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Pearl Izumi AmFIB Gel Glove

Pearl IzumiAmFIB Gel Glove(Return to Product Page)

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Review by bikegliding

Excellent for 30 and below, but too heavy for up to 40 as advertised.
by bikegliding
Cycling Enthusiast
Colorado Springs, CO
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Great product for the 30 and below for sure and it blocks wind. These are a little more bulky than expected. It's claimed these go up to 40 and they do not unless doing a very casual ride. I purchased these alongside their lighter sibling the Lite version and there is such a gap between these two that it is disappointing. This one is claimed to work for 15-40 and the Lite from 30-55, but I still need a third glove for the 30's as this gel version is very warm, too much very quickly when riding in the 30's.

In comparison for weight, the gel gloves I have weigh 160 grams and are claimed to have 100 grams of insulation and that seems likely true. But the Amfib Lite is advertised as having 60 grams of insulation while the pair I have weighs only 80 grams total! The gloves CANNOT have 60 grams of insulation impossible.

The bottom line is get the Amfib Lite for the 40 and up and the Amfib Gel for 30 and below. They are great for what they do, but they don't function nicely as a two-glove set to carry on a ride at all as conditions change.

Please Pearl Izumi make a glove that weighs 120 grams, right in between the Gel and the Lite and perhaps call it the 'Bridge'. A moderate conditions glove between 80 and 160 grams is much needed in their lineup.

Reviewed 1/20/2023
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Review by Mike

Almost perfect
by Mike

I bought these gloves after an old pair ofpro barrier gloves finally kicked the bucket after many years of frequent use. The thing i noticed right away about this glove is that it is much warmer. The thing that detracts from the glove is there is no place to wipe your nose. That is important in winter riding. That is why fire stars. Otherwise it is a well constructed, high performance glove.

Reviewed 4/10/2023
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Review by Cernunnos

Good to a degree
by Cernunnos
4 of 4 customers found this review helpful.

I've had these gloves for about two weeks now. They fit well if not snuggly and allow me to retain a good feel for the handle bars and brake levers. I've used them to commute to work, about 40 minutes each way and in 30deg weather my fingers still got cold-not painful numbing cold mind you, but frosty nonetheless. I normally wear large but sized up to XL in this model and I'm glad I did, because they fit tightly. The Velcro strap on the cuff is undersized and does little to seal or secure them. Perhaps wearing a thin wool liner will improve their performance.

Reviewed 2/1/2022
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Review by nhmtnbkr

Warm glove, needs more padding
by nhmtnbkr
Cycling Enthusiast
Nashua, NH
4 of 4 customers found this review helpful.

For the life of me, I don't understand why Pearl Izumi redesigned this glove and put the padding where it now sits. The previous model had pretty good gel padding along the portions L-shaped bottom portion of the hand that go numb from successive impact and vibration, particularly the ulnar nerve region.

For whatever bizarre reason they changed it and moved the padding to the middle of the palm, which admittedly works to a nominal degree for mountain biking, but not for road cycling where you're resting on that area of the hand for extended periods and getting a lot of impact vibration. Found out that after about 25 miles of use the numbness kicks in big time. Seriously PI,please go back to the previous design!

The other small nit I have about these over the previous model, is the inner lining is now a floating one, so it has an annoying habit of coming out when the lining is sweaty and you remove the gloves. Wish they'd kept the tacked lining of the previous model.

On the plus side, despite being someone whose hands and feet run cold after having frostbite 30 years ago, these gloves have kept my hands warm down to the 20's without issue, even on blustery days. They're not particularly breathable, but I can live with that in order to have warm hands.

Reviewed 1/23/2022
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Review by Jim

Fits like a (cycling) glove
by Jim
Issaquah, WA
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Just use these on a 50 mile ride that started with temps down to 30'F and hit mid 40's byvthe end. Hands were okay early but cold, but felt more of a circulation issue. Was able to get hands warmed up as i got warmer. Finger tips are a bit bulky, perhaps long for my hands (as with all of my gloves, including several Pearl Izumi, i ordered a large size). The insulated gauntlet was a bit of a challenge to tuck in jacket sleeves or fit around jacket sleeves as the both seems to be the exact same diameter and adjustment. Ended up putting gloves over sleeves which is fine for a dry day but would not work for a rainy day, so keep that in mind if your rainy day jacket has "tight" sleeve openings.

Reviewed 1/10/2022
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Review by George

Keep getting better
by George
Daily Commuter
St. Louis, MO

I have used the PW AmFIB gloves in its different reincarnation since 2007 or 2008 and every generation is better than the previous one. This one is seriously warm and can take you down to ~ 20F. Obviously, people are different and some may not like it below 30F while others will have no problem using it in much lower temperatures.

It's not water proof, but offers surprising degree of water resistance. Been when it's wet, it is still warm

It does what is says it will.

On top of all that, when on sale they are close to 50$. You cannot beat such a price for such gloves

Reviewed 1/3/2022
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Review by Anonymous

Excellent cold-weather cycling glove
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
Catonsville, MD

This glove does a nice job keeping my hands warm on rides in very cold weather (below 30 degrees F). I recently used them on an 8 mile ride at 22 degrees and my hands stayed very warm. My only problem with these is that they're very bulky, so it makes it tough to shift my Shimano 105 system. Overall though I'm really happy with them.

Reviewed 4/26/2022
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Review by AdamW

Very light and warm, good into the low 20s
by AdamW
Cycling Enthusiast
Reno, NV

My second pair of heavier PI gloves in the last 8 years. They are very light but lofty and have good wind resistance and are warm. I wear them if my ride starts in the low-mid 20s (I don't really want to or need to ride below that). My hands tend to get cold so I need heavier gloves when it's cold but I will always take along a lighter pair for later in the ride. I've probably got 100 miles with these.

Reviewed 3/17/2022
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Review by Art

Warm Glove
by Art
Cycling Enthusiast
central Oregon

Glove has a great paring of features. Warm enough for me except on the coldest days, then I go thicker.

Reviewed 7/18/2022
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Review by JC

Good performing gloves
by JC

Took these out for a 30 mile ride at 32 degrees and they were very comfortable. Little difficult to put back on if you take them off mid ride due to built in liner. Happy with the purchase.

Reviewed 2/28/2022
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Review by Chainwhip

Well made and designed gloves. Comfortable warm with good grip.
by Chainwhip

Really like these cold weather cycling gloves. They have room to slide a hand warmer pack inside glove for brutal cold rides.

Reviewed 1/21/2022
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Review by Thomas

Excellent dexterity and warmth
by Thomas
Des Moines
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

My ten year old pair of AmFib five finger gloves wearing out so.... This iteration is sleeker, fits better, and is more comfortable the venerable pair they replaced.

Reviewed 12/31/2021
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Review by Joel Cohn

by Joel Cohn
2 of 3 customers found this review helpful.

Well made. Comfortable and warm.

Reviewed 2/15/2021
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