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Lazer G1 MIPS Helmet

LazerG1 MIPS Helmet(Return to Product Page)

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User submitted reviews

Review by Anonymous

Great fit
by Anonymous

Fit like a glove. Was concerned that the MIPS function might be a hair puller but no such problem. Love the new lid AND it is safety-rated highly by Virginia Tech's testing facility.

Reviewed 4/15/2024
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Review by Meeko

Light and Comfy
by Meeko
Cycling Enthusiast
Los Angeles, CA

I originally ordered the large size and I sent it back to get the medium. It was on sale and the sale price was awesome. This is easily one of my favorite helmets. I have the older version in orange and that's my go-to night helmet since it's bright. They have made improvements on this latest one and I can definitely feel the difference. It is light and comfortable. I totally forgot that I had it on the first time I rode with it. I highly recommend this helmet.

Reviewed 1/22/2024
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Review by AKbiker

Most comfortable helmet ever!
by AKbiker
Cycling Enthusiast

I have worn a lot of different helmets, but this is by far the most comfortable one I have ever owned. It is light, fits great, and ventilates extremely well. I added the high vis aero shell for days where visibility is important, but the aero shell will reduce the air flow somewhat. I rode with this helmet over 4000 miles this year across the U.S. and would certainly recommend this as a first choice touring helmet.

Reviewed 11/7/2023
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Review by Fort Collins Rider

Fantasticly light, cool, and the safety rating is tops
by Fort Collins Rider
Cycling Enthusiast

The retention system just broke. That thin little bit of plastic visible in the image on the bottom left of the helmet.

I rode it from 02/2021 to today (09/2023) as my primary road, gravel, and xcmtb helmet. Just a guess, but I'd put it at ~1,000hrs of use. I was very pleased with how cool my head stayed compared to the Giro Savant I had used previously, especially while climbing on those super hot summer days. Even on the mtb, when climbing is half the speed or less than a road climb, I stayed cool.

Summer is over so I have replaced my broken G1 MIPS with a Lazer Vento. I won't think twice about buying another G1 next summer if the Vento cooks my brain. $200 is still a lot to a lot of people, myself included. However, the cliche phrase about only getting one head is still true no matter how hard we roll our eyes at hearing it. Two c-notes for the best protection ain't shizznit.

Reviewed 9/24/2023
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Review by Chad

Good helmet
by Chad

I like the weight and the ability to snap on the aeroshield. The only downside for me is my sunglasses don�t quite stay docked well in the vents

Reviewed 3/28/2024
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Review by Joel_CA

Super lightweight & looks great
by Joel_CA
Cycling Enthusiast

I was worried that the large size wouldn't fit my big noggin, but it actually fits me great. Super lightweight design just sorta makes the helmet feel as if its disappears on my head - I hardly even notice its there.

Reviewed 1/9/2024
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Review by Pedro

Stylish. Great Fit.
by Pedro
Cycling Enthusiast
Marblehead, MA

I've worn Lazer helmets for years...this is #4 for me. Great fit. Stylish. Light. Good looking.

The only drawback is the buckle...on this model, it's rather stiff and difficult (especially with cold fingers) to undo. But otherwise, a great helmet.

Hey Lazer, fix the buckle!

Reviewed 1/13/2024
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Review by Anonymous

Z1 is as good if not better
by Anonymous
Chicago Area

My Lazer z1 needed to be replaced and served me well. Decided to upgrade to the G1. Keep having to readjust during long rides as the rear of the helmet is causing some pain. Minimal difference in weight in size medium so I wish I had not switched.

Reviewed 10/30/2023
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Review by Tennnessee old guy

Great helmet with awful clasp
by Tennnessee old guy
Cycling Enthusiast
SE Tennessee

I really want to like this helmet. Great fit. light weight and looks cool. Highly rated by the Va Tech Helmet Lab. Like a few other reviewers have pointed out, it is frustrating to unhook the clasp on this helmet. Suggest you try before you buy.

Reviewed 11/3/2023
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Review by Guidon

Really light. A little bit big.
by Guidon
portland, OR
2 of 2 customers found this review helpful.

When it came time to replace my helmet, I wanted a light weight MIPS helmet. I decided on the Laser because you can get a snap-on cover for cold & nasty weather.

It is certainly light ( even with the optional cover).

It has a unique dial on top to adjust the fit. Unlike most helmets that clamp the occipital area, this one snugs to your head higher up. You may or may not like this feature. I always wear a medium, and I have to crank this one all the way down to fit my head, so it runs a bit big.

Reviewed 11/3/2022
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Review by Anonymous

Amazing helmet, fast delivery
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
Santa Barbara

First time purchasing from this site and was pleasantly surprised. Speedy delivery and everything arrived perfect.

As for the helmet itself, an absolute steal at the sales price - very lightweight, well-ventilated...unfortunately I never got to take it on a ride. I was right on the border of M and L and I went with L and alas...a bit too big for my head.

Reviewed 11/3/2022
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Review by Allan

Light and Confy
by Allan
Foster City

The only helmet I wear. I have 3 in different colors. Crashed once and the back of the helmet crumbled but my brain survived unscathed.

