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Silca Pista Floor Pump

SilcaPista Floor Pump(Return to Product Page)

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User submitted reviews

Review by Anonymous

Very disappointing
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast

The handle on this pump is very small and uncomfortable to use. The chuck lets out a great deal of air before you get it seated, this might get better with more practice. It works to pump up the low pressure tires on my gravel bike but blows of the the unthreaded Presta valve stems on my road bike at about 60 psi.

Reviewed 3/12/2024
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Review by Vintage collector and rider

Pump is made in Taiwan, not the USA. Beautiful and functional
by Vintage collector and rider
Cycling Enthusiast
Lake Tahoe
8 of 8 customers found this review helpful.

For the price, this is a beautiful well made pump that should last a lifetime. This is my 3rd. Silca. The first one was purchased in 1984 and is still going strong, although cosmetically it is showing its age and is my travel pump. The Silca Ultimate Hiro pump, that I also have, is a work of art that is made in the USA with only the best machined components. With Silca as with most things in life you get what you pay for. This Molteni Orange limited edition is well worth the price tag and should last a lifetime. Just be aware that it is made in Taiwan. But, if you want a true work of art that is machined to exacting tolerances and is constructed of only the best materials, and you can afford it, spend the money and buy the Ultimate Hiro pump. It is roughly twice the size of the limited edition Molteni and therefore uses about half the number of strokes for the same size tire. On all the Silca pumps the rubber gasket that fits over the presta stem is adjusted by tightening or loosening the knurled nut on the pump head in order to properly secure the head for high pressure pumping to the valve stem. Takes some practice in determining the proper depth of insertion of the head to the stem, but one you figure it out the results are very quick and consistent.

Reviewed 9/25/2018
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Review by T_Blocker

Quality bike pump
by T_Blocker
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

The detail in construction of this bike pump make it worth every penny.

Each part can be removed and replaced via Silca parts catalogue.

No cheap plastic pieces.

Like products used to be made, to last and be reliable.

Reviewed 11/22/2019
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Review by Anonymous

by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
0 of 7 customers found this review helpful.

Silca has been making a lot of mistakes lately. Their lower end stuff is terrible. I have been using higher end silca pump and thought i might get another one for travel. I returned this one... and ended up buying the top of the line $450 pump and using my other higher end one for travelling. I dont care what it is from silca if it doesn't have a high end price tag then it is just total garbage. Most likely the people that like this pump have never used a real pump like the higher end silca line. Dont waste your time.

Reviewed 6/5/2019
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Review by kevinm

Nice pump but removing the chuck from a presta valve is not as easy as I had read.
by kevinm
Cycling Enthusiast
Minnetonka, MN

Nice pump. Easy to switch between valve types. I really liked the screw in connection for the schrader valve. I was able to use this to pump up my snowblower tires, which are more like a small ATV tire. I wish the base was bigger.

Reviewed 3/22/2019
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Review by dide

Perfect to keep in the car.
by dide
Cycling Enthusiast

This pump works as expected and has a high build quality.

The pump head stays tight and can be tightened for a more secure fit if needed.

Follow Silca's advice and push don't pull the pump head off when done.

This tucks in the side of my van nicely because of the shape.

Very good pump and its red ,,,,so it is very fast !

Reviewed 2/4/2019
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Review by TH

by TH

Silca makes a terrific pump, Im glad they started making a mid range priced pump again. It looks good too.

Reviewed 11/15/2018
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Review by Anonymous

Premier Pump for Regular Tire Checks
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

This is a historically premier pump. Built for years in Italy, and American company purchased the product and continues to make a pump with the best parts available.

For those of us who check tire pressure regularly and run our tires on high pressure, this is the pump to use.

The only drawback I can find is when I inflate by tires to 130 psi, the slip on Presta chuck will leak air. By contrast, the Lyzene pump locks on to the Presta valve and will take inflation as high as I dare pump it. Both have a bleeder valve to relieve air pressure before removing the chuck.

The big advantage to the Silka Pista pump is its lifetime warranty and the availability of replacement parts.

Reviewed 7/16/2018
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Review by Tahru

Excellent and beautiful simple
by Tahru
Casual Cyclist
Alexandria, VA

After having burned through another pricey pump which was not repairable, I opted to get something I can fix when the unavoidable happens. This pump has a simple and effective design. Nothing else is needed.

Reviewed 6/1/2018
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Review by Anonymous

will outlast you
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast

I bought one in 1984 and have used it dailyweekly since. I've replaced the hose but didn't like the hose clamp and so whipped it with heavy thread. It's only had the brass presta chuck and I've replaced the rubber gasket many times. I've swapped out the leather 731 gasket probably once every ten years. Maybe I should look for a new gauge as after 30 years of being pressured I think it reads high. Or just plug it off, and use a hand gauge.

If you want a bike tool that's worth more than your bike, and would rather have your bike stolen than lose this pump, you know what I recommend. I like the simple rebuildability.

Watch the shaft diameter, when they sent manufacturing to Asia they reduced shaft diameter (like the Super Pista thumbs down)

Reviewed 5/15/2018
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Review by Anonymous

Great pump for the price
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
Orange County, CA

Decent pump for the price. I use it on my road bikes and my mountain bikes. They all use presta valves...

Reviewed 2/11/2021
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Review by Anonymous

Waste of money
by Anonymous
Competitive Racer
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Gauge is stated at as +/-2% accurate. It's definitely more than that on mine. I messaged Silca about this and they said mine was working within range.

Reviewed 12/12/2022
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