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Mavic Comete Ultimate Road Shoe

MavicComete Ultimate Road Shoe(Return to Product Page)

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Havent used it yet.
by Eric
S Cali
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Looks good.

Fits good. Little on the wider side.

Reviewed 1/30/2020
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Very expensive shoe that wont do what you want it to without some work.....
Competitive Racer
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I really hate to give a less than awesome review to such an expensive, luxury item, but I have to review it honestly.

The shoe isnt BAD in a quality control type of way, nor is it uncomfortable. The issue is the shoe isnt going to be a super shoe without some work. If you shove your foot into the shoe, get excited and cinch them down, they feel like any other shoe, theres nothing special about them. The reason is its a shoe, and it has to fit many feet. The insoles provided, including the thicker one with the bigger metatarsal bump, are useless unless you happen to have a foot that is more on the flat side. If you have even a medium arch, or a high one, the junk insole in this shoe (or most any cycling shoe) is useless and youre not getting power down evenly across the foot.

If youre fortunate enough to be able to make your feet work with over the counter insoles that give you a better footbed, do so. I can make them work, some brands not, but most I can. I do however have a set of footbeds I had made for me, which are better since they were custom made, and of course they are going to match my foot perfectly, thats the point behind them. And they do provide a considerable difference in comfort, and also power output. Ive been fit beforeafter them and the measured power was enough more that it was worth it, but I have mediumhigh arches, so I needed the support. Some dont, so dont get wrapped up chasing claimed power numbers, everyone is different.

Also, Im a 45 in almost every shoe, standard width. I went with the 11 in these, as the 1010.5 would have been too small. I think Id rather the 11 be a smidge smaller, but honestly with the footbeds in there, my feet dont move either way. The heal retention on these is very good, you can put your foot in there and barely tighten them, and you dont slip. That part is exceptional.

The Boa dials are also good, but not better than a pair of any other high-end shoe, its a dial, with a lace through it. When tightened, I do not get pressure points either.

I wish the sole was marked with more lines for cleat mounting purposes. It has the standard up down left right lines with markers along the lines, but I think other shoe companies do it better.

The shoe is VERY light, even in the 11 size. The shoe stiffness is stiff, however not anything more or less noticeable than any other high end road shoe. The stack height is definitely thin as well, if youre finicky with your bike fit, you could drop your seat height to compensate. I left mine alone it doesnt matter that much to me.

So if you want an off the shelf wonder shoe, these arent it. They do as good as they can with the upperssolesweightstiffness and all of that, but the real meat and potatoes of a shoe is in the

Reviewed 5/11/2019
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