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POC Ventral SPIN Road Helmet

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Review by Anonymous

Best helmet I've ever had.
by Anonymous
South East Idaho
4 of 4 customers found this review helpful.

I did a LOT of research and tried quite a number of helmets. I absolutely love this helmet.

I did mutiple rides on a very windy and cold day in February using both my old helmet and the POC Ventral. The cold air was great because i could immediately feel where the air was being channeled and where it wasn't. My old helmet "looked" aero, but only the very front of my head actually got cold. Using the Ventral, i could feel exactly where the air went and it was just as advertised. The venturi effect is real. After many more rides in warmer weather i can attest to its cooling. The air flow from side winds and tail winds are well above my other aero helmet due to the large air scoops.

It is surprisingly quiter than my old helmet also. I've seen other reviews that had issues with the fit of the straps but i had none, even with my gargantuan melon.

The construction is what you would expect from a quality helmet and is perfect. I love the extra proection at the back.

One of the biggest selling points to me though, and this made me SO happy to find... This helmet only really has like one small hole on the top. For those of us without as much hair up top, i used to get all sorts of weird sunbutns and tan patterns. Now that is no longer a problem. It will aid in cooling on really hot days too.

All in all, this to me is a perfect helmet.

* Notes

I ride about 2k miles a year

I have not been paid or compensated for this review. I purchased the POC Ventral with my own hard earned cash.

Reviewed 3/23/2021
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Review by Anonymous

Perfect allrounder helmet
by Anonymous
Southern California
4 of 4 customers found this review helpful.

This helmet has perfect balance of lightweight, aero, comfort, safety (proprietary MIPS equivalent) and ventilation. Most helmets out there compromise at least one of these factors, but the Ventral checks all those boxes. With my old Specialized Evade my head used to get warm on hot days with sweat dripping down onto my sunglasses, by comparison the Ventral is super breezy.

I live in SoCal, so having a ventilated and aero helmet is important for me. Ive use helmets from Specialized, Giro and Lazer and the Ventral is my favorite and most comfortable so far.

Size wise I am typically on the upper end of a medium, with some brands a large. The Ventral medium was too narrow, but the large is a perfect fit and doesnt appear big on my head. I would best compare the sizing to Kask helmets after trying both on.

Reviewed 9/9/2018
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Review by mountainlab

Best helmet
by mountainlab
Competitive Racer
San Diego

I love this helmet. It's my second. First one crashed out. It's definitely safe. It is very well vented, keeps the top of my head out of the sun, and is surprisingly quiet on fast stretches. My best guess is that is due to being aero. The benefit is that the wind noise doesn't drown out traffic noise. I like hearing what's coming...I also very much like the fit and construction. Everything is solid, less finicky/fragile than other big brand helmets I have owned.

Reviewed 5/20/2022
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Review by daohaus

It's an expensive helmet, but how much is your brain worth?
by daohaus
Cycling Enthusiast
Eastvale, CA

Package arrived promptly and it was much needed as my S-Works Prevail helmet was well over 10 years old. So I needed something a bit newer.

Packaging is what you would expect for a helmet.

Fit: this helmet fits my big head perfectly. With the fine adjustment knob at the back it really made fitting into this helmet much easier. When riding, you definitely feel more of the air going through, I will wait for the warmer months to see how this truly works.

Reviewed 5/12/2021
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Review by MaddieSF

Love it!
by MaddieSF
Cycling Enthusiast
San Francisco, CA

I made the switch from Giro to POC a few months ago and couldn't be happier. The white one is great for early morning rides when the sun is still rising it is much more visible. The air flow is great and the helmet is light I never think about it on my head. I got this on sale and would not have paid $280 for it as I don't find it much different than my Octal which was like $150. I got a M and could have probably gotten a S but it fits fine!

Reviewed 12/3/2020
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Review by Paul

Comfortable and quiet
by Paul
Cycling Enthusiast

The Ventral Spin fits exactly like my Ventral Air Spin, and weighs just 19g more (298g vs 279g). The Medium helmet fits nicely on my 57cm circumference head, with ample room for a cap underneath. I've only worn the Ventral Spin on cold and mild days, so I can't say how it performs in hot weather. However, it does seem "quieter" on windy days than other helmets I own. Fluorescent orange is great for safety, especially during low-light fall and winter days.

