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Mavic Ellipse Track Wheelset

MavicEllipse Track Wheelset(Return to Product Page)

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User submitted reviews

Review by Darren

Awesome wheels!
by Darren
Monterey County California

I wanted a set of wheels that I can train on and put in some work on the streets so I looked no further than mavic. Smooth, stiff, and durable wheel. Great for velo or street use!

Reviewed 2/20/2017
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Review by henry.crun

excellent wheels
by henry.crun
Cycling Enthusiast
sf bay area
3 of 3 customers found this review helpful.

bought a set of these in 2012 to replace the oem wheels which were also an ellipse wheelset but mavic modified the design in the meanwhile, greatly improving the braking surface. on a fixed gear bike, unless you're insane, you use the brakes far more than on a freewheel equipped machine. the oem wheels couldn't take that abuse. the replacement wheels could and have. i've more than 20,000 km on these wheels and they're nowhere near as scary looking with that usage as the original set. they've basically been trouble-free.

only complaints are the hubs tend to collect rust, which is unsightly, and the decals have started peeling off, which is also unsightly.

Reviewed 9/13/2015
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Review by Anonymous

by Anonymous

Smooth as silk lighting fast. Great all around wheelset

Reviewed 11/9/2018
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Review by jcruiz78

great wheelset
by jcruiz78
Competitive Racer
Baja, Mexico.

Its a great wheelset, excellent for training or racing, even your fixie will look great!!!

Reviewed 1/27/2014
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Review by cody

affordable, high quality track wheel set, good for the road
by cody
Cycling Enthusiast
Brooklyn, NY
3 of 5 customers found this review helpful.

These wheels are great! i had some deep v's before and i am very impressed at the strength, lightness and they are so aero! Love the double track rear hub, as long as you have a wrench, its easy enough to switch back and forth from your daily commute, or if you want to kill it at the track. I didnt think the aero spokes would make a big difference but you can really feel them cutting through the air. Maintenance is super easy with the provided wrench for the hubs. Plus, Mavic has some good logo designers working over there!

Reviewed 1/10/2013
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Review by Anonymous

Great Wheelset!
by Anonymous
Casual Cyclist

These are the 2011 Mavic Ellipse Wheelset.

Great, solid wheels. Although not the lightest wheels out there, for the price they are pretty great.

Come true straight out of the box, includes stickers and lockring. Decals are removable leaving a glossy black rim. Spokes are bladed for that extra aero-ness.

You will need to use the lockring provided through Mavic as they were specifically made for the ellipse wheelset, I hear without the mavic lockring anything else will start slipping with usage.

I would recommend these.

Reviewed 11/26/2012
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Review by schroeder

Great wheel, light wheel, use it everyday.
by schroeder
Cycling Enthusiast
Boise, ID
2 of 3 customers found this review helpful.

I've had these wheels for a couple months now and have ridden them everyday since. And they are pretty fantastic. They are light but don't sacrifice durability to achieve it. I read reviews of people saying that they had to continually adjust the rear axle because it kept tightening up on them when they skid, but I have yet to have that happen. The bearings are super smooth and will roll for days once you break em in. They best thing about them, they look super cool, and fast. I love the low spoke count and aero design. So if you want a fast, good looking wheel but don't want to pay $600 to get it, buy these wheels. You won't regret it.

Reviewed 10/16/2012
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Review by Anonymous

Rock Solid Wheel set at a Great Price
by Anonymous
Competitive Racer
Cleveland Oh.

I use them on the Track and they are a Rock Solid Wheel. Very Smooth and Fast.

Reviewed 10/1/2012
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Review by slim_mils

Great set of wheels
by slim_mils
Cycling Enthusiast
New York, NY

Bought them just in time for the summer, pretty tough wheels. It rides really smooth and they're very light. Reduced the weight of my bike, I felt the difference. Definitely worth every penny.

Reviewed 7/23/2012
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