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Tufo Gluing Tape

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User submitted reviews

Review by Steve

Excellent choice to using glue
by Steve
Competitive Racer
Anchorage Alaska

So much easier and cleaner than using glue. Could see it possibly being more difficult for a roadside tire change.

Reviewed 5/9/2024
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Review by Anonymous

So much better than glue!
by Anonymous
Southeast US

This makes mounting tubulars a breeze. Great adhesion. No mess. Quick.

Reviewed 4/1/2024
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Review by Doug on wheels

So simple and fast
by Doug on wheels

After three days of work removing massive amounts of glue from a set of Dura Ace carbon rims I was cursing going with tubular tubs but this made it so easy. Just remember to pre stretch the new tires under pressure for a couple days before installing and remove the tape film once the tire is on the rim and inflared slightly. So easy.

Reviewed 1/5/2024
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Review by Ron

Not what I expected.
by Ron
Competitive Racer
Ann Arbor

Given all the positive reviews I decided to give this tape a try. This is a negative review, but to be fair the box says, "This gluing tape had been developed for use with TUFO tubular road tyres. If used with other tubular tyre brands the gluing tape might not function properly." I have a set of DUGAST tires and I can say that the tape did not work with those. The tape I ordered was 19mm wide, but only the layer of the tape that is applied to the rim is 19mm. The "white narrow strip with active surface" that bonds to the tire is only about half that width, which is only half the width of the cloth strip on the tire itself (my tires are a narrow 20mm track tire). The tape never achieved a safe bond with the tire. I followed the directions to the letter. The "active surface" didn't want to bond with the tire, it was easy to pull the tire off and then the tape itself was easily removed from the rim. Back to glue for me. Perhaps it works great with TUFO tires, but if you don't have TUFO tires I wouldn't risk it.

Reviewed 6/3/2022
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Review by John L

major time saver
by John L
Competitive Racer
SF Bay Area
5 of 5 customers found this review helpful.

Using Tufo Gluing Tape is a major time saver, and works well. I've used this tape on many different mfg tubular tire without any issue on both my CritRoad Racing wheels, and track wheels.

I apply a thin layer of glue on my carbon wheels (let dry) prior to installing the tape. This makes it easier to remove the tape from rim..

Reviewed 8/7/2014
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Review by ss

Read if you are new to tubular, My comment will help you. Awesome product.
by ss
Cycling Enthusiast
East bay area
23 of 23 customers found this review helpful.

Another seller by mistake shipped me a set of tubular wheel instead of clincher. I dealt with that seller and decided to use them.

Yes I had fear of getting flat on the road and also fear of improper gluing/mounting tire techniques which seems like so time consuming with glue.

I tried my best to educate myself about how to use tubular wheels by searching and reading on internet. I learned alot.

This product is very easy to use. watch youtube videos and learn how to use it and you are good to go. Here are some of the answeres to your questions...

FYI I bought Tufo S33 tubular tires to be more compatible with Tufo tapes.

-Is it reliable on turns?

The glue sticks very well. So sticky that I don't feel it fails in fast turns.

Ask someone with more experince especially in hot weather. To me it is reliable.

-How fast is it ready to ride on?

I think as soon as you mount and pump the tire. but I did it the night before I go for ride.

-Flat on the road

If the sealant doesn't work or you decide to change the tire on the road, you can mount your prestreched(I don't preglue) new tire on the same tape on the road (avoid dirt) there is enough left over glue on the tape (both sides, wheel side of the tape and tire side of the tape) to hold the new tire in place and get you home. No fast turns though.

When you get home I recommend to peel off the old tape and use a new tape.

Although you can change the tape on the road, I don't recommend it because of dirt.

-Is it hard to peel off the tape from the wheel?

Not that hard to peel off. In my experience the whole tape came off and didn't leave pieces on the wheel. prepare the wheel for next tape with Acetone and smooth sand paper. Not too much wrok (1-2 minute).

I am satisfied with this product because as lazy as I am, I didn't have to deal with hassle of gluing.

Reviewed 3/4/2014
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Review by Seattle Cyclist

Easy Peasy
by Seattle Cyclist
Cycling Enthusiast
Seattle, WA

This is so much easier and cleaner than gluing. If you're going to go with tubulars, gluing tape is a must. It's so easy, just peel the inner layer as you work your way around the rim, then poke a hole for the valve stem. Mount the partially inflated tire - the outer layer of plastic film makes proper tire mounting a cake walk. Peel off the outer layer from under the tire and viola, you're done. It is also much easier to remove the tape from the rim than to remove old glue should you want to start with a clean rim.

Reviewed 3/12/2021
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Review by David

If you ride tubulars, you want this product.
by David

After years of gluing on tubular tires, I was introduced to Tufo glueing vtape. I was skeptical at first, but my buddy had been using it for several years and he had only positives to say about it. I have now been using it for 8 years and it is a great product. I will never use glue again due to the mess and the process is so time intensive.

