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Mavic Cosmic Ultimate Triathlon Shoe

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Great Aero shoes
by AR Mously
Competitive Racer
Portland, OR
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I got this pair for my first Ironman, and I was impressed with the quality of the shoe, overall i think it is one of the best deals out there especially at this price, here are some things i really like

-Light & very stiff ... first thing you will notice about this shoe is how light and incredibly yellow it is. This pair also has a minimalist design, simple but effective. For stiffness, the sole and back panel are full carbon, so you will feel the stiffness while riding, your feet basically becomes a part of the bike.

-Ventilation - The front mesh coupled with the bottom vents work pretty good to keep a good air flow and prevents moisture build up.

-Good Fit - the fit was true to size, i ordered this online from the first time and the size i ordered worked great. The strap was pretty long at first, but after cutting it to fit my size, it works great.

-Comfortable ... The shoe is pretty comfortable, i don't feel any toeankle discomfort until maybe after 3 hours of riding, and its never bad.

-Color - while yellow is pretty strong color, it serves pretty good on the road if you want to be more visible.

overall, this is a solid pair of shoes, strongly recommended.

Reviewed 6/13/2017
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