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WEND Waxworks Wax-On Colored Chain Wax - 2.5oz Twist-Up

WEND WaxworksWax-On Colored Chain Wax - 2.5oz Twist-Up(Return to Product Page)

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Works well for me
by Alex
Competitive Racer
San Francisco, CA
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I've been using Wend for a year on all my bikes, road and mtb.


works great for all bikes

works great in mud

clean cassette

no more grease tattoos

can be applied right before the ride

lasts longer

Potential cons

longer application process, wax needs to be rubbed thoroughly

requires regular frequent maintenance

I clean the chain with wax off and acetone and reapply wax after 12-18 hrs of dry riding and 6 hrs of wet riding.

I use the ultrasonic cleaner for the chains every few weeks. I have been doing the same type of maintenance with SIlca lube before switching to Wend.

Reviewed 5/31/2019
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Great cleaner, wax?
by Michael
Cycling Enthusiast
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The cleaner cleans the chain well. It got dirt and grime off what I thought was a fairly clean chain. The wax is easy to use, but I really dont know what its purpose is. Is it there to just keep dirt from seeping into the inner workings of the chain, or is there for some other reasons. My initial feeling is that it increases drag significantly. And the chain is much noisier than it was before. I will continue to use this for the next several rides, but initial impression is mediocre.

Reviewed 10/7/2018
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Flat out doesnt work
by John
Cycling Enthusiast

Im a lube junkie and an engineer - maybe those two things go together. At any rate, Ive been looking for an easy to apply wax lube for a long time. I watched some of the video reviews about this that are on the internet and, while skeptical, I thought Id give it a try even though I didnt see how this stuff could possibly get into the rollers on the chain without being melted. Well, it turns out it doesnt.

The stuff is easy to apply when following the directions. The chain is initially very quiet but thats probably due to the considerable remaining wax chunks that are left on the chain. After 20 miles the chain sounds dry, worse than when using liquid lubes after a 150 miles. So, its clear that this stuff doesnt find its way into the rollers and internal moving parts of the chain where its really needed.

Worse than that, is it leaves a wax build up on the derailleur jockey wheels thats a mess.

I suppose this stuff might be pretty good if you were to melt it and immerse the chain in it. But that sort of defeats the whole purpose of using this stuff over any other bulk wax product.

The good news in all of this is that dirt doesnt stick to it. But dirt wouldnt stick to a perfectly dry and unlubed chain either.

Give this stuff a pass. Its way too expensive for promises that it cant fulfilll. Wend needs to stick to snowboards - maybe you could use this stuff on for that. Anyhow, give it a pass and keep it off your bike chain.

Reviewed 11/12/2018
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