Reviewed 12/21/2023
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Review by Tim

Beautiful helmet
by Tim

Comfortable, light and awesome looking

Reviewed 12/21/2023
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Review by Andrew_P

Great fit for an oval head
by Andrew_P
Cycling Enthusiast
8 of 8 customers found this review helpful.

I haven't had a chance to test this item for its intended purpose and hope I never do. Should that event happen, though, I'm very comforted to know that this helmet actually fits my head. I've always had issues with helmets as I have a long oval head shape. Most helmets are either too wide with lots of side-to-side play or don't properly sit on my head. I was pleased to find the Z1 MIPS as the fit is almost perfect and the style looks great.

One thing to note which is super-important:

If you can't get the retention strap to tighten enough then turn the helmet over and pull back the MIPS liner where the retention mechanism attaches to the center back of the helmet. You will find a single silver screw that attaches the retention harness to a plastic strap that attaches to the helmet itself. On mine there's a sticker that points out this location, but I know it's not present on all of them. Loosen that screw and you can slide the retention harness so that it sits lower on your head. On mine I slid it out as far as it would go (don't forget to re-tighten the screw) and now I can tighten the harness down more than enough.

Reviewed 4/10/2022
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Review by Lee

Nice light weight helmet, comfortable, but clasp needs help
by Lee
Cycling Enthusiast
Napa, CA
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

These are a really light weight helmet and comfortable, don't care for the clasps, bought matching helmets for my wife and I and she has a real hard time getting the clasp to release, that I have to help on occasion.

Reviewed 5/1/2023
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Review by Emu8

Great helmet, sizing seems off
by Emu8
Cycling Enthusiast
Marin Co. CA
5 of 5 customers found this review helpful.

I have had this helmet now for about 2 months. I like it very much, it is light and well ventilated as advertised. The only negative is the sizing. I measured my head circumference about 6 times, and came within a few millimeters of 59 cm each time. Given that, I ordered a L, (58-61 cm). It is way to big, and I should have ordered a medium (not available at the time, as wasn't the M/L), as it projects about 2" (5cm) behind my actual head. . Fortunately, the Rollsys fit system snugs it down fine. Must look a bit weird to my riding buddies, but it works ok.

Reviewed 9/17/2021
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Review by Cathy P

Looks and feels good, light weight and good ventilation
by Cathy P
Cycling Enthusiast
Boston area
6 of 6 customers found this review helpful.

Just returned from a bike trip to N. Cascades in Washington. Wore this helmet in high heat 90s for 40-50miles a day. It goes on/off easy, is light weight, and the spin wheel on top of helmet rather than rear is quite nice. I wear a ponytail and no problem with fit. One caveat: i measure at 55cm so ordered a medium (which starts at 55cm). This was way too large, could not tighten it enough and had to exchange for a small which is perfect. I think if you have a very round head the bigger size might be needed but my head is more oval. P.S. exchange was super easy, no need to fill any paperwork, quick email and they sent me a fed ex label. Very pleased with this company.

Reviewed 8/19/2021
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Review by Greg. Road biker

Great Helmet
by Greg. Road biker
Cycling Enthusiast
Columbus OH

I have purchased several and worn the Lazer Z1 road helmet for several years. I decided to

try the Lazer G1 MIPS helmet for a change. As soon as I took it out of the box, I could feel it was much lighter than the Z1. Fits very well (size small). Great looking riding on the road. I recommend it for your next road helmet.

Reviewed 4/14/2023
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Review by Brian

Best Helmet I've Ever Owned
by Brian
Cycling Enthusiast
Geneva, IL

This is the lightest, best ventilated, and most slippery (aero) helmet I've ever owned. My last few helmets were Giro Aeon models which are light, but this 'feels' even lighter. On hot summer days I notice my heads is not as hot with the Lazer G1 as it was with the Aeon. It really has a nice air flow...whether on the hoods or head down in the drops. I am getting used to the location of the retention device. It is simple enough for me. Tighten once, loosen at the end of a ride. For me there have been no problems with it loosening on its own during a ride. The straps, buckles and other components are much better than my Aeon. Because of the unique retention system, I suspect my wife will want one since it seems pony tail friendly. 5-stars for far.

Reviewed 7/12/2021
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Review by TeeArgh

Light, safe and comfy
by TeeArgh
Cycling Enthusiast
Spokane, WA
1 of 1 customers found this review helpful.

It's not cheap, but many high end helmets aren't these days. I returned a POC Ventral helmet due to it's round head profile while I'm more an oval. This G1, and the halo adjustment fits me much more comfortably, and has the added bonus of being the best tested road helmet by the Virginia Tech Helmet Ratings.

It's relatively light, and does a decent job at floating on the head as opposed to feeling like it's molded to it. I've done many a 3+ hour ride with it so far, and have not had any pressure points, hot spots or anything. It has been relatively cool as the temps have started to climb, but I've only had it for the last month and a half so it hasn't seen a proper summer yet. The only thing I have found to be of any annoyance is that my hair tends to get caught up in the mips layer at the front and pulls a little when removing the helmet at the end of the ride. Other than that, I have nothing remotely bad to say.

Reviewed 6/7/2021
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