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Park Tool GG-1 Grease Gun

Park ToolGG-1 Grease Gun(Return to Product Page)

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Nice, but leaks
by Unhappy Park grease gun owner
Casual Cyclist

It's a nice looking Grease gun for those of us whom don't need a bulky gun. Easy to handle and easy to prime and squirts out fairly well. Only problem I have with it, is the bottom cap is not sealed, so it leaks grease. Park Tools response to me when asking why it's doing this, was that it is normal. That there is no issue and well...in a nice way they told me to get used to it. Honestly, this product is far too expensive when there are others available online for as little as $12 that do not leak grease on the bottom. For now, I have this holstered upside down to prevent the grease from dripping out. I will eventually be replacing.

Reviewed 2/23/2021
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Great product from Park. Works as described. I purchased 2.
by Consonus
Cycling Enthusiast
Portland, OR

I apply a little grease to my clip in shoes and pedals prior to every ride. This prevents squeaking as surfaces rub together. The process of clipping in and out is smooth as well. The grease gun delivers a small (precise) amount of material that I spread across surfaces.

Reviewed 2/14/2022
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Pretty handy grease gun
by Ro
Ft. Lauderdale

Its a pretty handy grease gun. I normally use a syringe for a while until it broke, so I replaced it with this sturdy grease gun. It squirts out a fine line of grease with out making a mess, the only issue I found is having to push in the bottom section from time to time to prime it, other than that is works really well.

Reviewed 6/8/2020
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Useful tool for precision greasing tasks
by IslandRider
Competitive Racer
Maui Hawaii
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This is not a 'must have' tool but if you do your own wrenching, it's useful, particularly for precision applications of grease in tight spaces, like re-lubricating 'sealed' bearings (after you pick the seals out), headsets, pedal spindles, etc. It's not expensive so if you have room in your shop or tool storage, it's something that's nice to have around. My main issue with this tool is the design of the grease canister. It lacks a cap on the bottom so dirt can potentially contaminate the tube. I'm keeping my eyes open for a rubber cap to use on the bottom and have confidence that I'll find something suitable. The other issue with the canister is that it lacks a self adjusting plunger. There is just a plug that you have to push up manually to keep the grease under pressure so that it self-feeds as it's used. Kind of like the whole plunger was an afterthought. Otherwise, it's a great and useful tool and no regrets on the purchase. It's good to save the box it comes in for storage. If you don't have a clean, sealed storage container, this thing is going to be messy and will likely get contaminated.

Reviewed 6/28/2018
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