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Silca T-Ratchet & Ti-Torque Tool Kit

SilcaT-Ratchet & Ti-Torque Tool Kit(Return to Product Page)

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User submitted reviews

Review by Jmallit

Great carry on the bike and useful off
by Jmallit
Cycling Enthusiast
Chester, NJ

I added this to my riding kit and it has already come in handy plus the design allows for it to easily get into some of the tight spaces. Trying to figure out how to get to the water bottle cage bolts is a thing of the past.

Reviewed 4/8/2024
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Review by Anonymous

Very practical and portable
by Anonymous

Works great, packs easily and seems durable

Reviewed 3/19/2024
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Review by Grimes

Excellent for traveling
by Grimes
Minneapolis, MN
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

I grabbed this on sale to keep with my travel case but have been using it regularly at home. The ratchet has been perfect for hard to access areas (bottle cage bolts, rear brake calipers) and since it uses standard quarter inch bits it�s really easy to customize - I added an 8mm for pedals.

Reviewed 12/16/2023
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Review by JJGJr

I vacillated...kicking myself for not buying it sooner!
by JJGJr
Cycling Enthusiast
Maryland, USA
3 of 3 customers found this review helpful.

If you travel with your bike and use a bike case that requires partial disassembly, this tool kit is an awesome alternative to carrying multiple tools and a torque wrench! It's small, it's beautifully made, it's extremely well-designed, and it's not very heavy at all...winner!!! (this is why I bought it)

If you want to make micro adjustments to your cockpit on the road or trail and don't want to guess at torque settings...winner!!!

If you have no tools at all and want to invest in good-quality tools for home repair/maintenance...winner!!!

My experience...100% satisfied.

Reviewed 8/17/2020
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Review by jpluther

Versatile Tool Kit
by jpluther
Cycling Enthusiast
Vancouver, BC, Canada

thoughtfully designed toolkit that allow for multiple options (such as T handle driver, or traditional screwdriver style drive) to fit in odd locations and through racks or accessories. Overall, very pleased.

Reviewed 9/30/2022
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Review by ambodisco

Looks great in a sleek package
by ambodisco
SF Bay Area

A torque wrench was a tool I was missing. I saw this product and thought it looked great. Only used once so far to tighten a seat post clamp. Its a good tool to have with all the carbon fiber out there.

Reviewed 5/8/2020
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Review by RazelG

Great tool kit especially when travelling by air
by RazelG
Cycling Enthusiast
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

When you have to assemble your bike after flying to a new location it is extremely capable for ensuring the right torque settings. The compact size makes it perfect for travel. The tool kit also makes it easy to get into tight places to access bolts. Highly recommend.

Reviewed 7/8/2022
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Review by Tony

Pro tool set
by Tony
Cycling Enthusiast
Garden Grove, CA

I use this tool kit for everything, ratchet and torque in one tool, Nice.The tool pack comes with all the bits you need for your bike. This is a well made tool set, easy to use packs up in its own case and is easy to carry with you when you ride.

Reviewed 10/22/2020
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Review by gr

Beautiful quality product
by gr
Cycling Enthusiast
westside, yo.

Bought this as a thank you gift for a friend who has everything. I couldn't resist opening it and checking it out. Super premium quality feel and thoughtful details. Only wish I bought one to keep for myself so I could put it through a more rigorous field test.

Reviewed 4/4/2019
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Review by frosty

Compact and light
by frosty
Daily Commuter
Boise, ID
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Very good quality and convenient to have along for longer ridestours when adjustments andor repairs are likely. The pouch keeps everything together in a very compact size - fits easily in under-seat pack with other tools and parts.

Reviewed 2/17/2019
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Review by Steven

Just what I needed.
by Steven

Very well made and has everything you need for normal adjustments and maintenance on you bike. The price might be somewhat high but I can tell this will last a long time, and the torque settings seem to be accurate enough.

Reviewed 9/27/2018
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Review by jess

great product was needed
by jess
Daily Commuter
winkelman az

great product needed to tighten correctly

Reviewed 5/17/2021
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Review by Tylerdurden

Ridiculously high quality and excellent design
by Tylerdurden
Cycling Enthusiast
Huntington Beach California
3 of 3 customers found this review helpful.

72 tooth ratchet is amazing. Tight tolerances, high quality steel and aluminum materials. Nice finish. Multiple configurations possible with torquer extension and well designed ratchethandles. Torque markings easy to read and nice to have on steel and aluminum. Must have on carbon fiber. Expensive, but so is a Rolex and worth every penny. Only improvement would be to make the bag just a bit smaller or redesign as a roll bag to fit into under seat bag or butt pack better...

Reviewed 6/14/2018
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Review by Alan

Beautifully Made
by Alan
Cycling Enthusiast
San Diego, CA
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

I haven't had a need to use it yet, so I'm not going to rate it for anything other than it's finish and design. It is truly beautifully made. And the engineering that went into it seem to be top notch. If I have a minor quibble with it, it is that when it's packed up in it's carrier, it could be more compact. It is a little bit of a space hog in an under seat bag.

Reviewed 3/22/2018
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Review by Doug

Small & compact
by Doug
Cycling Enthusiast
Los Gatos, CA.

Small & compact, but also does Torque small faster to spec.

Reviewed 12/21/2020
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Review by Anonymous

Great for the backpack!
by Anonymous

Bought this Torque wrench to have on rides due to the amount of carbon and don't want to mess anything up while on the trails.

Reviewed 11/2/2020
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Review by Hornbeam

Sorry for my French
by Hornbeam
Cycling Enthusiast
St Pete,FL
3 of 5 customers found this review helpful.

Why can't everything be this ****ing well made and this ****ing simple to use?!

Reviewed 8/31/2018
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