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Portland Design Works Sodapop Clip-on Fenders

Portland Design WorksSodapop Clip-on Fenders(Return to Product Page)

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Cheap for a reason
by melee757
Daily Commuter
Austin, TX

I bought these to put on my daughter's Fairdale Weekender, but fitment wouldn't work with her frame. Not enough clearance to fit between the seat stays and rear tire, nor between the fork legs and front tire. These are probably better suited for use with a hybrid or converted mountain bike to a commuter.

I ended up putting them on one of my Kona Humus to make it my rain bike. Attachment points are lackluster at best. Portland Design Works normally offers up some great products, but this isn't one that I consider up to their level. I would have returned them, but they're so cheap it wouldn't have been worth it.

Reviewed 11/9/2018
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