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Silca Super Secret Chain Lube

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Review by jsquare

Best non-hot wax lube, does not attract grime as some say
by jsquare
Cycling Enthusiast
Brenham, TX

I can only surmise those saying their chain gets dirtier with this lube are not doing proper prep and application. When done correctly with a new chain, maintenance if so easy and the drive train function is excellent. After each ride, wipe down the chain, chain rings and give the cassette a quick pass with a rag. I get roughly 200 - 250 miles then reapply, usually when i wash my bike. I use Silca brake and drive train cleaner on the chain, rings, cassette, pulley wheels, brakes. That gets the drive train sparkling while leaving the wax lube in place. I then reapply as per the Silca video (largest cassette cog, big chain ring, applying at apex of rear cog when at max separation), leave it overnight, and good to go. Super quiet and smooth. There will be some splatter at first until you get it down as to the application -- one drop per pin, run the chain through your fingers, let it completely dry). If there is any, it wipes off easily. Used in combo with new chain stripping/cleaning, initial soak, then wipe/wash and reapply, and you are golden.

Reviewed 9/7/2023
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Review by Macgyver

Not for me . . .
by Macgyver
Cycling Enthusiast
Santa Cruz,CA
1 of 5 customers found this review helpful.

I can't comment on the lower friction claims, as I don't have the equipment to measure that. This lube makes my chain and gears very dirty, black and greasy. It's way to much work to do a proper after bike cleaning. I generally re-lube every other ride, for optimal performance. I wipe down the chain and gears before re-lubing, and after lubing to remove any excess lube.

I'm going to stick with Boeshield, even if there is a little more drag. I get about 4000 miles per chain, on the road, with only slight wear/stretching.

Reviewed 5/25/2023
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Review by FuelFool

Pretty Slick Stuff
by FuelFool
Competitive Racer
Blue Ridge Mountains, NC
10 of 10 customers found this review helpful.

With the advent of quick-links for our chains (finally!) taking the time to periodically clean and lube your chain thoroughly has never been easier. For years I never thought there was a whole lot of difference between lubes as long as you used something, but then came FrictionFacts.com showing us the massive difference between lubes and chains and I started paying more attention. For those of you who do the hot wax thing, this stuff sure looks similar when you're done with the process, and it is certainly more conveniently than having to cook.

For my everyday riding I am not that persnickety but being a serious time-trialist, when it comes to my time trial bike I spare almost no expense. So after watching Silca's vids and reading about this product I bit. I took the time to clean my chains (I bought a second so I could quickly rotate) as suggested and applied the SSSCL by completely submersing the chain so the stuff could penetrate deep into the pins and rollers.

I squeegeed it off and hung to dry as instructed. Upon reinstallation my drivetrain felt "like buttah." The question now will be how durable the stuff is. If it indeed lasts roughly 200 miles after a completely thorough cleaning and application, then the higher cost can certainly be justified for everyday use. If you are careful during the process, you really use very little per application. For right now I plan to use it only on my TT bike, but that might change going forward.

I just raced with this lube yesterday in the state championship 40k TT here in NC. Everything I did and used was near identical to last year on an identical course, and I was almost one minute faster. And at 61, I ain't getting any younger! Was it the SSSCL? Who knows for sure, but I can't stop using now! Wait for a sale and give it try.

Reviewed 9/27/2020
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Review by Anonymous

Great for in-between hot wax treatments.
by Anonymous

Easy to apply to a thoroughly clean or previously waxed chain.

Reviewed 7/28/2023
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Review by Anonymous

Great in combo with hot wax
by Anonymous

Using the full Silca wax line this summer and really happy with it so far. Much cleaner for roadside issues, easier to clean and freshen up wax, seems like a winner.

