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Pioneer SGY Shimano Ultegra 6800 Power Meter Crankset

PioneerSGY Shimano Ultegra 6800 Power Meter Crankset(Return to Product Page)

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Grat Data - Check warranty exclusions for rough use and racing before purchase
by Steve
Cycling Enthusiast
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What I like The system is light adding only 60 to 70 grams to your bike. The build quality looks to be very good. The price is reasonable compared to other true left right data systems, actually probably lower and provide more in depth data than any other system out there today. Support from Pioneer when I had questions was very good and the turn-around time for the installation of the system on my crank was really limited only by shipping time (I purchased during the off season though). When used with their cycling computer and the Cyclo-Sphere web system it gives advanced data that can help understand areas to improve your pedal stroke. Using the Cyclo-Sphere web based system you can adjust torque or power to match another system.

What I dont like The system is not intended for rough use, in fact the warranty is void if you use it on dirt road, rough roads like gravel or cobblestones or even racing. From the manual

This product is designed to be used for recreational cycling and cycle training applications only and is not designed to withstand racing conditions. Additionally, this product is designed to be used while cycling on paved roads only. Any damage or malfunction arising from use in racing or riding on dirt roads, cobblestone or any other unpaved roads will not be covered by the manufacturers limited warranty

I didnt know this when I ordered it, the system was intended for my gravel inclimate weather trainer bike. I called Pioneer to confirm this and was told its not due to contamination but instead the shock. Rough conditions like cobbles off road may cause system failure. Interestingly, if your read some of the Pioneer web page information they say the system

was refined over a punishing season of rain, snow, cobbles, mud and thigh burning climbs of the worlds most prestigious grand tours

So regular pavement on road use only is what this is designed for its a training tool. If you want something more versatile there are other options that may work better. For me, I can swap cranks and use my Stages meter when I do off road gravel rides which is inconvenient but manageable. Ill just have to count on my training carrying over to the off road conditions instead of being able to see it in the data during the ride or after the fact for these scenarios.The system output lags on start up by 5 or so seconds like the Stages power meter does. My PT wheels output data instantly.

Reviewed 11/15/2015
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