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Silca Pista Plus Floor Pump

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This is the nicest bike tire pump Ive ever owned!
by Papa G
Daily Commuter
Sacramento, CA

The Silca Pista bike tire pump is the best pump Ive ever owned, for the following reasons,

1. The pump has the most secure threaded metal nozzle attachment for both Presta and Scraeder valves.

2. The pump is well made with high quality components and leather piston plunger is replaceable.

3. The pump is compact, the wooden handle fits nicely in your hand while pumping.

4. The pump has a nice groove on the handle and a quality clip on the barrel for nice hose stowage.

4. The pump is smooth and accurate with a nice gauge to provide easy pumping from low to high pressure.

Ive owned many great floor pumps over the years from Zepal, Park Tools, Topeak to name a few, nothing comes close to the quality, efficiency and beauty of the Silca. This pump is expensive, but if you are frequently pumping a variety of different bike tires, especially high pressure road bike tires, its worth every penny. This is clearly a case of you get what you pay for.

Reviewed 7/4/2020
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disappointed - not what i expected - buy the lezyne
by ch1c4g0j03
Cycling Enthusiast
chicago. il
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my last silca pump lasted 20 years, although it has had a lot of replacement parts over the years - washers, chucks, hoses, etc. all easy to source and replace. i finally put it out to pasture when the handle split in 2 (i couldn't find a new one- should have made one myself, c'est la vie).

i saved up for a replacement, and was really excited to see what improvements over time had brought. new chuck looks just like the old one, but doesn't hold valve stems well, seems leaky. the gauge is inconsistent, and i never really trust it's pressure readings by the way the needle bounces around.

meh. i should have bought the lezyne. learn from my mistake.

Reviewed 5/28/2020
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