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POC Ventral Air MIPS NFC Helmet

POCVentral Air MIPS NFC Helmet(Return to Product Page)

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Review by CYinPA

Incredible helmet - NFC is a huge bonus
by CYinPA
Competitive Racer

Picked this up on closeout, I wanted something with better ventilation than my current helmet, and a better fit. I have a huge head for a scrawny climber build kind of guy, so the Large was my size. I have a 59.5cm head, and the helmet fits me perfectly. I have some wiggle with the dial to wear a winter skull cap if needed, and it cinches plenty tight in the warm weather.

Which is a great transition to the vents. It's awesome. Air flows through great, if you ride in blazing sun, this helmet definitely lets the air through. Watch the sunburn factor, the vents are that large. But, now I can get the bees out easier (or maybe they get in easier?).

Helmet fit is subjective, but for my not round/not oval head, it doesn't move. I like how it comes down lower in the back too, it actually helps support the helmet as well as gives me more coverage.

The NFC feature is an added bonus. I didn't think I'd care, but once you set it up (download an app, put in info, upload to helmet), it's actually pretty reassuring to know it's there. If you scan it (or anyone for that matter), the NFC will pop up with an option to open the info in your browser of choice, and there it shows the person whatever you have entered. Name, birthdate, any notes, emergency contacts, etc. I think that's an awesome feature, I just hope people see the NFC symbol and know to scan it if someone finds me in a ditch.

Seems pretty light too, nothing noticeable yay or nay. Also, the sunglass parking spot, holds steady, and you don't need POC glasses for it to work either, tried it with 2 different pairs and they stayed put even with me full on headbanging trying to get them to move.

Caught a sale, love getting new helmets, and am super happy with this one. It's the same as the Ventral Air Lite, just with NFC, so other than lack of color options, it's the same helmet.

Reviewed 7/20/2023
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Review by Eadidas

POC Ventral Air MIPS NFC Helmet. Good ??
by Eadidas
Littleton Colorado

Good Lincoln helmet comfortable. Adjusts well. Well vented excellent. Would recommend.

Reviewed 4/21/2023
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