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Nuun SPORT+ Caffeine Hydration (10 Tablets)

NuunSPORT+ Caffeine Hydration (10 Tablets)(Return to Product Page)

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User submitted reviews

Review by Anonymous

Water, but better
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
Southern Maine

Plain water can be fine for hydration depending on your other fueling, but there are two use cases where I really like to have these tablets added to one of my bottles:

1. On rides over an hour, but less than two, I often find that a bottle of water with a Nuun tablet is sufficient fueling, and I don't need anything else (gel, bar, etc.).

2. On very hot days, water with Nuun seems to go a little farther than just plain water for keeping up with hydration.

I wouldn't necessarily seek out the flavor off the bike, but it's light enough to be inoffensive, and I do think that in addition the electrolytes and caffeine there is some psychological boost to drinking flavored water and feeling more satisfied than with plain water.

Reviewed 5/19/2022
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Review by SixSeven

My go to
by SixSeven
Cycling Enthusiast
NE Florida

I use Nuun Sport Caffeine on my long ride. I've tried other brands and now make Nuun my go to. The right mix of flavor and boost.

Reviewed 1/30/2020
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Review by Ed Townsend

Hydration support
by Ed Townsend
Berlin, MD

I have used these a number of times in the hot humid summer and have performed well and felt relatively good after the rides. Granted I have no real idea if it was a result of the supplement or "dumb luck" . They do dissolve well and have a good if muted taste

Reviewed 9/7/2021
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Review by Old rider

Dont stay thirsty my friends
by Old rider
st louis

Easy to carry and Helps you stay hydrated

Reviewed 6/26/2020
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Review by Steve F.

by Steve F.

Definitely helps my energy levels on long rides, the taste isn't the best but it's better than plain water for sure.

Reviewed 12/28/2018
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Review by Anonymous

I like them!
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast

I mostly drink only water while riding the bike, but for times when it's hot, Nunn's flavor is subtle, and easy to drink. Caffeine dose is small, so it's only barely noticeable, but it does help keep you moving late in the day.

Reviewed 10/25/2018
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Review by Triall55

Good Electrolyte drink without the heavy Sugar taste.
by Triall55
Cycling Enthusiast
Laconia, NH

Great to just drop the tablet in water and it fizzes up for a nice tasting drink without the sugar. Vitamin b's and caffeine give a boost on long rides.

Reviewed 7/5/2018
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Review by IslandRider

Convenient and Seems to Work
by IslandRider
Competitive Racer
Maui Hawaii
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I ride in a very warm and often humid climate. Rides of 40 miles or more, especially with lots of climbing, can be a recipe for cramping so supplementing with electrolytes is a good preventative measure. I've tried Hammer Products as well but I like these better because they have caffeine and a shot of B vitamins. I personally like the light boost from the caffeine on a long ride. The taste of this stuff is not too overpowering and there's no strong, fake sweetener, which can be hard to take when you're doing hard efforts. I use this stuff in at least one of my two bottles for all my rides of more than 30 or 40 miles. I also distance paddle outrigger canoe and SUP on the ocean and it works great for that too.

Reviewed 3/15/2018
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Review by Tim R

I like it ... ah lot
by Tim R
Cycling Enthusiast
Beautiful East Dallas, Texas

Use by themselves and they are pretty good.

Add one to pineapple Skratch and you're in flavor country!

Reviewed 4/19/2021
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Review by Anonymous

Best drink
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
Eugene, OR

I wanted to use something with out sugar unlike the big G. This product is that! Love it.

Reviewed 8/14/2017
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Review by Fran

I like it and use it every day.
by Fran
Ft. Worth Texas

I drink A glass of water with an electrolyte desolved in it every morning and I feel great. I have recomended it to several of my friends and it seems to help theit aces and pains also.

Reviewed 3/7/2019
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