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Pearl Izumi Mens Elite Gel FF Glove

Pearl IzumiMen's Elite Gel FF Glove(Return to Product Page)

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Review by John B Jr.

These gloves fit and last
by John B Jr.
Cycling Enthusiast
Sunnyvale, CA

After years of comfortable use, the fingertips were getting holes so I finally replaced the gloves with the same kind. The new ones don't miss a beat as they are almost exactly the same quality. Other than normal wear and tear, the velcro on the back of the gloves is a thin strip. After some years, it won't stay down as this design feature carried over. You'd get a lot of use in the more temperate part of the season. Hot weather wants fingerless while a "tour de hypothermia" would require an over-layer like some gardening gloves. These Elite gloves are perfect for perfect cycling weather and a little beyond that. The fingertips occasionally get pinched by the shifting, braking effort and eventually wear out. The strap/cuff could be a little wider but this is a derivative of a fingerless glove. I'd buy a third pair, especially if ordering through the mail since a glove has to fit like a ...

Reviewed 10/2/2022
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Review by redwoods5

Great light & durable warm/cool weather gloves
by redwoods5
Cycling Enthusiast
Hartford, CT

I use these for road biking. They're great if I want a little more coverage or warmth than fingerless gloves. Fit is probably on the snug side, especially at the wrist (my wrists are not big, and it's tough to close the velcro strap all the way. Touch screen ability is nice. Really happy with these.

Reviewed 7/12/2021
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Review by Anonymous

by Anonymous

run way to large like wearing couple wet socks on your hands

Reviewed 10/24/2022
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Review by Anonymous

Good for the cooler morning but won't keep you warm below 45 degrees.
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
Northern New Jersey

Thought these would replace a pair of leather gloves, but no. They are great for weather cooler than fingerless glove weather, but won't replace the full leather gloves. The right-up suggested they would be good to 40 degrees. 45-55 is probably the right range, at least for me.

Reviewed 5/24/2021
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Review by jpn931

Never thought I'd need them.
by jpn931
Cycling Enthusiast
Richmond, Va

Been road riding for years and years but new to gravel riding. Bought mountain bike shoes and pedals but no full-finger gloves, but then.... While buying some other items, I thought I'd get a pair too. The price was right and what the hell? You can never have too much cycling gear. I've used them a handful of times and I realized they work. While no hardcore single track, as of yet, I have come in contact with a few twigs!

Reviewed 3/26/2021
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Review by myoung

by myoung
Madison, WI

Better than expected. Great fit. Easy to use with your phone. Comfortable to 45-50 F. My go to gloves since I got them. They were on sale too. Thanks.

Reviewed 10/29/2021
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Review by slowtwitch

A good quality glove with an outsranding fit for my extra large hands
by slowtwitch
Cycling Enthusiast
Dunedin Florida

It is rare that I can get a glove that the finger length is correct. These check all of the boxes for a good fit. Currently my main set of gloves.

Reviewed 3/26/2021
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Review by Carlos

Smooth gloves
by Carlos
Costa Rica

Smooth looking and feeling gloves with excellent grip and comfortable too

Reviewed 3/18/2021
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Review by Anonymous

by Anonymous

Just used the gloves on my recent 100km ride in 40 degrees weather. Kept me warm and able to shift Di2 with no issues. Still able to work my Garmin screen.

Reviewed 11/13/2020
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