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Vittoria Rubino Pro G2.0 TLR Road Tire

VittoriaRubino Pro G2.0 TLR Road Tire(Return to Product Page)

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User submitted reviews

Review by SDRider

Great training tire for less any road surface
by SDRider
Cycling Enthusiast
Rapid City, SD
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

I purchased these Vittoria Rubino Pros to replace a set of Perelli Cinteratos. The Vittorias are much more supple on the road and provide all kinds of traction deep into the corner. They also offer a reduction in rolling resistance compared to the Pirellis. The Pirellis were marked at 28c and measured closer to 31mm on my wheels. They actually rubbed the crown of my new fork which is why I replaced them. My Rubinos are 25c, but measure 28mm on my wheels. The Vittorias feel more comfortable and faster in my opinion. They were also much easier to install on my Boyd Podium 36 wheels. i don't think I could have gotten the Pirellis on my Shimano wheels. I'm in South Dakota where the tarmac sees ripping heat well over 100F in the summer and -30 in the winter so, yeah, its deteriorated and full of freeze cracks. The Vittorias make it much more tolerable.

Reviewed 11/20/2023
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Review by Anonymous

These tires converted me back to road tubeless
by Anonymous
Competitive Racer
Syracuse, NY
11 of 11 customers found this review helpful.

I had tried out road tubeless a few years back and had a bad time. Two seasons of non-stop punctures which wouldn't seal and paper thin, expensive tires.

I decided to give it another shot with these Rubino Pro TLR tires, and a different sealant. What a difference! I've only noticed the rear going soft once in two seasons, over two sets of tires--- it sealed permanently. I put about 5,000 miles on that set before I noticed a few threadbare spots on the rear. The front still has a few thousand miles left in it by my measure. My other pair has about 3,000 miles on them and the rear tire appears to be about halfway worn. I would rate these for 5-6,000 miles at 80-90 PSI (rear) with a 165 lb. rider. The front tire lifespan is TBD, but my guess is about 7-8,000 miles under those same conditions.

I had always stayed away from tires with a tread pattern for fear of collecting tiny rocks, metal, or glass, but the tire seems robust enough that they have never had issues. Anyway, the pattern wears away anyway leaving me with the "no tread" pattern I want anyway.

Mounting the tires is a bit tight but manageable. My tactic is to make sure to push the seated bead all the way against the opposite side of the rim before attempting the next bead. It does require a tire lever at the end, and maybe an old toe strap or two. They're no worse than other tight tires I've had. One downside of the very tight bead is that it's hard to crack open, and keep open, the tire bead to add sealant, if you don't have removable valve cores to add through. Seating the bead is straightforward on my tubeless-ready rims and don't require anything more than soapy water, if that. I use an air compressor to seat them at 120 PSI, leave overnight, then deflate and set them at 90 PSI for riding.

I don't push my bike handling to such an extreme that I can "feel" the difference between tire compounds or TPI, so I won't pretend to offer advice on that here. I can say that I've never felt a lack of basic traction, as I have with some other, hard compound tires.

Considering my track record with these tires, their price and availability, I'll likely keep buying these until they stop making them. If you're having a bad time with tubeless road, give these a shot. They just might change your mind.

Reviewed 8/25/2020
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Review by danielhet

you are going to sweat
by danielhet
Cycling Enthusiast
5 of 6 customers found this review helpful.

The tires roll very well and I love the plush feel when mounted tubeless on my aero bike (yes I know tubeless 30 mm on an aero bike... but I am now in need of comfort!). Good cornering, only put 100 miles on it, but they don't seem to wear off fast.

That said, these tires made me sweat. A lot. Like I have never sweat this hard to put on a tubeless, and I came across some very bad combination. I am using a lezyne floor pump with air canister, that can go up to 220 psi and never let me down so far. The first tire seat with some difficulties, but after for tries it was done.

The second one ... oh boy ... tried 6 times to pump up the canister up to 200220 psi, nothing worked. So I took a tube put it in, put the tire back on and pop the beam into place. Something I do with difficult set-up, so I was annoyed but still in a good mood. Time to unseat one size and remove the tube... right ... unseat the tire ... That took a while. Bruised my fingers, bend a couple of nails (no I don't have long nails) tried every tool I had. After 2 hours of trying things and big breaths to avoid throwing the wheel our of the window... I put my bike shoes on, blocked the tire on the floor with all my weight on it, and twisted the wheel. A few tries later, after having hit my ankles with the rim several times (yes it hurts), I finally managed to free part of the tire. With half of the tire already seated it was pretty easy to seat the rest of it, but boy... I was almost giving up...

Reviewed 6/30/2020
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Review by stpaulscott04

Ease of mounting sold me.
by stpaulscott04
Cycling Enthusiast
Saint Paul, MN
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

I purchased as a replacement to my existing tires 32mm tires and moved down to 30mm. They appear to be true to size once mounted measuring to 31mm at 80 PSI. I have to say these were the easiest tubeless tires to mount I have ever-- no tire tools necessary or soap. Finger power only making sure both sides of tire were in the valley on the opposite side. Put in the sealant and quickly bagged the hand pump. Screwed on a schrader adapter and used the the air compressor set to 80 PSI. A few pops and done.

Reviewed 6/11/2022
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Review by PDX Oli

Great tire
by PDX Oli

Great TLR tire that is simple to setup and pretty durable.

