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Hammer Nutrition Tissue Rejuvenator (120 Capsules)

Hammer NutritionTissue Rejuvenator (120 Capsules)(Return to Product Page)

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Helped with knee injury recovery
by MikeFromNC
Cycling Enthusiast
Davidson, NC
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Hurt my knee and couldn't ride. I take this a couple of times a day for 3 weeks and rode today with no pain!

Reviewed 10/5/2017
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This stuff really works
by gregorio
Cycling Enthusiast
N Minnesota
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Tissue rejuvenator contains the expected chondroitin and glucosamine for healthy joint function. Where its different is the addition of a naturopathic compound of anti-inflammatory ingredients - including tumeric. I used this as a new part of my recovery routine at a recent climbing camp. Whereas most of the guys got tired and achy, I found myself fresh every morning. Same fitness levels - the only difference being my use of tissue rejuvenator. So now I'm a believer.

Reviewed 7/11/2013
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Amazing product, it really cuts recovery time and allows me to ride 2x100km on the weekend.
by Sebo2000
Cycling Enthusiast
Toronto, Canada
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After just taking it for 2 weeks, I was able to ride century on Saturday and another century Sunday. Monday I was fresh and didnt feel any paindiscomfort. Did 50km Tuesday and Thursday then another 200km on the weekend. And best of all I feel like I didnt ride at all

In the past I could only go 100km on Saturday and needed at list 3 days recovery followed by only 50km ride and another century 3 days after, due to my knees discomfort.

Since I took first pill 2 weeks ago I have go 900km and do not feel any joints painclickingsour feeling. Unbelievable product. Im big on naturalorganic but all the tricks I tried didnt stop my knees from clicking only less riding was helping but surly that was not an option I really liked. Those pills works wonder and are my best money spend for pills this year. If you feel discomfort in your joints after long rides, give it a try, you will not believe how good it is. I take 2 pills in the morning and 2 at night on the ride day and one on non-ride days.

Reviewed 9/11/2012
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Make sure they check expiration date
by Anonymous
Cycling Enthusiast
Austin, TX
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I purchased this product to aid in healing a strained hamstring and plantars fasciitis that cropped up on my too far, too fast return to road bikingcommuting.

After taking the prescribed amount for two months, I don't notice any quantifiable effects. This may be due to the expiration date on the bottle being several months old before it was shipped to me. If you order, make sure you add a note requesting they check the bottle's expiration date before shipping.

Reviewed 8/20/2012 Comments

I'm sorry to hear that this product didn't aid your recovery; a few of us here have used Tissue Rejuvenator with good results and we generally hold Hammer products in very high regard.

To avoid selling expired products, we regularly check and track our nutrition/supplement inventory to ensure these items are within the expiration date listed by the manufacturer.

The label for this particular product actually does not list an expiration date, but rather a "Manufacture Date" (oftentimes listed as MFG DATE). According to Hammer Nutrition, one should have no concerns regarding the quality or freshness of the supplement as long as the product has not aged more than 4 years since the 'Manufacture Date' shown on the packaging.

It sounds like your bottle was only manufactured several months prior to your receiving it, so there shouldn't have been any issue with the freshness of the product, but if we are mistaken in this conclusion please contact us directly so we may resolve the issue. If you have any future questions or concerns regarding any product purchased on our site please do not hesitate get in touch.

James Walsh
Customer Service

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