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Mavic 2018 Cosmic Pro Carbon SL UST Wheelset

Mavic2018 Cosmic Pro Carbon SL UST Wheelset(Return to Product Page)

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Sorry to say I am disappointed in the product.
Competitive Racer
Charlotte, NC

I had high hopes for these wheels. They had everything I was looking for carbon, light, tubeless.

I bought these and the carbon ksysiriums sister wheels. Both carbon, light, tubeless. In the span of two months I have had three flats.

One of them, the sealant repaired itself. But the other two, the leak was close to the edge of the rim, I just heard it and all air went out. It is a pain to get this in an organized event like a century and be stuck with it. Going wiht tubes from now on, these tires are just too fragile.

Reviewed 7/16/2018
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Made the transition from tubular to tubeless, and don't regret it at all.
by TXPearl
Cycling Enthusiast

Finally got tired of the hassles of a tubular setup....gluing tires and all that. I had recently switched the wife's bike to tubeless and she agreed it worked as advertised.....a smoother, easier, more comfortable ride at lower psi. This wheelset delivers the same in a high-performance package. It's turnkey, includes everything you need....wheels, tires, sealant, valve stems, & brake pads. And they look good, to boot.

So far, I've put about 400 miles on them and have been very pleased. I run them at 80psi (about the max recommended pressure) and they're smooth, fast and comfortable. They take the edge off of chipseal and other rough surfaces. Bearingshub have a smooth, solid feel. Handling feels as good or better than my tubulars did (note that this is a wider tire, 25mm, vs. a 22mm tubular, so not applesapples).

Too early to tell about tire life and flat resistance, but so far I'm pleased and would recommend.

Reviewed 6/5/2018
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Overall very nice
by Yoshi San
Cycling Enthusiast
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Overall very nice wheelset.


Fast, light, comfortable.


Noisy Freehub (I prefer stealth)

Noisy Braking

Tires didn't last long.

Actually Mavic's hubris in forcing you to buy their semi-lame and overpriced tires to get their wheels is kind of impressive.

Reviewed 5/9/2018
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Great all-around wheelset
by Anonymous
Daily Commuter
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I've been on these now for about 600 miles. They are a replacement for a very good set of wheels I hated to part with. I had high expectations.

Observations so far

- Comfortable, Likely mostly due to the 25mm tires but I feel like they are more vertically compliant than other carbon wheels I tested.

- Great lateral stiffness. Power is there the moment I start a sprint.

- Breaking is much better than expected. Significantly better them my older carbon wheelset.

- Freehub has a little more friction then I'd like but it has loosened up over time. I'm sure this is due to a good weather seal which is not a bad thing.

- Easy hub maintenance.

- Breaking hard is very loud.

- Spin-up is fast and fell light.

- Hard to tell without serious test equipment but they feel fast for a 40mm profile. In any case, this is a good profile compromise.

- Tubeless mounted easily with a floor pump

So far I consider these a super value especially when you include tires. I put the Included tires on another bike and some Schwalbe pro 1 tubeless on these. Excellent combo. however, the Mavic tires are much better then I expected and I would not hesitate to run them on this race bike.

Reviewed 3/5/2018
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