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Park Tool CM-5.3 Cyclone Chain Scrubber

Park ToolCM-5.3 Cyclone Chain Scrubber(Return to Product Page)

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User submitted reviews

Review by mph66

Does a good job, but falls apart easily
by mph66
Cycling Enthusiast
SoCo, RI
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Pros: Cleans the chain easily, and without having to take it off the bike. Then, I can take the top part off and dip a toothbrush into it to scrub the jockey wheels and the crank, getting the whole drive train nice and clean.

Cons: Falls apart after a few months like a politician's campaign promises. Not good. The pins that hold the clips onto the unit fall out. The handle fell off, in my hand, while spinning the crank. Lovely degreaser swill all over the basement floor. Aggro-ed the wife. Not good. I think there is an incompatibility in the materials Park uses and the degreaser chemicals. Seems to attack the epoxy they use to keep this thing together. Without the handle, I can still use the unit, but with the clips gone, I can either buy this one, or lay out bigger money for the aluminum one, but if you read the reviews, that unit has its issues as well.

Reviewed 9/27/2022
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Review by Anonymous

not that simple
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast

This seemed like a good idea, so I tried one. It was disappointing. For years I have simply removed my chain and cleaned it in solvent in a small pail. After buying this, that is what I will continue to do for a regular bike. There is little to taking off a chain and reinstalling it. It cleans easier and better in a pail and the pail is easier to clean up than the Cyclone. Besides, once the chain is off the bike, it's easier to clean the derailleur parts.

My wife is short and has two bikes with a small frame size. The Cyclone's length makes it nearly impossible to use on these. When you turn the crank, there was no clearance between the pedal's rearward position and where you need to hold the Cyclone.

I give it some credit because I bought this primarily to clean the chain for my recumbent trike which has about 2.5 times the chain of a standard bike and removing the chain and re-routing the chain through the various tubes and idlers is not as quick and simple as removing a traditional bike's chain. It has a benefit for a quick cleaning on the recumbent. You need a large bucket and lots of solvent for that much chain!

Reviewed 8/20/2022
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Review by Brian

Works perfectly
by Brian

This makes is very easy and fast to fully clean a chain with some simple green

The only downside is that these only last a year or so before falling apart but it�s still worth it and overall cost for the cleaning tool ends up being about $2-3 a month

Reviewed 8/19/2023
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Review by John

Easy to Use , Works Great
by John
Cycling Enthusiast
Sarasota, FL

Very easy to use and does a great job of cleaning the chain with minimal mess

Reviewed 12/1/2023
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Review by dlittman

Very nice product, easy to use
by dlittman
Cycling Enthusiast
Cleveland Ohio USA
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

This is a must-have product for road riders who, like me, ride in the winter amidst salt & grit on the roads. I have also used it on my old bike, mounted on a Kickr Core in the basement, whose chain needed cleaning & lubrication.

Reviewed 1/10/2022
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Review by Defyguy

Ez money
by Defyguy
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

This product is simple to use and does a great job at making your chain shine. My friends chain on a bike he bought recently was almost black. It made it shine like a new silver chain. My friend was amazed!

I'd buy again. In fact I bought another one as a gift. Love it.

Reviewed 10/31/2021
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Review by Coots Paul

by Coots Paul
chico, Ca.

Meet my expectations. PC

Reviewed 1/27/2023
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Review by ESantoa

Great quality
by ESantoa
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Very useful and well made tool. Standard parktool quality

Reviewed 1/17/2023
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Review by Ted W.

Works well
by Ted W.
Cycling Enthusiast
Portland, OR
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

Easy to use. Just be careful when closing the clips that hold top and bottom pieces together and removing the magnet from the bottom - they are easy to misplace or lose. Works well with degreaser or Simple Green or Dawn detergent.

Reviewed 9/2/2021
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Review by Chris

Quick and easy cleaning
by Chris
Cycling Enthusiast
Boston, MA
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

The quickest way to get the chain clean without removing it. Easy to use, we'll see how the plastic holds up over time.

Reviewed 7/21/2022
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Review by Steve

Great product
by Steve
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

The product is durable and very easy to use. What more needs to be said?!

Reviewed 9/13/2021
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