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Lezyne Zecto Drive 250/80 Light Set

LezyneZecto Drive 250/80 Light Set(Return to Product Page)

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User submitted reviews

Review by Dan

Nice set of lights
by Dan

Bright, good vis, easy to put on bike

Reviewed 11/13/2023
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Review by Anonymous

Looks good, works well.
by Anonymous
Daily Commuter

My need is to be seen by drivers, at dawn and dusk, and these are great for my purposes! I don't need to illuminate pitch black trails.

Reviewed 10/24/2023
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Review by Joel

bright and they just work
by Joel
Cycling Enthusiast
SW Ohio

I bought a 2nd set of these when I got a new gravel bike. I like the dim-dim-bright flash setting, very attention getting. My rides last up to 6-7 hours and lights are still going strong, I leave them on the charged overnight and they're good to go the next day. I've had the old ones 3-4 years with no problems in rain, snow and mud. Plus they're nice and compact. with a versatile mount system. Good product.

Reviewed 7/24/2023
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Review by Columbia Gorge Cyclist

The LZD light set provides great peace of mind.
by Columbia Gorge Cyclist
Cycling Enthusiast
Columbia Gorge

I use the LZD light set as a safety mechanism. Its powerful lights provide great piece of mind. If drivers don't see them it's solely because they're not looking.

The lights are well built, sturdy and easy to use. The only downside is that the charging ports are a little hard to access.

Reviewed 3/27/2023
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Review by Frank

by Frank
Cycling Enthusiast
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Easy to mount and BRIGHT. The only thing I don't like about these lights is the slightly offset "saddle" area that sits on the bar or seatpost. I don't understand why they designed them in this fashion. Makes centering the lights difficult or not at all.

Reviewed 1/27/2023
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Review by roadrider80226

Day or night don't ride without this!
by roadrider80226
Daily Commuter

This lights are the most visible day or night.

Reviewed 11/3/2022
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Review by Anonymous

Very Good
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
New York Metro

Both front and rear get very bright, this is my second set, first set lasted 4 years maybe longer.

Reviewed 10/3/2022
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Review by IslandRider

User friendly, compact and powerful
by IslandRider
Competitive Racer
Maui Hawaii
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My primary use for these lights is for daytime road riding, to increase the chances of getting motorists' attention and keeping me safer. I use one of the strobe (flashing) settings on both lights and the flashes are powerful and get noticed. The front strobe has kept a couple of overanxious motorists from pulling out in front of me. The rear flash is very effective and I am sure that it increases my visibility.

My longest ride has been around 5 hours, and on the strobe setting, both lights worked great, with no noticeable reduction in brightness over the course of the ride. The lights recharge from USB ports, so after a ride, just plug them in at the same time as your cycling computer, easy peasy. I have only used the lights once at night, for a short trip, but I was impressed with the functionality and utility of the headlight, it does an awesome job lighting up your path considering it's size. If you are looking for a dedicated night lighting setup, especially for longer rides, there are probably better systems out there with more power and a longer run time.

This light set is reasonably lightweight and easy to strap on to the handlebar, seat post or frame using the rubber strap on each light. They are water 'resistant', but you have to be sure the USB rubber plug is firmly seated to avoid water intrusion. The lights are compact and have a very clean design that is unobtrusive. It's nice to get both front and rear lights in one pack. Because they're a set, they operate similarly to one another Mounting on the bike, choosing a lighting setting (there are multiple options for flashes or constant light as well as brightness levels), run times and recharging procedures are similar for both lights. Overall, these lights are so easy to use, and so effective for getting noticed that I've made them a regular part of my daily ride gear.

Reviewed 2/22/2018
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