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Michelin Power Road TS Tire

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Review by B''ham Biker

Not as good as the Pro 4 Endurance
by B''ham Biker
Cycling Enthusiast
5 of 7 customers found this review helpful.

Bought this tire for using in the wet weather, since it was directional and had a modicum of tread. That was a mistake. Granted, I have ridden it this winter when there was a lot of grit on the roads from sanding, but 4 flats in about 6 weeks over about 500 miles is ridiculous. It is definitely not as puncture resistant as the Pro 4 Endurance tire from Michelin. I have ridden a set of those for at least 5000 miles over 2 years and had only 2 flats total. The Pro 4 Endurance is my go to tire from Michelin. It's at least as good as the Continental Gatorskin and I think has more road feel and a lower rolling resistance.

Reviewed 2/14/2022
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Review by Boz2319

Michelin Tires, always grippy.
by Boz2319
Modesto, California
6 of 6 customers found this review helpful.

Michelin has always built a tire in my 35 years if riding/racing are excellent for climbing and a tire that sticks to gtound in high speed situations. This tire has given me great rides.

Positives-Tire sticks to the road cornering and descending.

Negatives- Michelins will always have a tight bead, therefore a little more difficult to install/replace tubes on any rim.

Michelin's 700 x23 is slightly wider then what the Continental 5000 GP 700x23. Both are great in there own right.

I ride on some of the worst roads in California, potholes, rock and shale, glass and trash.

I gave 4 stars for the difficulty of the install.

Reviewed 10/22/2021
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Review by Scotty

Nice tire, continuing the Michelin tradition
by Scotty
Cycling Enthusiast
Charlotte, NC
3 of 3 customers found this review helpful.

I'm using these tires on my Trek Emonda, typically on faster group rides and climbing trips on the Blue Ridge Parkway. I bought them to have something dependable at faster speeds when descending in the mountains, and for puncture resistance in general. After 2,000 miles on the set, I have had no punctures, and have enjoyed the comfortable ride the Pro Series has always provided. I have found the larger 28 mm to be as fast as the 25's, and provide a little more shock absorption. I'd highly recommend the Power Road TS.

Reviewed 8/26/2021
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Review by RayCray

A great tire!
by RayCray
Cycling Enthusiast
Elk Grove, Ca
8 of 8 customers found this review helpful.

I have about 600 miles on these so far and I'm really liking them. I can honestly I can feel a real difference with them. At higher speeds (+30 mph) they are super smooth riding. Climbing, a little better for me - I'm not all that good of a climber, but bet someone who is good at climbing would like these. Durability, so far is great! no flats (yet) no cuts and wear is barely showing. Some of the roads I ride are pretty jacked-up, rough with patch up jobs; holes and lots of trash, like glass and metal. These tires thus far are holding up real good!

With these tires, my confidence is coming back - it had been really mashed down due flats and dangerous times while riding.

Reviewed 7/1/2021
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Review by Tony Down

The best tire I have used on my Roubaix
by Tony Down
Cycling Enthusiast
Dolores CO
8 of 8 customers found this review helpful.

I'm on a mission to ride around the Equator, a distance of 24,902 miles! Earlier this year I was suffering almost daily "flats" from thorns and sharp gravel, this annoyance continued even after swopping tires twice from my normal Gatorskins to another manufacturer. Sadly no better, and even with the addition of liners, those flats were still almost a daily ritual! Then I saw the Michelin in all its glory, read the write ups, and thought I'd give them a try as they color coordinated with my S Works Roubaix. Now the bike looks even more stunning and the real beauty is that since I fitted them 2 months ago I HAVE NOT HAD A SINGLE FLAT!! yes, indeed go figure that, they are without doubt the best bicycle tire I have EVER used!

Reviewed 11/13/2020
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Review by Boz

Great tire for the price.
by Boz
Central Valley, California
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Michelin's in my 35 years of riding, have always been the toughest for installing and replacing a tube. This tire sticks to the road on fast descents and hairpin turns. Treadlife is borderline. Where I live has lot of chip-seal on the road, so lots of rock and shale can effect tread life.

It does have wear mark reminders and they are directional specific on rotation installation.

Reviewed 5/20/2022
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Review by Anonymous

Great Looking Tires
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
Thornton, CO
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Wanted red tires to match my new red carbon wheels and found these.