Reviewed 7/20/2023
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Review by Jon Tate

Silca Super Secret
by Jon Tate
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

I began hot waxing the chains on my Tri bike and my road bike. This is the recommended product for maintaining optimal chain lubrication in between waxing. It is a little pricy, but the technology is what it is. You either subscribe to the idea or you don't. There's no real in between stance with hot waxing chains. I find that this goes on fairly well, but it does drip off the rollers a little too readily. It's a little tricky to get it to sink down in the tiny little spaces. The best you can do is double drip on every roller as you rotate the pedals backward. There are videos out there with tips and tricks. Good luck.

Reviewed 6/24/2022
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Review by rww1313

by rww1313
Cycling Enthusiast
Bogota, Col
3 of 4 customers found this review helpful.

This chain wax is amazing. I followed the Silca videos and stripped the chain of all factory grease then submerged it in the super-secret wax. No need for a croc pot, heat the wax, clean it up/ or have the time and space for that process etc... the drive chain is very clean all the time and wipes clean with the Silca gear wipes (after several hundred miles or after a ride in the rain). After cleaning with the gear wipes, I let it dry and apply the super-secret from the drip bottle. After 500 miles or so ill removed the chain and stip the wax with only degreaser, let it dry then re-submerge in the wax... I used the Smoove Lube, this is a lot better. Completely stripping the factory grease with Silca's instructions and submerging is the way to go. if you find yourself tired of trying to remove grease from all parts of the drive train....this is worth it.

Reviewed 5/18/2022
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Review by doublshotscott

Very simple and effective
by doublshotscott
Competitive Racer
Walla Walla, WA

Easy fast and very clean

Reviewed 3/20/2023
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Review by Bamicus

The Best!
by Bamicus
Cycling Enthusiast
Nashville, Tn.

Been using this for several years, it has no rival IMO. Almost as good as waxing.

Reviewed 3/3/2023
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Review by greg c

This lube is really slick.
by greg c
Cycling Enthusiast

At first this lube seems expensive but after using it for awhile you will see it's not.It lasts a long time and works great.

Reviewed 1/20/2023
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Review by Dave

So far this has worked fabulous.
by Dave
Cycling Enthusiast
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

I have started to wax all of my chains. After about 300 miles my chains need some new lube. I drip this lube onto each link, work it into the chain a bit, and let it stand overnight and am good to go for at least the next 200 miles.

Reviewed 6/14/2021
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Review by Tim Fox

Great dressing
by Tim Fox

The best drip lube ever for a quick refresh during a long dirty ride or in between Hot wax chain lube

Reviewed 7/21/2022
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Review by G

Great chain lube!
by G
Yay Area

Cleans easy. Quiet. Environmental lot conscious lubricant. I likey.

Reviewed 7/11/2022
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Review by Heartcea

Very messy
by Heartcea
South Carolinaa
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Chain seems much dirtier with this lube.

Reviewed 7/5/2022
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Review by Anonymous

Great product
by Anonymous

This lubricant works great also long lasting.

Reviewed 7/4/2022
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Review by Kbd

Great lube!!!
by Kbd
Northwest Arkansas
3 of 3 customers found this review helpful.

I cleaned my chain per video and submerged the chain for thirty minutes. Wiped off excess and rode 30 miles. Hardly any road grime. I rode 200 more miles and chain and gears are clean; however I always wipe chain before any ride but I noticed very little grime. Chainrings and derailleur chain wheels are clean. Very happy with product.

Reviewed 4/1/2021
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Review by Anonymous

Great lube
by Anonymous

Great lube, but expensive

Reviewed 6/30/2022
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Review by Richard

Really good stuff
by Richard
St. Louis
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

If you're willing to take the wax plunge, as it were, this is what you want. Long-time roadie and chain has never run smoother or quieter.

Reviewed 3/10/2022
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Review by Anonymous

Silent and smooth chain
by Anonymous

Silent and smooth chain when using this lube. Works great.

Reviewed 1/18/2022
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Review by Anonymous

by Anonymous

Of all the chain products I've used over the years I've yet to find one that works as good as this one. Highly recommended. Just follow the instructional videos.

Reviewed 1/7/2022
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