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Park Tool Spoke Wrench

Park ToolSpoke Wrench(Return to Product Page)

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User submitted reviews

Review by BikeLA45

Perfect for building wheels or saving a ride
by BikeLA45
Cycling Enthusiast
Los Angeles, CA

I now have several of these spoke wrenches. I bought the first maybe 25 years ago, to true a wheel. Then I built a wheelset to replace that wheel and, in due course, many other wheelsets. This little wrench is perfect for the job.

I recently had a spoke break while I was out on a ride. I happened to have a spoke wrench with me, so was able to true the wheel enough to complete the ride (the tire was jammed hard against the chainstay before truing). So when I got home I checked to make sure I had spoke wrenches in every tool roll on every bike. Eight bucks and 14g is a bargain for a tool that can save a ride!

Reviewed 8/10/2023
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Review by [email protected]

Park Tool Spoke Wrench
Cycling Enthusiast
Vancouver, WA.
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The Park Tool Spoke Wrench is a great little tool, assuming you get the correct size for your spokes. Since there are three different sizes, there is a very high chance that there is one for your spokes. It fits the spokes very well. The shape makes it easy to get onto the spoke nipple and also makes it easy to grasp and comfortable in your grip. So even if the spokes are tight and difficult to turn, this tool makes it a simple task to true your wheels.

Reviewed 1/3/2023
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Review by mhilden

Great tool - worth the extra investment
by mhilden
Cycling Enthusiast
Minneapolis, MN

I've been using a cheap spoke triangle spoke wrench for a while and can't believe that I waited so long to upgrade.

Reviewed 5/24/2015
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Review by Silver Ghost

Small and well made.
by Silver Ghost
Cycling Enthusiast
The Villages, FL
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One of the best for spokes. Easy to use. Ordered two to compliment the one I have. Plan to keep one on each tandem.

Reviewed 12/20/2018
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Review by Stevoreno

Best spoke wrenches I've ever had.
by Stevoreno
0 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

I have another 4 way Park spoke wrench and another brand of 4 way also. This wrench fits the tightest of them all. Spoke nipples will never get rounded with a bit of light oil on the threads along with this wrench.

Reviewed 5/21/2018
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Review by YETI

Using a single size spoke wrench is the best way to go. This product works very well.
Daily Commuter

Its a good spoke wrench. Much better than using a multi type wrench.

Reviewed 4/26/2018
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Review by Anonymous

Great tool
by Anonymous
Competitive Racer
4 of 4 customers found this review helpful.

This is a great tool, it's easy to use and doesn't round off nipples or damage anodized finishes.

Reviewed 1/31/2013
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Review by Dinh

Can't go wrong!
by Dinh
Cycling Enthusiast

This wrench might cost a couple bucks more than other brand, but you can't go wrong with a classic. This is a must buy, real cyclists true their own wheels!!! OK...I am exaggerating..sorry...but if you think about truing your own wheels, buy this one.

Reviewed 1/10/2013
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