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Park Tool MB-1 Magnetic Parts Bowl

Park ToolMB-1 Magnetic Parts Bowl(Return to Product Page)

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Review by Anonymous

Great with steel parts
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast

Solid construction with nice fit and finish as expected from Park Tool. It struck me as a frivolous purchase but in fact it's been quite useful in practice, especially when working with steel bolts, a steel bike, and mostly-steel work stand. The combination makes it possible to place the bowl on just about anything within reach, including vertical surfaces, and have it and its contents stay securely in place. Wouldn't be quite as magical for someone working mostly with aluminum and carbon fiber I imagine.

Reviewed 4/8/2021
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Review by Anonymous

very helpful to have
by Anonymous
Competitive Racer
Portland, OR

This is a great item to help keep all your small parts in one place, and the magnet is very helpful! Makes sure all those tiny parts don't roll off and you can fit the bowl on your bike rack while working, on your toolbox, anywhere magnetized so it's close by where you need it. This is a great product.

Reviewed 3/25/2020
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Review by Jay Robinow

Fabulous tool that reduces frustration
by Jay Robinow
Overland Park

This simple magnetic bowl assists in managing many tear down activities that involve small parts and loose ball bearings. It's a life saver. It reduces the frustration of misplaced parts that have a tendency to get lost or misplaced.

Reviewed 1/17/2022
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Review by LadyDIVA

Every Profession can use this!!!
by LadyDIVA

I am a professional performersingeractress, and I use this bowl EVERY DAY for my Bobbi Pins!!! It's amazing and everyone who sees it wants one. I wish there were more colors... this is the only painted bowl I've seen. Of course the rest are stainless steel. I really want a pink one! I put this bowl on my dress rack.. sticks to it vertically!!! I have to quickly change my hairdos and wigs scene-to-scene, so I just throw the bobbi pins at the bowl and they stick! It's my FAVORITE and I can't get enough of it! All of my sisters (all singers) have one.


Reviewed 11/23/2015
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Review by Jeffd

A must for any shop
by Jeffd
Cycling Enthusiast

A magnetic parts bowl is a must for anyone who does any work on their bike. Its great for metal or non-metal parts and if you service any loose bearings its a necessity.

Reviewed 5/15/2014
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Review by BigDumbGuy

If I could afford it, I would have 1,000 of these!
by BigDumbGuy
Daily Commuter
Eugene, OR

As it is, I have three of these magnetic bowls and use them everywhere. The magnet is nice and strong and I can mount it vertically or even upside down (when I work on my truck). The metal bits stay in place and the blue is high contrast against most bits so it's easy to see what you're looking for. A great addition to any toolbox.

Reviewed 6/25/2018
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Review by Vb

Its a magnet bowl
by Vb

Does what it is supposed to

Reviewed 11/2/2017
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Review by Anonymous

Super durable
by Anonymous

Very strong magnet, paint doesn�t scratch easily

Reviewed 9/11/2020
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Review by Garzilla

Good value for the money
by Garzilla
Cycling Enthusiast

Not too expensive but very handy to throw your small parts in when working on a project. I tend to lose things so it does a good job of hanging on to them for when i need them. Only downside is that a lot of bike parts are non-ferrous and thus it acts just as a dish. Still, I would buy it again.

Reviewed 6/24/2013
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Review by bty

great product!
by bty
Cycling Enthusiast
Sacramento, CA
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Great product... saw a fridge repairman using the same bowl... except it wasn't blue and didn't say Park Tool on it!

Reviewed 9/21/2012
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