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Selle SMP Plus Saddle

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Best saddle ever
by Mike
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

This is the part of your bike where you don't have to sacrifice weight from comfort. It's the best saddle in the planet period!!!!

Reviewed 10/9/2017
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The Answer!
by Jay H.
Cycling Enthusiast
Chesapeake, Virginia - USA
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

I too have bought/swapped about a dozen saddles trying to find something that I could live with on 2 hour rides. I took a chance on this saddle, its really kind of pricey for my budget, but I'm so glad I did. After a couple of initial adjustments, this saddle just disappears under me. It spreads your weight and conforms to your natural ass shape so, for me, I dont even know its there.

Reviewed 7/22/2014
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Wierd, funny looking, but the most comfortable saddle I've used
by mosier Bob
Cycling Enthusiast
The Gorge
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

Tested one several years ago thought it was too stiff, and hard. Now after lots of discomfort and pain, you know exactly where I mean, I bought the Plus, wider then other SMP's. Mounted it where old saddle was, Havent had to change once, And am happy to say ridding in comfort for the first time. Simply put, Great Saddle

Reviewed 7/9/2014
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The best saddle I have ever used
by Dan
Bay Area
3 of 4 customers found this review helpful.

I have had literally dozens of saddles. I have had my sit bones measured and pursued every recommendation on how to fit my body to a saddle. By most measures this saddle should be too wide, but is in fact perfect. It's the only saddle I have used that leaves no soreness. My soft parts feel untouched with all the pressure spread out across the sit bones and the glutes. I have put hundreds of miles on it and could not be happier.

Reviewed 1/4/2014
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Problem solved
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
Coastal cal

I have had an irritation problem for almost two years. Changed chamois cream. Changed saddles twice. This one did it.

Reviewed 10/26/2017
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Not recommended, in the long-run can lead to nerve damage.Pubic bones will slide into lower saddle area causing damage to 3rd brand of pudendal nerve
5 of 9 customers found this review helpful.

This saddle has a design flaw which might only become obvious after longer-term use.Because of the lower midsection it,s easy that the pubic bones slide from the back into the lower part.This causes pressure to the 3rd branch of the pudendal nerve after longer use.I have no personal interest in any other saddle manufacturer, but rather have been riding this saddle for a long time until I developed pudenal neuralgia.After careful anatomical studies I realized that the problem was the lower midsection of the Selle SMP.This condition lasted for about 8 months and was very unpleasant.After trying about 10 different saddles and with the help of a professional bike fitter I got rid of the symptoms within days.The saddle which made the difference was a Kobi saddle which puts pressure on the sitbones and does not allow forwarward slipping.

I have no connection whatever to the producers of Kobi.

MD.PH.Professor of Surgery

Reviewed 6/30/2014
TriSports.com Comments

Hi Hans,

Thank you very much for your thoughtful review, which we hope will prove useful to other customers. Everyone's anatomy is different, and we've found that the best—and really, only—way to find a saddle that works is through personal experimentation. Different models and manufacturers work well for different people; most popular saddles have a number of enthusiastic fans who swear by that saddle and will ride no other, but that's no guarantee it will work as well for another rider. We are always happy to offer our advice to customers who ask about saddle choice, and we offer an excellent return policy should a saddle not work out after a ride or two.


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I am old really old and have so many Saddles but SMP is the Best !
by Dreamer
Cycling Enthusiast
Madison Wisconsin
5 of 6 customers found this review helpful.

This SMP Saddle is the best , I ride in town and country longer distances on road and trail... the Saddle gives me control of the bike and freedom to ride long distances. I like the coolness and confort , I ride light bikes but a good SMP Saddle is comfort. I feel like a child ridding my bike for the first time being young again and free .. is what the SMP Saddle does for me.

Reviewed 8/15/2013
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