've run 9-10 different types gravel tires over the past 5 years, each one serves a specific purpose for the type of riding I'm doing at the time. But with all gravel bikes, it's all about comprimise, I want more traction on dirt but then the tires are vague and draggy on the road. They roll well on the road but not enough grip in the dirt. I finally built up a dedicated road bike so that I could focus on making my gravel bike more dirt friendly, think late 80's mtb. The 44mm Raddlers are tough as nails. I've raced these in the chunky sierra nevada mountains and ride 80% of my local MTB trails on this tire. I can still do a 50/50 road/dirt ride over 50-60 miles and feel just fine. The side knobs bite in the dirt and don't give up too much in the corners on the tarmac. Never had a problem with tire, now on my 3rd set. But again, think about what you ride and commit to the tire.

Reviewed 9/29/2023
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Review by Anonymous

Quality Mid-Range Gravel Tire
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
CO Front Range
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Have the 40s on 20mm inner rims, set up tubeless. They measure 38.5mm. Tires paired with 2018 Fuji Jari 1.5. The front fit is fine, rear is too tight for mud. 2-3mm of clearance between the non-drive stay. Not a problem in Colorado. ~148lbs body + ~24-40lbs bike & gear.

Awesome tread for grip on loose dirt & gravel. Not terrible on the road. Goes through sand and deep gravel nicely. Rear is too worn for climbing loose, 15+% ramps after ~2,000 mixed surface miles. Cornering still confident despite smooth-ish center. Front looks like it could last for for the full life of a second rear.

Mounting was done with a basic track pump and no cussing.

More prone to mold than two other tan wall tires I've used but it washes away with the garden hose.

Reviewed 5/15/2022
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Review by Sharpbakers

Easy to install and works great
by Sharpbakers
san jose

This WTB tire is very easy to install tubeless. No need to struggle at all to get the tire on the rim. The tire works great on the trail and in the dirt. Of course, it's a little slower on pavement as you would expect. the tan sidewalls look great too. I've purchased several (6-7) of these tires and only ran into one small problem. On one tire the border between the tan sidewall and black tire was had an issue in one small spot. A little sealant fixed that right up. just be on the look out for it. Overall fantastic tire. You won't be disappointed

Reviewed 11/11/2021
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Review by Oneleggedpedal

Exceeded my expectations
by Oneleggedpedal
Cycling Enthusiast
Redlands, CA
4 of 4 customers found this review helpful.

For the past 2 years I have been using the wTB resolute 700x42 tires on my gravel bike and they have been great. I wanted to switch it up a little bit and try something different to give me a little bit more help on some tighter turns maintaining a bit more speed. So I decided to give the Raddler tires a shot. I will say, after reading some f the reviews I was not sure if I should still order them, but some of the reviews were so ridiculous: "Tire too loud on the road", and "Tired to think, got sidewall slashed after only one ride". Either way, I still ordered them. I have ridden around 500 miles on them now and I am pretty impressed with them. Since the ones I got are the 40mm they are a little bit skinnier than my old resolute, but I can appreciate how grippy it is. And to be honest, I can't notice a difference riding these on the road either. Overall, a good tire in my opinion.

Reviewed 3/8/2021
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Review by Ty

Great tire 200 miles in
by Ty

So far so good. Hopefully treadwear remains constant.

Reviewed 10/20/2022
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Review by bradci

Not as durable as hoped for
by bradci
Cycling Enthusiast
2 of 4 customers found this review helpful.

I purchased a pair of Raddlers to replace a set of WTB Nanos, which I liked except for road noise and a "drag" feel on asphalt. The raddlers were quieter, but had the disconcerting feel of rollover onto the outer knobs on descents... not like the nanos at all!

So after struggling to get the raddlers to seat as tubeless, and then two big rides with flats on rocky sections with the raddlers that would not seal , I am switching back to the Nanos which have proved to be more durable for me.

Reviewed 10/5/2020
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Review by Dekay

Favorite 700c for moderate to light technical terrain
by Dekay
Cycling Enthusiast
Bay Area
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

For steeper, looser granular terrain (loose on hard as well), this is my go to. Doesn't slip easily on steep climbs, side knobs hold well on fast turns. For its width and tread pattern, it rides fairly well on pavement, but not as well as a narrower, slicker gravel tire. I ride mostly in hilly dirt that varies from hard pack to loose and rocky, hitting some double digit grades on most rides, up to 25%.

WTB tires generally are hard to seat, and I did need my Joe blow booster pump to seat it. Tight, but I was able to mount without tire levers. Seems to run a little narrower than specified. Only 42-43mm wide on 23mm internal rims at 30psi.

