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Pirelli P Zero Road Tire

PirelliP Zero Road Tire(Return to Product Page)

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User submitted reviews

Review by biggcycles

The P Zero is easier to install than the CONTINENTAL 5000.
by biggcycles
Cycling Enthusiast
Buffalo, NY

Light, grippy and rain shedding. Easier to install than CONTINENTAL 5000.

Reviewed 3/18/2024
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Review by Rnuara

Great road tires
by Rnuara
Cycling Enthusiast
New Jersey
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

I've been using these tires for several years and have been very satisfied. Pirelli tires are virtuously puncture proof. I've hit pot hole that would have flattened other tires, but these just take a licking. The tires wear very nicely and have lasted more than 5,000 miles before they begin to show any wear.

Reviewed 12/25/2023
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Review by Anonymous

First time buying the PZeros, they�re now my new favorite tire.
by Anonymous
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Bought a pair of the PZeros to try out for the summer riding season, and I can say that they�re now a new favorite tires. There was an immediate and noticeable difference in ride quality and comfort from the very first ride on them.

Reviewed 8/8/2022
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Review by bumpermeat

Great handling, great ride, not long lasting
by bumpermeat
Cycling Enthusiast
San Jose, CA
8 of 9 customers found this review helpful.

Great ride feel, great handling tire. Most comfortable tire I've ever ridden (vs. Vredestein, Conti 4000, 5000 and Gatorskins). On sale, they're a great deal. At full retail (> $60, not so much).

I switched from Conti GP 5000's to these (and then to the 4S for the California "winter"). I really like the way they ride, but I am often disappointed at the durability of this tire. Granted, at 200lbs, I put a lot of weight on this tire and a decent amount of power down. But, they seem to get nicked and cut far more often than Conti 5000s.

If you're looking for great feel, these tires are the best. If you're looking for something that will last a long time on less than perfect (no debris, smooth surface) roads, these are not the tires for you.

Reviewed 5/24/2022
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Review by Chris Cover

Best Road Tire Ever
by Chris Cover
castro valley, Ca
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Supple in the corners and fast rolling; decent puncture protection and easy off and on the rims

Reviewed 11/23/2023
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Review by Anonymous

Solid all-around tire
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
Granite Bay, CA
5 of 5 customers found this review helpful.

I made the move to the Pirelli PZero from Conti 5000's. The Conti's were a really bad match for the Roval wheelset that came with my new Aethos (love that bike by the way). Changing a flat with the Conti's was a 12 - 14 minute process because it was so difficult to get the bead of the tire over the rim to pull out the flat tube. It is still tricky with the Pirelli's, but overall a much easier fit and fixing a flat is back to a 6 - 8 minutes process. In terms of ride, the Pirelli's are really comfortable and with about 400 miles on them so far they seem to have about the same puncture protection as the Conti's (just one flat but it was a large piece of glass).

Reviewed 11/18/2021
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Review by Anonymous

Great tire.
by Anonymous
3 of 3 customers found this review helpful.

I have ridden alot of tires over the years, the PZero is an incredible tire. Its a training tire that doesn't perform or feel like one. Very smooth over rough pavement, no cuts over the past few months and grip for days. Well worth the price. In my opinion it out performs the Gatorskin and Rubino Pro.

Reviewed 3/20/2023
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Review by Anonymous

Great Road Tire
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Pirelli PZero tires have performed beyond my expectations. They perform well in all conditions. Great road grip. Tires wear great and have been puncture resistant. Highly recommend these tires

Reviewed 12/9/2022
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Review by 9BelowZero

PZero Tires
by 9BelowZero
Lubbock, TX
6 of 6 customers found this review helpful.

Got rid of my Conti tires b/c I can change these without any tools! What a pleasant experience! Last set lasted almost 5k miles. I keep about 90 psi and they're pretty comfortable and about average for flats-our roads have lots of stickers, micro-thorns and debris. This is my second set and plan to keep using PZero's.

Reviewed 11/7/2022
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Review by Anonymous

rolls up nice
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
Portland Or
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

seems to roll up faster and longer, so far i'm very happy but at this point i have less then a thousand miles on them. I got them to replace conti 5000 that seem to wear pretty quick in the city hopefully i'll get a few more miles out of the Pirellis

Reviewed 7/21/2022
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Review by BIiv

Good all around tire for speedy training
by BIiv
Competitive Racer
Nor Cal
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

Easy mounting tire and good road feel. I've been using them on D/Ace wheels at ~90psi and have good grip in the wet (NorCal winter) & dry. Comfortable riding, maybe not as supple as the Pirelli Velo 4S, but close enough and more than fine for training tires. Picked up a few small rock/glass cuts (normal) but no flats, so nothing to note there as of yet. Wear seems reasonable. Good value for the $, IMO. Happy riding!

Reviewed 1/21/2022
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Review by Mark Lerch

Very manageable
by Mark Lerch
Fort Myers Fl
0 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Tire is light enough and installs without a tool. It seems to wear quickly. In less than 750 miles I have experienced 3 flats. No objects found in tire.

Reviewed 1/6/2022
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