Reviewed 10/17/2022
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Review by Anonymous

A good product I purchase and use again and again
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast

I really like this tape. It's easy to apply and bonds very well. In fact, it takes some effort to get old tires off the rims, but that seems like a good sign and a price well worth paying.

Reviewed 5/20/2023
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Review by Anonymous

much better than glue.
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

I used to glue my tubulars but this works really well. It simplifies the installation because you can get the tire in place before removing the film that covers the adhesive. Removal is still difficult - which is good - but the cleanup is simpler than with glue.

Reviewed 9/27/2018
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Review by LDinSLC

Greatest invention since toast
by LDinSLC
Competitive Racer
Salt Lake City
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

I never glue anymore, I've never had any issues with this stuff as long as I'm careful to remove the old tape, and do a decent cleanup. I've ridden on this pretty hard over long distances, never had any issues at all. I mostly use it on Continental tires, the backer is pretty course but again no issues...

Reviewed 8/31/2018
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Review by Aimee

Beats glue
by Aimee

This stuff makes it so much easier to mount up tubies. Been using Tufo tape for years and have never rolled a tire off the rim. The only thing that sucks about it is that its a mother f**ker to get off the rim.

Reviewed 9/2/2021
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Review by Anonymous

Great, easy to use product.
by Anonymous
Casual Cyclist
Long Beach, CA
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Great, easy to use product.

Reviewed 7/3/2017
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Review by WETRI

Huge improvement over old-style glue no mess, and tire can be positioned perfectly prior to 'committing' to glue.
Competitive Racer
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

It's nearly impossible to center a tubular tire on the wheel using glue, resulting in a wobble and a sticky mess. The tape is easy to apply, clean, and allows for perfect seating of the tire. Only then the 2nd protective film is removed from the sticky tape, and voil - a perfectly mounted tire. Don't forget to take it for a very short ride right afterwards to cement the tire in place!

Reviewed 6/22/2017
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Review by Anonymous

Great product.
by Anonymous

Great product, not had a problem yet . Just make sure the wheel is clean of old glue.

Reviewed 6/19/2017
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Review by KWebb

Quick, Easy, Reliable
by KWebb
Cycling Enthusiast
Marin County, north of SF
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

I ride Continental Competitions at 155lbs on Campy Shamal Ultra II's. It takes about 2 hours to change tires but heck of a lot easier and quicker than gluing. Most of that 2 hours is cleaning the wheel. I pull the old tire off. Let the wheel sit in the sun for a little while (depends on how much other stuff I have to do but hour). Then carefully peel away the old tape. Usually comes off pretty clean. The I wrap twine around a couple of time and tie-off followed by a generous coating of glue gone. Let that sit for 15-20 mins then take a plastic tire iron and scrape-off. 99.5% of the old glue comes-off quickly followed by touch-up in a few places. Next I spray the wheel with a little contact cleaner to make sure no residue, then lay-on new tape. Mount the tire and let sit overnight. I ride the curvy hills north of SF and confidently ride 35-43 mph on the downhills (Big Rock and SFD past Fairfax). Never a problem!

Reviewed 2/9/2017
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Review by Anonymous

So much easier than the glue in the tube method.
by Anonymous
Competitive Racer
Bend, OR

I have three sets of tubular wheels needing new tires each year. The tape has made this spring ritual so much more easier. This is my first time removing the tape, so I can't comment on the tape removal as of yet.

Reviewed 1/6/2017
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Review by Mark

Easy peasey
by Mark
Cycling Enthusiast
Silverthorne, CO
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Wow! Can't believe how easy this was to install! We'll see if it keeps the tire on the rim and how easy it is to remove and put on another tire. Decided to go with this after reading numerous horror stories about glue....why spend over a day waiting for layers and layers of glue to dry when this tape takes 2 minutes.

Reviewed 12/30/2016
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Review by irace1

The best solution!
by irace1
Cycling Enthusiast
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

I've used Tufo tape exclusively for the last 10 years. It has worked flawlessly. My rides include mountain descents around the Norcal Sierras and I have never had an issue. I live in California where the temps in the summer can be in the triple digits and get down to in the 40s in the winter. Still no issues. I've even removed a tire after a flat, stuck a new one on the old tape to get home and forgotten to replace with new tape for about it for a month and it worked fine then as well!

I carry a plastic tire tool to help pry the tire off if I were to have a flat as it sticks really well. However, running Tufo tires with an application of Stan's have virtually eliminated flats for me.

Reviewed 10/16/2015
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Review by Anonymous

Tufo Tape
by Anonymous
Competitive Racer
2 of 5 customers found this review helpful.

Devoted tubular user for racing - decided to try the tape after using glue for 25 years. This stuff works, but it works too damn well. It took me forever to get the dang tire off of the rim when I went to change it. I've never had so much trouble in my life getting a tire off. This stuff would be a total disaster if I flatted on it during a triathlon. I'll never use it again - it's back to old school glue for me.

Reviewed 8/16/2015
Thank you for your feedback.
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