Reviewed 9/2/2020
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Review by SF Biker

Easy tubeless mounting with great gravel traction
by SF Biker
Cycling Enthusiast
SF, California

I purchase these when I bought a new gravel wheelset from Hunt. I had seen several videos on how difficult it was to mount tubeless tires and this was going to be my first time so I was shocked and surprised how easy it was. They seated easily with a floor pump and I have been very happy with their performance on singletrack and gravel as well as tarmac. Well worth the money in my mind and it's nice to have the peace of mind knowing it's a tubeless tire when I'm rolling on rough terrain.

Reviewed 8/21/2020
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Review by M. Moser

Raddlers Rock
by M. Moser
Cycling Enthusiast
Columbia, PA
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

I use these tires on both asphalt and gravel. Gravel will range to packed gravel to stone roads. They have preformed well and roll well. They were a little difficult to get on the rims. They sealed on the first try and hold air well. Time will tell as to how they hold up.

Reviewed 6/16/2020
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Review by Brain

Amazing tires
by Brain
1 of 3 customers found this review helpful.

Love these things. They roll pretty nice on the pavement but give enough to climb a slippery clay hill on the trail. Put about 400 miles on them and so far so good!

Reviewed 5/11/2020
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Review by Dan P

Nice so far
by Dan P
Cycling Enthusiast
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Running tubeless. The tires popped on the rims without much trouble and sealed easily.

Switching from slicks, I expected a lot more wheel noise on the road but these tires are quiet on tarmac and give me a lot more confidence-inducing grip in the turns on tarmac and gravel.

Reviewed 10/12/2021
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Review by Rafael

Very Happy With My Purchase
by Rafael

These tires work great. They're very supple and grippy. Work great for tracklocross. Very happy with purchase.

Reviewed 9/7/2022
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Review by Anonymous

by Anonymous

Little difficult to seal on first attempt but overall an amazingly comfortable and forgiving ride.

Reviewed 9/8/2022
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Review by Chris

Go to Gravel Tire
by Chris
Cycling Enthusiast
Santa Cruz Ca
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

I use the 44 on my gravel bike, Trek Checkpoint SL6, and love it. The traction and wear are very good, and it rolls smoothly. I've felt comfortable in soft and hard trail conditions. Two of my biking buddies have now added them to their gravel bikes. I'm about to install a new one on the rear.

Reviewed 5/3/2021
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Review by msstatevet

Great Tire
by msstatevet
Cycling Enthusiast

I purchased the 700x40 tires and love them, especially this time of year when we get more rain and the gravel can be a little soft. I run the tires tubeless, and these are the best tires I have ever had for maintaining air pressure.

Reviewed 12/21/2020
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Review by cycle4jesus

Best all-around gravel tire
by cycle4jesus
Competitive Racer
Clarksville, TN
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Like the smooth-ish center section, like the side knobs, like the width, like the looks.

Was running Resolutes, wanted something with more cornering capability.

Run these at 22psi rear, 20 psi front. I'm around 150 lb.

Had some pinhole leaks before adding sealant, no trouble since.

Reviewed 11/23/2020
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Review by rowtoo

sidewall tear to bead after 2 months
by rowtoo
Cycling Enthusiast
0 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

While the grip of trails and rolling resistance on pavement was what I wanted, the longevity was not there for this tire. The sidewall tore riding a reasonable mountain bike trail within a couple months of putting it on. Could patch it to get home, but the dynopatch and the sealant were not enough, the tire couldn't be saved. Feels like a waste.

Reviewed 11/9/2020
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Review by dougadesign

great traction. Lots of leaks
by dougadesign
Cycling Enthusiast
Portland, Oregon United States

Love how these tires keep traction on most gravel rides. Unfortunately I have had many small pictures the first 4 gravel rides, and one that needed a plug where the small rock entered the tire. I don't have a lot of confidence that they will get me through a long remote ride without issues.

Reviewed 11/13/2020
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Review by rotating mass

So far, so good
by rotating mass
Competitive Racer
Far NorCal

I've put about 300 miles on the Raddlers so far, and they seem to be wearing well. Running tubeless, of course, and so far no leaks. They set up easily on my Rolf Wheels with assistance from Bontrager Flash Charger floor pump. The tread on the Raddlers is a little beefier than the Riddlers (which I have previously used), and so they do better on those single track forays or looser gravel sections.

Reviewed 9/7/2020
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Review by tryg

WTB Raddler verses the RIddler
by tryg
Cycling Enthusiast
2 of 3 customers found this review helpful.

So the Raddler is a bit more aggressive than the Riddler(WTB) it appers to wear better as well.

Its performance is better on gravel and wet for grip than the riddler.

I have a preference for the Schwalbe G-One Allround but that has its issues as well!

Reviewed 8/29/2020
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