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Oakley Jawbreaker Photochromic Sunglasses

OakleyJawbreaker Photochromic Sunglasses(Return to Product Page)

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User submitted reviews

Review by Anonymous

The best
by Anonymous
North Georgia

I have three pairs of Oakley jawbreaker sunglasses and after wearing these the other two don�t get much road time anymore,glad I got these and they were on sale to boot.

Reviewed 1/11/2024
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Review by Brt

Gotta be the Best..
by Brt
Cycling Enthusiast
7 of 7 customers found this review helpful.

Some things I am real cheap about and it took me at least 3 months before I finally pulled the trigger and bought these glasses, what I wanted was the Polarized lenses with Matte black frames, but events made it so I had to make a decision and I bought these and it was a game changing choice. At first I was not happy that they did not get dark in direct sun light ( they do reduce most of the glare though kind of like clear Polarized), so much so that I ordered a Prizm Road Lens the week after they arrived but during that week of wearing them during 8 plus hours of riding I noticed I could see things that I was not used to seeing and 1 ride I wore my old pair of Smith Attack Polarized on a very sunny day and REALLY wanted my Oakleys. The only time these lenses are a bit edgy is in direct in your face sun rise, but this morning I road a 30 mile loop before work and used the Prizm Road lens because of the sun rise thing and they did cool down the brightness a bit but I could not see anything in the shadow of the shoulder that I am used to seeing with the PhotoChromic lens. These are by far the best riding lenses made and I think BY FAR the best. Lastly add the best cycling frames and I feel silly about not stepping for them a long time ago. I have a large head and these fit and look outstanding, people with smaller heads may have a fit problem..

Reviewed 9/3/2018
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Review by davesdog

Highly recommended
by davesdog
Casual Cyclist
Birmingham, AL

This are the best cycling glasses I have used in the last 8 years, Compared what I have been using - the Smith Pivlock Arena Max , these fit better, are made much better, don't fog up and look great. Highly recommended.

Reviewed 3/30/2023
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Review by Dana

by Dana
Cycling Enthusiast
Santa Clarita, CA
4 of 5 customers found this review helpful.

I used these for around 12,000 miles ('til a crash last week and losing them in a bush somewhere after they flew off my face) - they scratch up fairly easy, and the massive frame around the lens is particularly annoying, especially when looking back as it obstructs vision a bit. The frame also adds weight, causing the glasses to slide down your nose when you get sweaty and ride in the drops. The lens was great in darker conditions, alleviating the need for clear glasses....but riding into fairly direct sunlight, you'll be blinded as these lenses do not get very dark. However, I just upgraded to Shimano S-Phyre R1 glasses, and it took just one ride to determine they blow anything Oakley out of the water in comfortergonomics, visibility, airflow and weight....just have to see how durable they'll be over time. The Jawbreakers look really cool though, but that's about the only thing they have going for them.

Reviewed 3/3/2019
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Review by Off Roader

Nice glasses
by Off Roader
Cycling Enthusiast
San Francisco, Ca.
1 of 5 customers found this review helpful.

Their better than I thought also great lens

Reviewed 12/6/2018
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Review by Wake777

Great glasses
by Wake777
Competitive Racer
Charlotte, NC
5 of 5 customers found this review helpful.

These are great glasses. Really like the fact that they are photochromic. Lenses turn dark in bright sunlight and turn clear in the shade or overcast conditions.

HDR optics are just as advertised, no burring or distortion of vision. Best glasses out there.

Some may not like that the rim does effect peripheral vision, when looking behind to check for traffic, but doesn't bother me. May want to look at the Oakley Radar photochromic if you think the rim may bother you.

Reviewed 8/10/2018
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Review by Lalo Rivas

Awesome Glasses
by Lalo Rivas
Competitive Racer
Monterrey Mexico
3 of 3 customers found this review helpful.

This are the best cycling sunglasses I've used, I start cycling early in the morning when is dark and finish when the sun is up.. Photo-chromatic is the way to go. Also, I wear contacts and they have perfect ventilation.

Reviewed 7/9/2018
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Review by Anonymous

winter time
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
santa barbara California, United States

these are great for winter time riding when the sun is low , my other oakleys are too dark for this time of year

Reviewed 2/8/2021
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Review by Spachter

Jawbreaker sunglasses
by Spachter
norfolk virginia
3 of 3 customers found this review helpful.

Amazing, I got the transition so on later Tides they are clear and dark in the sun. I wear contacts and they are large enough to protect against wind and contacts drying but let air flow so dont fog on rides.

Reviewed 11/3/2017
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Review by vernimal

photochmic lenses
by vernimal
Cycling Enthusiast
Las Vegas, NV
0 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Fit great on any helmet, light and comfortable. Interchangeable lenses. Great optics

Reviewed 2/14/2020
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Review by Napaguy

Great visibility
by Napaguy
Cycling Enthusiast
Napa, CA

I like the size, good coverage and great visibility. The lenses are exceptional, they get darker as the sun gets more intense. Could not be happier.

Reviewed 3/22/2019
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