The helmet's only downsides pertain to sunglasses: 1) the "sunglass garage" flat out doesn't work, and 2) the arms of my POC Do Half Blades bump the helmet's back edges behind my ears if I don't position the arms just right. I've read this is a problem with other sunglasses as well, but don't have other sun glasses to test for comparison.

Reviewed 11/26/2020
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Review by dlb

Great fit and feels aero
by dlb
Cycling Enthusiast
Albuquerque, NM

The fit is top-notch, no pressure points at all. I'm not the most aero rider in the world, but I can actually feel a slight difference with this helmet. Almost like my head cuts through the wind better. Still has good ventalition.

Reviewed 7/18/2022
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Review by DEA

POC is a excellent helmet
by DEA

Every manufacture has a slightly different internal shape affecting their fit. I have a fairly small head and the POC Helmet fits perfectly snug without discomfort. Further, during the hot summer months there's enough ventilation to keep my head as cool as can be. Heaven forbid, the helmet fit increases my confidence in the event of a crash.

Reviewed 6/13/2022
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Review by Mario

POC helmet
by Mario
Edinburg, Tx

I purchased a medium helmet. It fits perfectly and does not shift while riding. I like I can hang my Oakley glasses on the helmet secured.

Reviewed 11/15/2021
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Review by Ukexpat

Great helmet, worth the price
by Ukexpat
Cycling Enthusiast
Wilmington, DE
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

Reposting review which originally showed up as anonymous

I bought the Ventral SPIN (orange, large) to replace a three year old Octal MIPS (also orange, large) that was damaged in a minor (and rather embarrassing) crash. I have not experienced any issues with the fit compared to the older helmet - fits just as well even over a Headsweats. The old helmet was well ventilated, but this one is even better. I really like the high visibility (but the old helmet had clearly faded a bit in the sun as the new one is much more orange). No complaints at all.

Reviewed 7/23/2018
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Review by Jezmo911

I love this helmet!
by Jezmo911
La Mirada CA

Well ventilated for an aero helmet. Fits my head and is much more streamlined than the previous Octal Aero version. Light enough and works with my multiple types of sunglasses (POC, Tifosi and Gooder). No complaints other than getting mistaken for a hipster.

Reviewed 8/12/2021
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Review by Brian

Perfect fit for a round head
by Brian
Cycling Enthusiast

I have a rather round head, and most bike helmets are designed for a more oval shape, and just don't fit me. This helmet does. Beautifully. It's light, and just as it claims, is very cool in the heat. And it doesn't look like you're wearing a cheesehead lol.

Reviewed 7/19/2021
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Review by Anne J

Comfortable and visible
by Anne J

Good fit and the bright orange color is visible from far away.

Reviewed 9/30/2022
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Review by David

Cool hi-vis color and great fit
by David

hi vis orange color is loud and makes me feel safer. Great POC size, fit, and color.

Reviewed 9/13/2022
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Review by Anonymous

It was amazing
by Anonymous

I have tried for many months to find a helmet that exceeded my expectations, and when I found the POC, it was a huge surprise. It was perfect in all aspects. I highly recommend this brand. They are the best

Reviewed 5/17/2021
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Review by Danny

Looks great!!
by Danny
Montebello CA
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Multiple compliments since I began using this helmet. It's comfortable the ventilation system works well and it looks great!! I chose the Lead Blue Matt which matches our cycling club colors. Hence more compliments!!

Reviewed 5/14/2021
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Review by Darren

Good helmet
by Darren
San Diego

I haven't crashed yet so i can't speak on its safety but it fits well, looks good, and has nice airflow. I like it. No complaints from me

Reviewed 6/13/2022
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Review by Anonymous

Excellent helmet
by Anonymous

Poc venture spin helmet is very comfortable and very light it doesn't bother me at all when i ride very recommendable.

Reviewed 6/2/2022
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Review by Anonymous

Great helmet
by Anonymous

Excellent fit and very comfotable and light. Highly recommend.

Reviewed 6/2/2022
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Review by Billyc

Safe helmet
by Billyc

POC is a light weight. Excellent fit.

Comfortable on warm days.

Reviewed 5/12/2022
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