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Look Keo Grip Replacement Cleats

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User submitted reviews

Review by Jason S.

Very happy with Look
by Jason S.
Long Beach CA

The grip pads are tough! I'm still using the original cleats that came with the pedals. The way these cleats are holding up, I may not put on the replacements until next year. Good stuff!

Reviewed 5/13/2015
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Review by jbee

the price is right on this itme.. love it..
by jbee
Cycling Enthusiast
haledon nj

im satisfied on all my order form you guys ..

Reviewed 2/13/2015
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Review by Anonymous

Thank you for the recommendation to switch to the grey model!
by Anonymous
Elk Grove, CA

The new grey version of the cleats are great! So much easier to disengage from the pedals.

Reviewed 6/28/2020
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Review by michae

excellent product, position on keo pedals stable, light, easy clip and release
by michae
Competitive Racer
Ft Lauderdale

I race on the florida series and recommend this product on road races, circuits and crits, great climbing as well off seat.

Reviewed 12/19/2014
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Review by chulce

Easy to install, work well
by chulce
Competitive Racer
Menomonee Falls, WI
3 of 3 customers found this review helpful.

Look Keo cleats are lightweight and I have never had one break. But if you wear your cycling shoes to walk around when you stop (at food breaks during centuries) the cleats will experience wear from concrete abrasion (I did 17 centuries this year). If you are a high mileage biker like me (over 10,000 miles per year), you go through several sets of cleats per year.

Install tip - wash and dry the bottom of your bike shoe & cleat. Then take a pencil or marker and trace it around your old cleat before removal. Then remove old cleat and install new cleat in that tracing. Periodically check the screws on your cleat to ensure they are tight and also keep the cleat clean to avoid undo wear.

Another tip - use cleat covers when you walk around in your bike shoes.

Reviewed 10/9/2014
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Review by Anonymous

by Anonymous

These are great cleats. Easy to setup if youre replacing your cleats. Pair them up w your KEO Max 2 pedals. If youre a casual rider there are some vids on YouTube to help you set them up. If youre doing long rides I recommend getting fitted for your bike.

Reviewed 5/9/2020
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Review by guslaruffa

Look Keo pedal cleats
by guslaruffa
Commerce Township
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Clips very easy to install, work very well in conjunction with my Sidi shoes

Reviewed 3/21/2022
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Review by Anonymous

Quick delivery, product was exactly what i ordered, love these cleats
by Anonymous
Competitive Racer
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Use these all the time, great cleats

Reviewed 5/23/2014
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Review by NYRacer

Good deal
by NYRacer
Competitive Racer
New York NY
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

The rubber pads make a real difference, especially when descending stairs.

Reviewed 1/20/2014
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Review by Late Night

Engagement Feels Different
by Late Night
Cycling Enthusiast
Marin CA

The engagement feels different than the standard Keo cleat, and works just the same. Much better walking when commuting or rain rides and worth it.

Reviewed 1/16/2020
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Review by Anonymous

A high quality product that works better than the OEM it replaces.
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
Sacramento, CA
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

I purchased a pair of the black (no play) cleats and I'm very happy with them. They seem to click in to the pedal easier and they appear to be stronger. Be careful though to understand the color system, the red replacement set, unlike the original red installed set, has 12 degrees of play. I did not know this when I purchased a set at the local bike shop and I was quite unhappy with them.

Reviewed 10/21/2013
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Review by sparky

only cleats I use
by sparky
Competitive Racer
long island,n.y.
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

These are my favorite cleats, the rubber grip makes it much safer on concrete and slippery surfaces especially running in them in transition during a triathlon.

Reviewed 10/14/2013
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Review by Jeff

Does make walking easier most time...coffee stop
by Jeff
Cycling Enthusiast

I have used these cleats for several years and they do make walking easier without the need for cleat covers. Coffee shop stops or lunch stops are easier. I would grocery shop in them.

Reviewed 1/18/2022
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Review by Mike

by Mike

The soft grip pads on the clear wear a bit too quickly for a 5 star review but solid clear system regardless.

Reviewed 12/9/2021
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Review by M Mims

Look quality and fit
by M Mims
South Carolina

Perfect fit replacement. Quality as you'd expect from Look.

Reviewed 11/29/2021
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Review by DPO

Made my exchange effortless
by DPO
Competitive Racer

Ordered the wrong item. Returned it for the right one without any friction. Good on you guys.

Reviewed 10/29/2021
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Review by triall55

Good Look Keo Cleats
by triall55
Cycling Enthusiast
Laconia NH

I like Look pedals and cleats but I don't like the fact that they wear out so fast. I don't walk around in my bike shoes that much but the cleats still wear pretty fast. I am thinking of trying Shimano pedals and cleats, as I have heard from friends thst they last much longer.

Reviewed 6/27/2019
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Review by M DeL

Rubber Grip Pads are a requirement
by M DeL
central NJ

The Standard or original cleat is very slippery especially in the rain or in my expiry coated garage. So stopping or dismounting could be a little sketchy with your to planted foot coming out from under you.

The added rubber makes a world of difference. I used them for the first time on a 40 mile ride in the rain. Felt much safer and not too much wear for round one. Will still use cleat covers to make them last if time off the bike is extended (coffee shop)

Reviewed 5/14/2019
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Review by Anonymous

Look Keo pedals
by Anonymous

I bought a bike that already had Look Keo pedals. I rode with Shimano SPD-SL for 12 years and these took a little getting used to. However, they have worked great for at least 2000 miles without replacement. I will keep using these on my newest bike.

Reviewed 3/18/2019
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Review by JoeAltamura

Easy to adjust and great fit.
by JoeAltamura
Cycling Enthusiast
Clearwater Fl.

Great base of support that allows me to get maximum power from the pedals. Comfortable over long distances.

Reviewed 3/18/2019
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