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Lazer Vento Kineticore Aero Road Helmet

LazerVento Kineticore Aero Road Helmet(Return to Product Page)

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User submitted reviews

Review by Anonymous

Aero and comfortable
by Anonymous

Fits well, feels aero, isn�t too loud in the wind. Love it!

Reviewed 6/3/2024
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Review by CXRider

Comfortable and surprisingly well ventilated
by CXRider
1 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

I'm a fan of Lazer Z1 helmet, but decided to try the Vento Kineticore Aero. The first thing I noticed was it weighed nothing and it was very comfortable. The first time I wore the helmet was on a cold day. I assumed since it was an aero helmet I would wear a light weight beanie cap. I definitely was the cooler side. I haven't had a chance to ride on a warm day but I have no doubt the ventilation will be more than adequate. The glasses dock is a nice touch.

Reviewed 1/15/2024
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Review by PJF

Ticks all the boxes for me!
by PJF
Cycling Enthusiast
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

Lazer�s new take on rotational protection is intriguing and got me to buy one. Compared to the Lazer G1 MIPS I have been using:

(1) Both are �I forget I�m wearing it� comfortable (at least on my head), but the Vento seems to fit more snugly to the head, probably because it doesn�t have the G1�s MIPS �halo� which holds the helmet slightly away from the head.

(2) Fit adjustments (strap length, tightness of the �frame� that cradles your head, and how low the rear of the cradle is positioned) are similar and work equally well.

(3) The Vento is very quiet, only wind noise I hear is from the air rushing past my ears.

(4) In my size (L), the Vento weighs 31g more (309 vs 278g), not noticeable for me.

(5) As far as ventilation, the Vento doesn�t have as many vent openings as the G1, but viewed from the inside one sees plenty of vent area.

(6) The Vento has an integrated mount at the back for Lazer�s LED helmet light (which comes with a velcro strap which can be used to mount it to the G1).

Haven't tested it in really hot weather yet but other reviewers find it works surprisingly well at high temperatures.

Reviewed 8/17/2022
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Review by The Rouleur

Doesn't look like it would be cool, but it is! And whisper quiet too!
by The Rouleur
Cycling Enthusiast
Saratoga, CA
7 of 7 customers found this review helpful.

Over the years, I've used helmets from Bell, Giro, POC, and Kask, and they all have their positives and negatives. In my most recent iteration for example, I found the Kask Protone a particularly good fit for my head, but the chin strap is a bit bulky-- although quite comfortable. I crashed and hit my head hard while that helmet recently, so I had to retire it. Figuring there would be something better, I found the Laser Vento, which had just been released. In the Vento, I got an excellent fit-- a medium for my medium head-- with an easy and precise adjustment mechanism that stays in place after being set. The chin strap is comfortable and you don't even feel it under your chin, although I suggest you take some time to get the straps to lay comfortably around your cheeks and under your ears-- it will make the helmet more secure, and also more comfortable. The big revelation for me with the Vento is the cooling. Although it looks like it would be hot, I've found it to be remarkably cool in 100degF conditions-- better, in fact, than the more open helmets I've used. At the same time, it's quiet-- no real wind noise at all, which probably also means the product claims about aerodynamics are real. It's pretty quickly surpassed the Kask Protone as my favorite-- and if you need to stow your eyewear, the Vento's grippers also put the Protone to shame. I highly recommend the Vento for anyone looking for a high performance road helmet that checks a lot of boxes in the positives column, while ignoring the negatives column. If none of this blather helps you, just figure that if the Vento is good enough for Jumbo Visma, it's probably good enough for your club ride!

Reviewed 7/13/2022
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Review by Anonymous

Loving it.
by Anonymous

Great fit and profile. Really like the adjustment mechanism too.

Reviewed 4/29/2024
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Review by Anonymous

Great helmet
by Anonymous

Love it! Really light and aero. Comfortable and adjustable as well. Great!

