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Orange Seal Cycling 16oz Sealant Refill

Orange Seal Cycling16oz Sealant Refill(Return to Product Page)

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Review by OR_biker

Favorite sealant
by OR_biker
Portland, OR

Have tried a few other types of sealant but Orange has worked the best for me. Got tired of all the punctures I was getting while commuting, especially during winter. Finally went tubeless a couple years ago. It hasn't sealed up every puncture, but it's greatly reduced the frequency and Orange even more so than the others I've tried. Several times I've made it home and could tell a tire had lost some air and found one or more spots of dried sealant on the tire casing. It's reassuring because it allowed me to get home without having to possibly stop in a sketchy area to fix a flat and all I have to do is top up the air and it's ready for the next day.

Reviewed 1/26/2023
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Review by Aaron

Works great and seals my tires
by Aaron

This is what my LBS recommends, tires hold great pressure with this!

Reviewed 9/4/2023
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Review by Terry M

First tubeless setup and it works
by Terry M
Cycling Enthusiast
Clewiston Florida

My first tubeless setup in my road 700 x 32 tires and about 800 miles, picked up a piece of glass and sprung a leak on a front tire, yes I did get sprayed with sealant but in about 1/4 of a mile the tire sealed itself and I was able to remove the glass piece and added more sealant to the tire and have ridden that tire another 1300 miles with no problems. I added 2 oz on the initial setup and add 1 oz about every 45 days or so to keep liquid in the tires due to the South Florida Heat.

Reviewed 2/3/2022
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Review by ledavis123

by ledavis123
Cycling Enthusiast
Flemingsburg, KY

I use the Orange Seal for punctures in my tubular tires. Several punctures fixed due to the broken wires of worn vehicle radial tires. Orange Seal takes care of these punctures with ease. Orange Seal is my go to sealant for tubulars.

Reviewed 9/9/2022
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Review by Anonymous

Seems to work
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
Seattle, WA

I was able to setup my wheels tubeless without any trouble. This sealant seems to work, although it's hard to tell if I've had any punctures that needed sealing. I would buy and use this sealant again.

Reviewed 8/26/2022
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Review by Anonymous

My Favorite tubeless sealant
by Anonymous
Baxk Hills of South Dakota

Always works great and doesn't clog the valve stem if you have do a quick refill.

Reviewed 2/21/2022
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Review by Doug

It works.
by Doug
Santa Cruz mountains, California

I use Orange Seal With a set of Conti GP5000 tubeless tires. I add an ounce to each about every 5 weeks (per their recommendation). Tires hold air, not sure what else I'd notice.

Reviewed 8/30/2021
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Review by Bikeaholic

Seems good; I like the measuring gauge on side of bottle.
by Bikeaholic
Cycling Enthusiast
Healdsburg, CA
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I'm new to tubeless, so I cannot say how well the product seals. I have gotten a puncture that did NOT self-seal and I used a Dynaplug to fix.

Reviewed 1/12/2021
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