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Pearl Izumi Mens Amfib Lite Glove

Pearl IzumiMen's Amfib Lite Glove(Return to Product Page)

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Review by bikegliding

Excellent for the 40's, but too light weight for the 30's as advertised.
by bikegliding
Cycling Enthusiast
Colorado Springs, CO

Great product for the 40's for sure nice fit and blocks wind. It's claimed these go down to 30 and they do not unless doing an extremely intense workout. I purchased these alongside their heavier sibling the Gel version and there is such a gap between these two that it is disappointing. This one is claimed to work for 30-55 and the gel from 15-40, but I still need a third glove for the 30's as the gel version is very warm, too much very quickly when riding in the 30's.

For weight this Amfib Lite is advertised as having 60 grams of insulation while the pair I have weighs 80 grams total. The gloves CANNOT have 60 grams of insulation impossible. In comparison, the gel gloves weighing 160 grams are claimed to have 100 grams of insulation and that seems likely true.

The bottom line is get the Amfib Lite for the 40 and up and the Amfib Gel for 30 and below. They are great for what they do, but they don't function nicely as a two-glove set to carry on a ride at all as conditions change.

Reviewed 1/20/2023
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Review by Kevin Whiteley

These gloves are very well made... Pearl Izumi products last
by Kevin Whiteley
Cycling Enthusiast
Denver CO

I love these gloves for early morning rides in spring, summer and fall, while riding in the beautiful Colorado Rockies... Plus light enough to stow away in my bike jersey when it gets warmer through out the day.

Reviewed 5/4/2023
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Review by SFESL

Pearle iZumi AmFIB Lite Gloves are an excellent fit providing awesome protection!
Cycling Enthusiast
Germantown, TN

Finally, cold weather arrived and a true test for the Pearle iZumi AmFBI gloves. To coin the phrase, "fits like a glove", easy on/off and kept my hands warm. The gloves are light and have a comfortable feel on the hand. Able to use to the Garmin as well as the phone while wearing the gloves. The materials to construct the gloves are of quality, no complaints. They are replacing an old pair of Pearl Izumi gloves that have lasted five years.

Reviewed 12/23/2020
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Review by AM

Thin and Precise
by AM
Cycling Enthusiast
Central Oregon
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Bought these for temps in the 40s but they don't work well for me when it's that low. They do work well in the 50s (for me). -I do have cold hands so take my opinion FWIW.

The issue is the design. It has some noticeable insulation on the back which works but nothing on the palm side. I am sure that sounded good at the design meeting but....ever hold cold bars? Yeah, it comes right through. Duh!

Reviewed 3/31/2022
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Review by Anonymous

Not very warm
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
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I have Raynaud's syndrome (cold hands). I bought these as an outer layer for my electric gloves. They don't work well for that purpose. They might work okay for other purposes.

Reviewed 2/28/2022
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Review by Anonymous

Nice but more like lightweight
by Anonymous

They are nice gloves but proved to be too cold at around 32 degrees, they are not great if there is any wind at all. Probably great at above 36 degrees.

Reviewed 1/11/2021
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