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Reynolds Cycling Blacklabel Aero 65 Rim Brake Wheelset

Reynolds CyclingBlacklabel Aero 65 Rim Brake Wheelset(Return to Product Page)

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Awesome Value - Great performing and worry free wheel
by Irish in CA
Competitive Racer
Santa Clarita, CA
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This was my second set of Reynolds wheels, with the first being a set of 46's. Those treated me very well in riding and racing for a couple of years and I still have them as my back up wheels after about 18k miles on them, including single track riding on the Belgian Waffle Ride course and other misadventures. I've now owned the 65's for about a year and they've been incredible. While I only occasionally take these into the dirt to get from point A to point B, I have ridden them about 8k miles and spent an entire race season on them. The I9 hubs are great and worry free and the rims have stayed very true. I'm a 180 pound rider, so its not like I'm exactly easy on them either.

As far as the wind goes, with a 65 rim you are going to feel more of the wind than you would with a smaller profile. However, I have to say that living in a naturally windy area there have only been a couple of days where I didn't go out with these on my bike due to the wind. They seem to handle crosswinds pretty well all things considered!

I've run both size 25 and 28 clinchers on these rims with no problems. Just make sure to pump up a new or reflated tire with a good amount of pressure (at least up to 100 psi) to get it to seat on the tubeless ready rim lip. I tend to carry the medium sized CO2 canisters (at least 16g) on rides so that I can get the tires to pop easily and then back off a few psi with a couple of taps on the valve. Just a little tip for you! I have friends with these rims who run tubeless and have had solid luck with their setup as well. I just hate bothering with tubeless, so I remain a clincher guy.

You can buy these with confidence. You'll be very happy with them and will still have a load of cash in your pocket because you didn't drop all that extra cash on a fancy label.

Reviewed 9/17/2018
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