Reviewed 2/22/2024
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Review by tobiwon

Love this helmet!
by tobiwon
Cycling Enthusiast
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

I needed a new helmet as my Giro was getting a bit old and had a broken retention piece in the rear. I looked for a hemet that had better aero without giving up cooling, was lightweight, and was safe. Even though my Giro Cinder had Mips for safety, the Lazer tested even better, so that box was checked. As for aero, the strategic positioning of vents with a smoother shell and elongated shape provided better aero, but what about cooling? Well, as long as I am moving, even on a summer's day, the cooling has been just fine. When I am stopped there is a tendency to get a hot head, but that why the strap unbuckles, no? Another benefit to the shaping of this helmet is noticeably less turbulent wind noise in my ears even on a fierce descent, allowing me to hear cars coming up and generally providing a more pleasant experience. Finally the Vento is very lightweight and conforms to the head with a unique adjustment system making for a snug, comfortable fit. I love my purchase.

Reviewed 8/7/2023
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Review by WA cyclist

Not impressed - expected better.
by WA cyclist
Cycling Enthusiast
0 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

I bought this helmet because of the deal offered and I needed to replace my old helmet fairly quickly. I wish I had been able to try this helmet on first as I would not have purchased it. For one, the tightening mechanism is on the top of the helmet, not the back, and to operate it you pretty much have to drive it into the top of your head to make it work, and that isn't easy to do. I think the thing I disliked the most is when I tightened the cage in the helmet to fit my head, the helmet still moved around too much. The cage is flimsy, probably to keep the weight down. Definitely not worth the price I paid. I've since replaced it with a Met helmet. Wow, what a difference, and at a much lower price point.

Reviewed 6/22/2023
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Review by DD

Very light helmet. Great air flow. Love the ratchet adjuster
by DD
Cycling Enthusiast
Middle Georgia area

Very light helmet. Great air flow. Love the ratchet adjuster. your sun glass hang on the helmet when put tem upside into the vents in front and have little grabber points. Great Helmet! Good Fit

Reviewed 10/30/2023
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Review by LilLostFox

Love and Aero
by LilLostFox
Cycling Enthusiast
Denver, CO

I absolutely love this helmet. It looks good has a solid fit that has fit me in summer and winter with a beanie on. Additionally it feels more aero yet still breathes really well in the summer heat. I think its well worth the cost plus you can add in the clip in light to the helmet as well.

Reviewed 10/12/2023
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Review by Bendsax

Better than I'd hoped
by Bendsax
Competitive Racer
Bend, Ore
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

I've been riding Lazer helmets for 10 years and this is the most comfortable one I've had. Surprisingly light weight. When on sale it was a good deal

Reviewed 2/10/2024
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Review by Dustin

Aero, light and comfortable.
by Dustin
Illinois USA

Was looking for an aero helmet that fit well and offered stellar protection. This helmet comes highly regarded and with Jumbo Visma wearing this helmet I doubt you can go wrong based on their endorsement. I love the back adjustment and how it fits my head shape. It has ample airflow. For an aero helmet it looks great. I highly recommend this helmet tor safety protection and comfortable fit.

Reviewed 7/27/2023
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Review by Top498y

Great Helmet
by Top498y

Very happy with this helmet. Great fit, comfortable, like the way the adjustment works surrounding entire head, instead of one part like the back of head. Ventilation not an issue. This is my third Lazer - committed to the brand and what their stand towards safety.

Reviewed 7/11/2023
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Review by Walt

Light and comfortable
by Walt
new jersey

Great fitting and plenty of air flow�..very happy with this purchase and would recommend

Reviewed 2/17/2023
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Review by SnuggleBear

Was worried about ventalation, but it not an issue in 94 degree heat at normal riding speeds. Plenty of air flow ( 18 mpoh )
by SnuggleBear
Daily Commuter
Grand Rapids MI

Overall very happy with the helmet. The fit adjustment works great, better than my Lazer G1

Reviewed 6/22/2023
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Review by Anonymous

Best ever?
by Anonymous
Competitive Racer

Man I love this thing. Fits so well. Light. Good vents.

Reviewed 3/30/2023
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Review by Anonymous

Awesome helmet!
by Anonymous

Cooler than expected, aero as it appears. My favorite helmet!

Reviewed 7/22/2022
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Review by Ron

Aero and Well Ventalated
by Ron
Cycling Enthusiast
Amarillo, Texas
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

I use the helmet for training and racing. The temps have been over 100 and we have 30+ mph winds. I find it comfortable and aero.

Reviewed 6/21/2022
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