Reviewed 7/6/2023
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Review by cdinsmore

Durable and smooth rolling
by cdinsmore
Cycling Enthusiast
Tacoma, Washington

I really like the combination of durability and road feel this tire offers. I've used this tire for 2 full seasons and have not had any issues with durability and it seems to resist punctures really well. Rolls really well too and has a nice feel to it.

Reviewed 6/19/2023
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Review by Anonymous

Fast and grippy, but wide
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

30mm tires measured 32mm wide on 21mm internal width rims at 60 psi. Any wider and they wouldn't fit my fork, but I'm really happy with them nonetheless. My speed has improved and I'm taking corners with more confidence.

Reviewed 5/30/2023
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Review by Anonymous

When on sale these were best value tubeless tires
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
Seattle, WA

So far these tires have met expectations. I bought the 25mm version of the tire. Considering the narrow width for a tubeless setup I added the Victoria tubeless liners to the setup. Given that I can run lower pressures, due to tubeless setup, these tires feel more like 28mm tires in terms of comfort.

Reviewed 2/10/2023
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Review by Anonymous

hard to kidding
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
San Francisco, CA
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

I thought it was just me or the rim I was using but no joke...these tires are hard to mount. My fingers hurt now typing this review from the hour or so it took me to mount the tires on the rim last night. On the other hand, they did seat quickly, one without any sealant, the first time using a compressor. I have not been out on these tires yet but I expect they will feel great as is usually my experience with Vittoria tires. I would have to say, avoid these tires if you are not experienced mounting tight fitting clinchers, have delicate hands or get easily frustrated.

Reviewed 10/2/2020
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Review by Jescas

Excellent Tires
by Jescas
Cycling Enthusiast
Dallas, TX
3 of 4 customers found this review helpful.

I have these mounted to Enve 4.5 AR's and have about 700 miles on them. I love them!

I ride over roads in varying conditions and they are responsive and durable. I have not had a flat yet.

These are nearly impossible to mount, as another reviewer noted, and I went through 3 tire levers before calling it quits and bringing them to my local shop for mounting. Once mounted however, they have been fantastic.

All said, I have purchased a 2nd set and will continue to use these as my main training tire.

Reviewed 5/8/2020
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Review by Anonymous

Good tire
by Anonymous

Not the easiest to mount but provides a good ride

Reviewed 6/22/2023
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Review by Anonymous

Excellent thus far
by Anonymous
2 of 3 customers found this review helpful.

I've only put a couple hundred miles on these tires, so probably too soon for a complete review, but thus far I have liked them.

By far the easiest tubeless tires ive ever installed. They feel supple and comfortable on the road. And I've ridden them through literal heaps of debris without issue.

Reviewed 10/21/2021
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Review by saxman

leaking sidewalls
by saxman
Cycling Enthusiast
6 of 11 customers found this review helpful.

I was losing 60 psi overnight with these tires. Thought I had installed the valve incorrectly but it was fine. Realized that sealant was coming through the sidewalls everywhere there was lettering on the tire. Installed a second tire and it did the same thing. Tried laying them on their side overnight didn't help. Pretty useless as tubeless tires.

Reviewed 6/16/2020
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Review by greenforest56

good all round tire
by greenforest56
Cycling Enthusiast
San Francisco
2 of 3 customers found this review helpful.

I use these tires for my regular training ride 27miles & 2000ft elevation. It is on mixed citycountry roads. Country roads are pretty beat up and broken glass is common in the city. Part of my ride I reach 35 mph and the road is so bumpy it is like skiing moguls.

That said, I love these tires. First, they grip very well. I lay them over in a corner without any worry. They also do pretty well in the rain. They are a tough tire and resist flatting. Roll resistance is about average. Comfort varies from biketire sizeair pressure. I ride 28c 70lbs and I like how they feel. I think this tire is a good all round training recreational commuter tire.

Reviewed 10/18/2019
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Review by Leathernekk

Don't bother if you have a larger rim
by Leathernekk
Cycling Enthusiast
7 of 11 customers found this review helpful.

I spent over an hour attempting to mount ONE tire. I understand my rims (Pacenti SL23's), as some others, can be difficult to mount tires onto. But, come on! I did everything I could including using a 60-gallon 100 psi compressor, zip ties, packing tape and a tie-down strap (Yes, you read the last two correctly) only to eventually realize that I was spinning my wheels (See what I did there).

When I did manage to get the tire on, the bead sat VERY tightly in the center of the rim where the circumference is smaller than the rest of the rim bed. Given that the tire still had to come to rest against the inner brake wall just under the hook, It finally dawned on me that there was no way in hell that the tire was going to stretch that far so I gave up.

I've used about 8 tubeless tires from different manufactures and even though I've had a very hard time mounting some of those tires, everything eventually worked out. If you have a wheel that has a rim that is on the larger size, do yourself a favor and don't waste your money like I did with mine.

Reviewed 7/4/2019
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Review by Kenny

Vitoria tires have allowed me to enjoy many a safe and fun ride
by Kenny
Cycling Enthusiast
Gilroy California
0 of 51 customers found this review helpful.

I am looking forward to using these tires

Reviewed 4/24/2019
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Review by Anonymous

Work well
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
Seattle, Wa
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Worn through several of these over the last few seasons. Not one flat, Great grip. Love the color and no flats.

Reviewed 12/4/2020
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Review by T Tanzinator

Vittoria Rubino is made to roll with outstanding durability that makes it the best all round tire out there
by T Tanzinator
Competitive Racer
Seeley Wi.
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

I have used this tire on fast rolling tarmac, mixed surfaced roads and gravel. Easy to install ,holds air, and rolls fast enough to race on

Reviewed 10/3/2020
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