Great tires for the prices.

Easier to changes tubes than most, great rolling resistance.

And, I have experienced fewer flats,

Reviewed 3/17/2022
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Review by Leo

These tires are AWESOME!!!
by Leo
Cycling Enthusiast
Dallas, TX

put these tires on my Pinarello F8. This bikes only has a 25mm max clearance and I really wanted something grippy, that was really going to grab the road. This is exactly what these tires did. When going upright and straight, they roll real smooth and easy, giving me much better rolling resistance. Definitely have way more confidence on my turns at higher speeds. Plus I love the red color and how it matches with my bike.

Reviewed 2/12/2022
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Review by Anonymous

Good tire for the money
by Anonymous
Competitive Racer
Blue Ridge Mountains, NC
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

Been riding these since they were first introduced. They have lasted twice as long as the predecessor Pro4 and feel more supple than Conti 5000s. And they are relatively easy to mount barehanded.

Reviewed 12/17/2021
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Review by Bill K

Great rolling Tires
by Bill K
Cycling Enthusiast
Bluffton SC
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

I have been using Michelin tires for well over twenty years, the rubber on these is harder then the previous power competition there more resistant to cutting, I lowered the pressure on these by 5 lbs to achieve the same quality ride

Reviewed 12/17/2021
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Review by J Taylor

Trusted Performance
by J Taylor
North Carolina

My purely subjective experience over several years has been that that Michelin provides better protection against punctures but is less compliant and not as comfortable as Continental, even at a lower psi. Both are great tires; I've just chosen fewer flats over comfort.

Reviewed 11/6/2021
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Review by bboy_tab

Very Grippy!
by bboy_tab

Took 2 long rides got caught in a downpour the last 25 miles - didn’t matter! These tires stick to the road. That’s Michelin for you!! Don’t think twice, get em!

Reviewed 10/21/2021
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Review by BicycleKitty

Very nice, reliable road tire
by BicycleKitty
Cycling Enthusiast
Portland, OR
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

These are great tires! Lightweight, fast, thick enough to prevent some punctures, and reliable on the descents. Way to go, Michelin!

Reviewed 9/9/2021
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Review by JR

Michelin wins again
by JR
Camano Island, WA
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Replaced a set of Michelin 700/23 tires with these ne Michies and found the fit on the rim absolutely perfect, the tube insertion was simple, they look great, and.

the handling is smooth, shoulder grip solid, and pedal input response the best I've had the pleasure to enjoy ever!

Durability is unknown, but the way they feel and respond gives me the gut feel they will be worth every penny for a long time.

Reviewed 8/26/2021
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Review by Gil

Confidence inspiring tire
by Gil
Cycling Enthusiast
Southern California
3 of 4 customers found this review helpful.

I have only done 100+ mile so far but this tire is performing quite well. Quick rolling and grippy on corners. Such a great tire. My previous tires were the Continental Grand Prix 5000s and the rear tire was prone to cuts that eventually resulted in frequent flats.

Reviewed 7/23/2021
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Review by Anson

So Far So Good
by Anson
5 of 5 customers found this review helpful.

Coming from Conti 4000s and 5000s, I'm used to quick rolling, above average puncture protection and supple rides. I decided to switch up and try some of these. The rolling resistance is noticeably higher, the ride isn't as smooth but on the flip side the puncture protection seems to be just as good or better than the Conti 4 and 5000s. Solid tire, would recommend.

Reviewed 7/8/2021
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Review by santambrogio

The right compromise of lightness and on the road duarbility.
by santambrogio
Cycling Enthusiast
Santa Monica, CA
2 of 3 customers found this review helpful.

200 miles a week road cycling. Tubed version, 28 and 25 mm, like the the slick thread without decorative threads, the casing appears well built, the right compromise of casing and tread toughness and real on the road performance.

Reviewed 2/8/2021
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Review by Anonymous

by Anonymous

Fits and look great

Reviewed 4/25/2022
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Review by wooley pig

Perfect color for the bike I used them on
by wooley pig
Santa Cruz CA
0 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Used the tires on a 1978 Peugeot PS10

Reviewed 4/4/2022
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Review by Anonymous

Excellent tire
by Anonymous
Dallas, Tx
0 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

I ride over 3,000 miles/year..don't think you will not be disappointed.

Reviewed 3/31/2022
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